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Overall a well designed mall. However, MarjaHaven booted me for being a male walking through the women's store? "Marja Haven: a male dont need woman clothes". I have asked her for the rule I violated: "Is there a specific TOS I violated? Please give me the web address for your grid so that I may ensure I have read and understand your concerns and rules. Thank you." I received no response from her. When I returned to the mall to read the rules sign she states below is available: "when you land on the mall there is a sign very good to read the rules over there," I was immediately teleported home. Difficult to follow rules if you are not allowed to read them. Also, I'm not clear as to what her issue is. The whole premise of the OS worlds is freedom of expression. I ask again Marja, what is the egregious offence I committed to get booted from the mall?

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CyberGlo CyberStar
The entire sim is nice, but let's talk about the club. Right across from the mall is the most beautiful night club I have ever been to in any world, in any grid, hands down. And I have been to a LOT of clubs. This place is breathtakingly beautiful, modern design, and incredible graphics. From the semi-reflective floor to the design of the interior everything here is AAA classy. If you haven't seen this club, do yourself a favor and come take a look. Maybe some of you club owners out there can get an idea how to spice up your clubs from this place. Just amazingly beautiful. Well done.

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Mrs. MarjaHaven should know that on opensim you can find everything, even the things that she says not to copy, because she is the creator, every time you enter she disturbs you in chat (without saying goodbye) telling you not to copy. 1) if the products are blocked without the copy, I don't see what the problem is.
2) The things she has can be found everywhere on opensim. 3) She is not the creator, so she got them from somewhere else .. failure behaviors lead to FAILURE, I repeat, I suggest more humility;)

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minus 10 the grid owne bannes witout warning peopel and onnly lets peopel that kiss his ...

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I know she does the same with me told it are market rules. why should we not wear clothes who are for the other sex. her explain [02:34] Marja Haven: we had a lot of people who copy the complete mall, and the grid owner change the rules how they are now. Never have seen this rule on other places.

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todo muy viejo, las tiendas no tiene nada original. una perdida de tiempo

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this grid is a very good grid, the grid fast service, fast sim restarts( few seconds) and fast servers, and the mall is very good setup all stuff on there is export. when you land on the mall there is a sign very good to read the rules over there. Management is kind and helpfull. and there is over 1500 visits and all people there is happy with what they can get and see

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Kuller Keks
Fast grid , good understand rules, no problem by claim the wished items. all perfect. nice work

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