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4 years ago Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter avatars available here.

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Cataplexia 4 months ago
Chakra Awareness-Beginner/Intermediate @ OSG11B Builds 1PM PST / Grid Time

Chakras In Motion School of Chakra Awareness & Education on the road @ OSG11B- the 11th birthday of OS Grid!
Aprox. 2 hour class Starting at 1PM GRID TIME (PST) on Monday July 30th beginner to intermediate. Learn about the power inside of us all & how to use it to benefit health- Physical & Emotional, relieve pain, enhance creativity, communication & more!
Voice enabled- you must be able to listen in voice but do not have to speak in voice.
Instructor Cataplexia Numbers (338,198,24)

iekocatnap 8 months ago
Great place !
revosim 8 months ago
Point is already named.
And your commentary makes it clear that it does not matter to you. but osgrid is responsible. and it is as it is, that you as well as other grids have the opportunity to see adult content as a child behind an avatar. and you believe behind a tos is it done with it. very bad! I would think it over exactly where I complete my account garade then if there are grids that do not handle it irresponsibly.
revosim 8 months ago
Here you have the opportunity, as in most grids, to visit adult communities as a child behind adult avatars
L0rde 10 months ago
gestapo meet point
FoXyBanx 1 years ago
I Love my Homebase ,perfekt startbase to hop the OsGrid and Hypergrid. Gratz at the admins nice work
Moora 1 years ago
The lounge is a great place to start your life in OS - help advice LM's land everything will be given to you !
Cataplexia 2 years ago
I met my partner in this place so it holds a special place in my heart as he does. Meet people from all over the virtual world here and find out how to build your own little world on the OS Grid- a free grid funded by donations of it's inhabitants! One of my homes on open Sim! - Cataplexia Numbers
Avia 2 years ago
OSGrid's social lounge, the place to be to meet and greet!
egossett 2 years ago
Met some great Avatars. You know who you are. Thanks.
Echelon 3 years ago
Nothing like the good ol' social hub of the Hypergrid. Pretty much guaranteed to always find someone passing through or hanging out.
greenman 3 years ago
I find this region acceptable.

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The central community of Osgrid is one that brings the RL poisons of hate, prejudice and anger to the virtual world, where it needn't be. They are very quick to bash those in the LGBT community and give black and colored avis a difficult time for standing around just like everyone else does. If you ...
This plaza is so busy. Never a dull moment. Great place to meet lots of friendly folks. Howdy ya'll! Hugs
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