Needful Things

Needful Things
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Freebie Stuff made in OpenSim

If you do not want to walk around, take Tram at landing area or at

Latest Freebies (for sale or to copy) & Exhibitions are:

- Animations
- Textures
- Fashion for Ladies & Men (Mesh & Layer Clothing for Mesh Bodies and/or System Avatars)
- Ruth 2.0 stuff
- Roth 2.0 Test package
- Hair
- Skins (System Avatar)
- Eyes (System Avatar)
- Shapes
- Jewelry
- NPCs
- Landmarks to other great places all over the Hypergrid
- Houses
- Furniture
- Photostudio(s)
- Photos made in OpenSim

< Region 'Needful Things' is replacement of Roanoke City in Kroatan >

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wicked 15 days ago
Though this location has standard items it does have a few mesh items as well. It is highly organized and more stores than appears when you land. cool
Antonia 2 months ago
***** A lot of fine stuff for every Avatar - I love it! *****
theboss 2 months ago
wow so good
italianmeat 3 months ago
Nice Sim and lots of nice freebies as well and Thank You :)
JustynTyme 3 months ago
Great place! However I landed in water lol
VictorDeAngelo 3 months ago
This is a very nicely laid out sim filled with all kinds of helpful and cool FREE stuff. Sharing is caring! Thank you.

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Manchmal ist wenig mehr! Eine sehr schöne, vorsortierte Auswahl an all den notwendigen und nützlichen Dingen für ein sorgenfreies virtuelles Leben in Opensim. Danke!
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