Moonlit Shadows

Moonlit Shadows
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Beautifully landscaped nature region for riding horses, walking or exploring. Enjoy the sites and sounds on this 4x4 region. Multiple waterfalls, trails, caves and a lazy river to enjoy.

Explore the Caves

Hidden waterfall

Can you find this hidden spot? There is a small gift waiting there, if you do.

Morning Light

Quiet Spot

Mountain Trails

Horse Back Trail Riding

Beach Walk

Top of the Waterfall

The Trails in the hills

Trail along the river. Come for a stroll.

Trail Waterfall on Moonlit Shadows

Moonlit Shadows Main waterfall.

Lazy River

One of Many Waterfall views.

Sit a while and just enjoy.

Explore the Caves

Come explore this beautiful natural region. Many trails for riding horses or to walk.

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Brenden Joseph Beautiful and amazing place, love the caves and the horse trail, well put together sim :)
Hercules_Kingston One of the prettiest natural landscapes in OS. Love this place!
Bink Draconia Moonlit Shadows is one of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen in a virtual world. A "must-visit" for those who like exploring winding mountain paths (you can also take a horse with 2 seats at the landing point). The region is a large 4x4 Var, so it is almost impossible to see everything in ...

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Region Comments

Bink Draconia 6 months ago
Beautiful landscape - congrats!
Lilylightcloud 6 months ago
Sorry to all those that weren't able to access the region. There was a slight mix up that has been fixed. Please try again. Thank you ~Lily~
Bink Draconia 6 months ago
why is region set on private access only?
Lilylightcloud 6 months ago
We apologize for the mix up. The region is now open. We do hope you return.
Bink Draconia 6 months ago
thanks for your fast help. really beautiful region!
Genie Fegte 6 months ago
a beautiful region, but it would be nicer if you could enter it
Lilylightcloud 6 months ago
There was a slight hiccup that has been fixed. We hope you try again.
Genie Fegte 6 months ago
this is a really nice place. You can ride along the trail, explore the cave or just relax at the sea.Beautiful and detailed region. thx for sharing this place