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My region is a fun project for myself, but everyone is welcome to hang out here or open a shop or home - message me if you'd like! I first joined SL in 2004 and am now enjoying having four regions of my own to play with, thank you Kitely! I'm making my own town, named Hulwiz* and it's basically a "dreadful"** British suburban London town centre, made with all my love for those.

I started with the Thamesmead-inspired "Estate" - a Brutalist section, including an abandoned shopping mall, the gentrifying Hulwiz Market and the tatty old Arcade, with a light rail system. This area is where you'll find my original content for sale - textures, building kits, clothing, lingerie, corsets, hair, shoes, club decor and other stuff. Yes, we have freebies. :-)

The light rail runs into the "Old Quarter" and interchanges with the underground railway, which in turn meets the mainline at a grand terminus***. This area will be a jumble of period buildings and features. This area is still under construction but you can explore the structure.

Free store and residential land rental available. Feel free to use the undeveloped land as a sandbox - please just clean up after yourself. :-)

I'm here most days building if you want to come along and say hello or ask about living/working here. Message me!

Currently General rated as no adult content - AT THE MOMENT. :-) Consenting adults and retailers welcome, I'll just change the rating as it evolves.

* It's my own alternative modern version of the olde Saxon English names for Woolwich, capital and heart of SE London. (F*ck you, Lewisham.)

** "Today I visited Woolwich. It is a dreadful place." - genuine diary entry of Winston Churchill.

*** I'm going to try and make this an epic British Rail-era jumble of Victorian semi-dereliction and damp Brutalism, like old London Bridge in the 80s.****

**** There are no trains running. The most realistic aspect of my homage to SE London. #southeastern

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thedeeferry 9 months ago
what a nice person, Miss DollyRotten. ty for bringing your stuff to os. hugs.
Dolly Rotten 9 months ago
Thank you visiting Dee, hope to see you again soon :-)
Marianna 9 months ago
Hi DollyRotten! I am here now checking out your region, you are off to a great start! This is going to be very nice, I will check back when you get more content I love to shop!
Dolly Rotten 9 months ago
thank you =)