Jerez Adult


Jude Connors
Went here to look around and the Owner was initially VERY friendly and helpful.

Unfortunately, the grid was slow as a snail and when I messaged the owner, she replied back in a tone that was quite opposite of before. Her reply: "Whatever".

She then went on to verbally attack me blaming everything on me. Funny, I have no issues on other grids in OpenSim. In fact, this grid was sooooo slow, I had to relog just to return the land.

0/5 Stars based solely on technical issues and lack of customer service.

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A wonderful delightful place. It's one of the few very generous grids where getting a huge free island is possible. No pedantic procedures, just click an available mailbox on the land you'd like and presto it's yours, just start building or launch your free boat for sailing the fast sea. BRAVO GovegaOS

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Beautiful area with friendly people and a large body of water to sail around in, I'm very happy to have made a home there. Thank you Govega :D

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Neverworld Events
This member was very rude to me after I gave him a 40,000 meter free parcel. He tried to teleport once to the sim and decided to be very rude.
Then he went back to LBSA plaza and was begging people for free land. Trolls will be trolls, and decent people will be decent. The other 100 or so residents of the sim
thank us every day for being so generous.

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