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La cite des Sacres_Reims
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C'est une région de style orientale, avec la savane, la jungle, avec des animaux, et la ville. Ville avec une petite ferme Satyfarm avec des animaux de ferme. En visitant, vous trouverez un petit marcher, des objets copiables.
Et un endroit caché dans le désert, une caverne d'alibaba :)
Je vous laisse découvrir en visitant.

Welcome to the desert oasis

While walking you will find shops with free stuff to share. Boxes that I find throughout my visits, and that I put at your disposal. Clothes, boxes of decorations, stuff to decorate the sim. In short, the best is to come and visit.

Good visit
Welcome to the desert oasis
I could have made a region like everyone else, like forests, with trees, or country or medieval landscape, but, I opted for a landscape of a thousand and one nights. Because I'm not everyone, I like to do it differently. So here is my region, my houses, some constructions, it was I who made them. Normally everything can be copied.
You will also find copiable objects too.
Good visit

Tous ce qui se trouve dans l'oasis du désert, peut être copier
Bonne visite

La ville orientale

Entrer de la ville orientale

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Callimachus von Brundisium Wonderfull place, i like your buildings so much :)
Johnny Rebel Awesome place. Well did. :) 5 star world! ^^

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LaurelineBrooke 2 years ago
I'm happy to have been able to find something to give me a makeover here. I didn't have to look for long. Just a shame there isn't a tattoo, otherwise it's great. Pretty region, it changes a bit than always the same things, here I really felt elsewhere