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Actually a tiny part of England trapped in the mid 20th C, where the locals are cared for by a (mostly) benign mistress. Casual visitors are welcome to just wander and explore. More adventurous ones might like to rp with the residents here. Relisted after a short break.

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SayumiFukumura 7 days ago
I knew the predecessor to this amazing estate in Second Life quite a few years ago. The owner is an amazingly talented builder with an eye for detail as well as a really sweet person. Ruritania has to be on your to-visit list on the hypergrid! *Declares my bias cos the owner is a friend, but that doesn't detract from my constant amazement and wonder at what she has achieved here*
HarmonyMeadows 7 days ago
Oh my gosh! What a wonderful fun place!! I was there no less than 2 hours and didn't see everything! DO take your time there and pay attention!! If you are lucky, like I was, you will get to meet Xi..the owner and creator and such a sweet person as are all the residents of Ruritania! I just loved it and will be back to find the hidden secrets!! Thank you Xi!! :)
TjPleidesBarcelos 9 days ago
This is a really cute place to visit. Love it
McCarthey 14 days ago
An awesome grid with the sweetest ladies in OS : )
Dabici132 15 days ago
Great place to explore, indeed. Love the smart usage of NPC and animated vehicles. Will come back to visit in more details.

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