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An 18+ Adult focused Social Plaza. A place to hang out, chat, dance listen to music and have pub-type adult conversations. Not a 'safe space' snow flakes and the easily offended need not attend. Not a sex venue per-se, but who knows you might meet someone special.

Private equipped BDSM skyboxes available if you need a place to get your kink on. Avalonia is a Femdom friendly grid - you don't need to be into Femdom or a Mistress or a sub to be here, but please be mindful that this is our theme.

We don't fake or inflate our visitor numbers like a lot of regions, so if people are showing here, there are real people here.

No Child avatars. UK based, UK jurisdiction and social norms in effect.

LMs often do not work across HG, so the best way to get here is using your map window inside the viewer. Open your map and copy and paste this address and then hit Find - http://avalonia-virtual.online:8002 That should get you here more reliably than any other method - gotta love Opensim ;P

Region Schedule : - 98% Up-time*. People are welcome at ALL times, however as we are UK based you will mostly find people here during UK/European time zones which would be:-

22:00 till 01:00 GMT (UK time)
14:00 till 18:00 PDT (Viewer Time)

Region is unavailable between 5:00am till 8:00am GMT on a Thursday morning weekly for maintenance.

Daily Restarts at 8:00am GMT

*-*-* Regrettably we have now blocked AviTron grid due to the number of users that have come in, don't speak and simply attempt to copy everything and leave. *-*-*

*Estimated approximately

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Apologies had a few issues with the beacon and access the last week after an OAR reload. The region has been online the entire time but the beacon reset so was showing the region offline and for some reason public access reverted to private only. This has been rectified and sorted.
A great region to just relax and have a chat with your friends. Excellent and friendly support service that will always help you. I love this region. Brandon bro you are great.
Thanks Troy, appreciate the review :)