Role playing

Bell City
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Design by Verna Avril Open Jan 1, 2020, Residential Parcels for those active in my region in role-play, sailing, flying, Cars, Boats, Planes, club, lounge. ...
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As the gods are being restored in Asgard, they restored Midgard for the people of that world to start over, these people are called "Earthlings" by some, but th...

Wyldwood Bayou
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"One Whole Year In Our Own Dayum Swamp!!" It's Wyldwood Bayou Grid's 1st Anniversary and ROCKIN' the BLUES' 10th Birthday!! Ohhh have we got parties for you!! Come to Rockin' the Blues and pick up a schedule of events so you'll be the first to know what's coming! This is gonna be awesome!!! Wyldwood...

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Carima, an Medival Fantasy Roleplay once foundet at SL by Linde Kronfeld. Rised there from an half-sim up to 9 Islands and was well known there. Due to the rai...
Asgard Folkene
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WANTED: ROLE PLAYERS who love Norse Mythology education and role play. Here you can become one of the Norse Gods, A Light Elf, a Dark Elf, a Dwarf, a Giant or...
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See this worlds website: Mountainous 64 sims world, with lots of open sea. For Satyr farming players, TP is at the landing ...
Azeroth Community
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Villa, Viking, Northern, RP, Role play - NO CHILD AVATARS NOR AGE PLAY
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Orcs, Dragons, Hobbits and Ents. What else?
Isle of Nara
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Welcome Center For Pani, By The Book, Gorean roleplay, Authentic Gorean Pani, Gor, Role Play, , Torvi, Larl, Roleplay, Slave, collared Girls, Kajira, EDO, Asia,...
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Tribute to the planet of the same name in the Star Wars(tm) fictional universe. Featuring Theed City, Gunga City, Theed Spaceport, and natural areas of interest...
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Darkport is a gorean steampunk pirate world of 64 sims to trade, to be with friends, to drink, talk and laugh. Darkport is one of the many islands pirates can g...
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