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Unreal World Office
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Rakis Heron
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3 years ago
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Welcome to RAKis World
The welcome sim and our office for grid infos.
A bit of everything. Welcome General, all others Adult.

Only human avatars fairy elf & trolls are allowed.
No animal / furry or hidden avatars!
By ignore we ban without warning.
The grid logs every click from everyone.

Rakis Heron

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/RAKis World Office

Hi Folks
Nice that you are all still here. Friends, envious, haters and hackers I love you all. You think Rakis is dead? Noooooo! 8 unix grid now run fine. ♥ You want my OAR's e.g. Free House Sim 1 + 2 and more? Then go to my website and get it. Hacker, trying to hack the website. The surprise will be great. :-D
have fun.
DMCA blah blah: Everything has to be passed on to CMT. Just as we got it from the creator. Later access changes go by our ass. For lawyers: info@rakisworld.ch IGE IPI CH
Charge for your own work, but take everything from others for free !? Steal all CMT right and left and pass on NO mod, NO copy, NO trance. Those are the ones that should be banned from OS!

Best Regards
Rakis Heron

RAKis World Grid got new mesh standard start avatars.

If you don't have your own sim, but are looking for a nice place that can be your home. There are many sim on the grid with this board. You can choose this point as your home. Have fun.

A statement:

This is a world for avatars. If you put your avatar face in the profile, instead of the standard default picture, you get much more reactions and attention for your posts here in the forum. A standard profile picture does not specifically encourage you to open an account and take a closer look. If a profile is not maintained, the contributions and grid are usually the same. It takes effort, patience and perseverance to get people on his grid. Action = reaction. This is never quick! ;-)

Governor Heron


Eine Feststellung:

Das hier ist eine Welt für Avatare. Wenn Du Dein Avatar Gesicht ins Profil gibst, an Stelle des Standardes Vorgabe Bildes, bekommst Du wesentlich mehr Reaktionen und Aufmerksamkeit für Deine Posts hier im Forum. Ein Standard Profil Bild animiert nicht speziell einen Account zu öffnen und näher anzusehen. Wenn ein Profil nicht gepflegt wird, sind meistens auch die Beiträge und Grid so. Um Leute auf sein Grid zu bringen, braucht es Anstrengung, Geduld und Ausdauer. Aktion = Reaktion. Das geht nie auf die schnelle! ;-)

Governor Heron

So many moralists ... OK too many. I don't understand it, please help me. You don't do everything yourself. You copy right and left. From people who give you everything free, copy mod transe. You do the same things on your land/sim. You block it for others. No mod no trans ...... DID YOU ASK YOURSELF AT WHICH RIGHT? ACROSS FROM YOUR PEOPLE? Do you understand the message Yes? Welcome to Opensim! :-)
Go to Google, learn what is Opensim Free spirit!

So viele Moralisten... OK zu viele. Ich verstehe es nicht, hilf mir bitte. Du machst nicht alles selner. Du kopierst rechts und links. Bei Menschen die Dir alles frei geben, copy mod transe. Die selben Sachen stellst Du an sin Land. Du sperrst es für andere. No mod no trans...... HAST DU DICH IRGEND WANN GEFRAGT: MIT WELCHEM RECHT? GEGENÜBER DEINEN MITMENSCHEN? Verstehst Du die Botschaft? Ja? Willkommen in Opensim! :-)
Gehe zu Google, lerne was Opensim Freigeist ist!

The house sim grow from 3x3 to 4x4

Don't just talk like that.

Give and take OS Free Spirit!

Our grid is online 24/7

At the moment:
Users in World: 19
Regions: 162
Total Users: 68
Active Users (Last 30 Days): 218

Info for all jealous and knowledgeable who claim my grid and 162 sim are slow. (user01) I did a test with an old pentium 4 Intl core 2 quad 3.2GHz, 8GB memory card 6 years out of life no more driver, "1GBite" internet. I'm going to my sim house market 60000 prim hard test. No difference to my PC i7 core 8, 4.3GHz, 32GB memory new Graficcard Gigabite. All work fine and stable fast. :-D
If my grid is slow for you, it may be time to think about the 50MBite internet and your old PC. That could be helpful. ;-)

Happy Valentines Day

Hardware and software update we close the grid for ~one hour
11:30-12:30 PST Sorry and thank you for your understanding.

For infos and account help visit our website.


It says 0 Users the trut is at moment 6 Users there!

A 4x4 sim full with tree, bush, plants and poted plants all free

Rakis Heron

Your contact person for grid (no drama)
and hometown sim advisor.
Owner of grid. 8 domains, 6 servers, 5 works,
hardware, software, business internet and
all bills every month. $ 300 / month.
PayPal donations are always welcome.

