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Cat and Clifford run the AMV Grid and what a grid that is !!!......many helpful people ....many wonderful events....many great sims........they make you feel right at home .......nothin negative about anything in AMV- -----You arent there yet ?

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Natalia Valentina
I've been enjoying myself here on the AMV Grid. People are kind, friendly and helpful. I haven't been disappointed yet. I been seeking a new grid to call Home and I've found it with AMV. Definitely a grid I'd recommend to others. A beautiful place where I can create, design/build and hopefully soon, share with the rest of you :) Thank you Cat and Cliff for making my new home an awesome one! Hugs!

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Hey Cataplexia and Clifford, you give us one of the best's grids in OpenSim, thank you ♥

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I have been on AMV for 6 month and i have enjoyed everyday since i have been with amv the owner are very helpful and are always happy to see you. the ppl on amv are always will to help to we have clubs and live singers that are great. been to alot of clube where DJs and live singer are performing they are Great. The regions of AMV are so beautiful and this is my second home

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Since I've been on this grid, I've had a wonderful experience. The staff goes above and beyond to help out new arrivals, and the owners Cataplexia and Clifford are personable, accessible, talented and actually take part in the community. I would recommend AMV to anyone w.ho wishes a truly communal type involvement. It takes a will and purpose to understand the fairness and equanimity than can be made use of in such an environment, and those who arrive here with that in mind will undoubtedly find success.

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This is the best grid I have ever been a part of I am a Mentor and a beloved DJ even my own RL family play here I would recommend this grid 100% as even the owners in Cataplexia and Clifford go above and beyond to help out where they can

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Caren Ibanez
A Grid with Place calls "Home"! Many Events, many nice People and the Owners have the best support I ever had in a Grid. One call you got Help! The Groups are very kind and helpful too! Tons of Events in Week and all very friendly. I feel save here from the first day and never had this before in a Grid. Thank you to Cliff and Cat for all they did and do! I love my Home-Grid! ♥

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42 days in with Alternate Metaverse and I still love it as much as day 2 :)
Rarely a problem and has never been slow for me.
Any issue that I mention is responded to right away and even if I speak to someone who's not techie guru (like I'm not :p) there's always someone available or contactable to resolve things quickly - or more often to gently let me know I did something idiotic :)
They are lovely and everyone on staff that I've ever spoken to I'd be happy to call a friend.
So thanks again gang, you made it wonderful and you keep it that way.
Love to all of you xxxx <3

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Jordan Melody
My Online Home❤️
Clifford and Cataplexia do such an amazing job with the Grid and truly are wonderful people.
Everybody on AMV is very kind and giving. Owners, Staff and residents.
It's like one big Family❤️

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It doesn't get any better. A great grid with friendly people and low lag. I've been here over 6 months and have no plans to leave. I'm home.

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im not the best i ask alot of question and pester these ppl.. nevertheless.. they happily help me.. at any given time.. it is such a great place and friendly.... everyone here is very sweet , outgoing and helpful. so many more should join.

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Passion Jumanji
AMV - The best people gathering friends & family & conglomerating the best of the best from all the grids around meshing talents & creativity into one honest to goodness family happy to help each other out & join in & party together . . . there is always something to do here . . . they have events in the morning, afternoon & evening to accommodate people from all over the world in every time zone. We play together, Pray together & Praise together & for each other . . . we lift each other up . . . I really love it here! One AWESOME Grid with Two FANTABULOUS Owners & a host of CONTAGIOUSLY LOVING & CARING FAMILY & FRIENDS! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON, AMV! ;) AWESOME GRID TO MAKE MY HOME HERE ON! ;) I'M SO FREE HERE! ;)

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I stumbled onto this welcome area by accident. I put in my search terms and found a cool mall that has medieval items, castles and a few other items (Old World Mall). Been back a few times and am passing HG to whomever is interested. Am an OSGrid HG'er (and member). Good job!

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Slyder Morgan
I have been here a few months now. We like it here. Everything seems to work here not like other grids. The owners have been very helpful when needed.

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AMV is one of the finest Grids i know. Cat And Cliff, the whole Staff are ever friendly!
Keep it up!

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