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The first time I visited Arkham...I weas like....stunned! Completely wonderfully buit and a never ending source of good stuff, amazing heads/bodies/ the owner, dully commited to help...The man is a genius, by the way! Thank You, Felix!

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I love Arkham City...thank you for being consistent in such a changing reality

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Happy Birthday, thank you Arkham City, all of us simple users love you, long live you

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An excellent build with ever-changing cybernetic theme! You can tell a lot of work went into this build. As with the other regions Felix has created, the architecture is well done. You can tell his team put a lot of effort and love into the free shops here. My wardrobe would be nowhere without Felix's creations, and for this I am grateful. As an aside, please, folks, do not take these only to repackage on your own grid/store or try and sell to gullible newbies, just come to Arkham and freely take as Felix graciously offers us.

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Arkham City
The Snowfall Expanse

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Leelah Wolfheart
What shall I say I am addicted since the first moment I did my first step there and when ever I need something I come back or when Felix says what he has new for us. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you Felix we are blessed that you are here!!!

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Grid fantastica, ricca di omaggi, tante regioni da visitare tutte originali e ben costruite. Arkham è tra le grid che preferisco, tornerò spesso a trovarti, hai fatto un grande lavoro Felix complimenti 5 stelle meritate )))

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The sim is designed to be fun and it is! Winter sports are promoted. The owner of the sim was really nice and helpful. I will be back to sample more of what is on offer. Thank you for adding me in the group and allowing me to see this great sim, Felix.

Update: It is April 2024 and I finally made it back to Arkham. Still awesome. This time I visited areas other than the winter sim. Had a great time shopping. Thank you, again, Felix!

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DjChanel Hurricane
join us
Arkham Grid Community

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Love this place and the owner Felix Mafia is a wonderful person offering so much to all of us. Thank you Felix for all that you give to all of us. Incredible talent providing quality products who deserves our gratitude for all that he gives. It is difficult taking the main teleport to the amazing landing point, I always find it difficult to move beyond this part - the design is something quite extraordinary and quite blown away the first time I arrived. Having LM's to the various stores and places of interest certainly helps. Well worth becoming a group member of Arkham. Thank you Felix for everything! ♥

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I totally loved the video. The music had me watch the entire vid. Hi 5!!!! Awesome!

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German World Grid
Great Sim nice and Friendly owner! You get a lot nice things! 5 Stars for the nice Work of the Owner!

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Alter Kater
A very nice region, with a polite and very helpful admin, I thank you very much for the great stuff and gifts.

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sad to read : "Teleport Failed, Destination does not allow visitors from your grid. "

Opensim has to be open for everybody

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Jeanne Lefavre
Arkham is wonderful. Not only my favourite shopping site. Much more. I go there also to be myself and be with myself. Safe and happy. I feel good and I am at home. Maybe I just dance some tunes at Hikonai which I love. The winter at Kingman makes me warm and cosy. I love what you created Felix. And I love you much.

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Owner is very understand and resolved the error on me being banned, i recommend this place to everyone that need awesome outfits.

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Arkham is a very detailed and beautiful built grid. There are many different and varied regions--something for everyone to explore! As for shopping, Arkham offers some of the highest quality items on the hypergrid. Thank you Felix for your hard work!!

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Joycee Ariel
Seriously impressed by This place and the hard work made to bring us sooo much awesome content ! The place is also very cool and after the first few mins of confusion to find my way around it definitely grew on me. Thank you to all that have put their heart and soul into it :)

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It keeps saying i'm Banned and i have no idea why ....i follow all rules on every grid i go to please fix this Felix :'(

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Felix, your stuff is FIRE! Keep it comin' bro ^5

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