Plymouth Crucible

Plymouth Crucible
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Do you RP(role play)? We want you!
Recruiting RPers!
(( For active and serious Role Players only. Factions: Human Hunters (St. Legers), Vampires, Werewolves (Lycan), and Witches. Guild Master: Metal Tango. Please contact Metal Tango upon completing the Crucible Maze. Discord is mandatory to join the Plymouth RP Group. ))

The following are available functions to RP in:

Creatures of the Night Club:
A night club stationed in the backstreets of Plymouth, England. Sexy fun for all creatures of the Night-Stalking variety! (( Serious Role Players only! Recruiting bar-tenders, dancers, and patrons. ))

Saint's Shelter: Come one, come all! The Saint's Shelter welcomes the unfortunate ones for a meal and a safe place to sleep. The Saint's Shelter is funded by the prominent family known as the St. Legers and provides free urgent care by volunteering medical professionals from the Plymouth Hospital. (( Serious RPers only! ))

Valaris Coven:
Plymouth, England Model Agency Office.
((Recruiting Vampires & Human Blood-Slaves.))

Hocus Pocus Retreat:
The Hocus Pocus Retreat is a magical experience with its beauty shop, full spa treatment, and the quaint environment of a bed and breakfast. Enjoy your stay!
((Recruiting witches, warlocks, and oracles!))

Lil' Saints Orphanage:
The Lil' Saints Orphanage is funded by the prominent St. Leger Family, sponsored specifically by Kira St. Leger, the youngest member of the family. (( Recruiting day tutors and cooks! Children welcome! Serious RPers only!))

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LaviaLavine Role playing awesomeness!
CatzhaMoon The Plymouth Rp Group isn’t just a place.. it’s a people. You can find your home headspace here among our family ❤️ The world is meticulously designed with fun and exciting characters. The story is inviting with plenty of room to use your own creative constructs. The work put into this could be meas...
SpiritTheForbidden A great place for roleplayers to both enjoy and learn their craft. Detailed world with lots of good characters.

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IronRoots 5 months ago
This is a well-built, modern town made by the Role Players of the Plymouth RP Group imported from IMVU (Competitor to Second Life). The writers are talented and fun!
MetalTango 5 months ago
As the GM of the Plymouth RP Group which this region belongs to, I can say that my group of Role Players are mature, competent, hard-working, and fun to be around and write our stories with! The requirements are admittedly strict, but its worth it because quality over quantity.