New downloads OAR and RAW


On the new, 4x4 sim there are over 100 new houses. There is a dream house for everyone. A houses gallery and not just a picture in a shop on a box. Relax, look for a house, take a look and take it with you. The dream house sim for demanding residents. Visit us and be amazed.

Welcome to Camiquin Island, Owner Raklyn from Philippines

Welcome to Sharann's Shekinah Homestead, owner Sharann from USA

You search a nice house? This is a 4x4 sim full with houses.
You can visit the houses first then buy $ 0 not only a pic on a freebie box
A freebie sim for houses with format
Only the best will find a place in this gallery.
The 1359 year old mystery of the fairies.
The book of the 7 seals. It needs a guardian.
In 7 places you can find it.
The way is tedious and dangerous!
It holds many hidden secrets.
Remember Frodo Beutlin!
Do you have fairies blood? Then you can find it.
Be careful how you treat it.
Good luck fae.

Old Fae
Rakis Heron

Das 1359 Jahre alte Geheimnis der Feen.
Das Buch der 7 Siegel. Es braucht einen Hüter.
An 7 Orten kannst Du es Finden.
Der Weg ist mühsam und gefärlich!
Es birgt viele versteckte Geheimnisse.
Erinnere Dich an Frodo Beutlin!
Hast Du Feen Blut? Dann kannst Du es finden.
Sei bedacht wie Du es Behandelst.
Viel Glück Fae.

Old Fae
Rakis Heron

Terrain structures with rain and sound effects.
Everything for free OS compliant C/M/T


Terrain structures with rain and sound effects.
Everything for free OS compliant C/M/T


Do you want to build a scene?
Here is a sim full of personal figures.

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/Cebu Island Personal Freebie

Bohol Island - Furniture Freebie Paradise

A variety of characters to take away.
Create your own scenarios.
The collection will be updated continuously.

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/Balabac Island Silent Souls

Terraforming Training Free For All

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/Terraforming Training Free/256/256/38

Puerto Azul Island
A nice place to relax.

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/Puerto Azul Island
Sim owner: Raklyn Heron

Fairy Forest - The secret of the deep dark forest.
An endless adventure, lots to discover and take away. Enjoy the wonderland.

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/Fairy Forest

Sandbox Texas Fred, 2x2 sim 262144sqm, autoreturn all 24 hour

hop://yeali.outworldz.net:8002/Sandbox Texas Fred

Watch the blue TP board on all sim.

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User01 Worst Grid you could go to. Extreme laggy, also absolutely unfriendly owner. It looks like the owner is too stupid to host a grid. I wouldn't visit that grid again.
Rakis Heron The words of a jealous and a liar. We also don't want visitors like you anonymus user01 wm. We have enough and more and more honest and nice visitors. It seems his PC is too weak for large grid lol. Nobody else has ever conjured up. The grid runs well and quickly and offers endless freebies.

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MikaelaSantana 2 years ago
What can I tell you? No dramas but without saying anything more or less they ban people just for being different just because they like to play furry. But it seems to me that if they tell you politely, look, we don't accept furry, please change the avi because perhaps a communication avoids a lot. Nothing so blessings and no drama and with much respect for everyone.
MikaelaSantana 2 years ago
Que les puedo decir no dramas pero sin decir ni mas ni menos banean a personas solo por ser diferentes solo porque les gusta jugar de furry. Mas me parece a mi que si le dicen con educacion mira no aceptamos furry porfavor cambiate el avi pues quizas una comunicacion evita mucho. Nada pues bendiciones y sin dramas y con mucho respeto para todos .
Zoe 2 years ago
Such a giver, so many good stuff around all free copy and full perms. This is the real spirit of caring and sharing.
Thanks for keeping the Free spirit of OpenSim.
Rakis Heron 2 years ago
Rakis Heron

Your contact person for grid (no drama)
and hometown sim advisor.
Owner of grid. 8 domains, 6 servers int.,
3 server ext. 5 works, hardware, software,
business internet and all bills every month.
$ 300 / month.
PayPal donations are always welcome.
Rakis Heron 2 years ago
Governor Heron

Your contact person for Jire (no drama)
and the houses sim. legal claims
are to be in writing and documentary
to prove. Everything else is ignored.
Rakis Heron 2 years ago
RAKis World Opensim Hyper Grid 24/7 online
Rakis Heron 2 years ago
Our own grid 155 sim 65 user, endless free stuff C/T/M Opensim spirit.