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Forever Familiy Retreat
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under construction gorean farm trading
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As the gods are being restored in Asgard, they restored Midgard for the people of that world to start over, these people are called "Earthlings" by some, but th...

Casino Al Capone
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Asgard Folkene
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WANTED: ROLE PLAYERS who love Norse Mythology education and role play. Here you can become one of the Norse Gods, A Light Elf, a Dark Elf, a Dwarf, a Giant or...
Paha Sapa
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Paha Sapa (Black Hills, in the Lakota language) is a role play community located in the virtual world Kitely, which is a part of the OpenSimulator hypergrid met...
Starfleet Infinity
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Star Trek, roleplay, creative brainstorming, art gallery, starships, starstation, starbase, space, imagination, dance, DJ, live performer
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Home of Club Dynasty The pulsating energy of Club Dynasty can be thrilling, yet sometimes it can also be an overwhelming experience. It’s a great spot for th...
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Carima, an Medival Fantasy Roleplay once foundet at SL by Linde Kronfeld. Rised there from an half-sim up to 9 Islands and was well known there. Due to the rai...
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Vampire/Zombie RP region, where you can live amongst the monsters.
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Darkport Evolution, roleplay region with gorean, medaevil style, 8x8 .Darkport City surrounded by sea and islands
Bell City
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Design by Verna Avril Open Jan 1, 2020 No public rentals at Bell City.
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