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Community event region and home for the OSGrid Friday Parties: music from all over the globe 12 hour, non stop, wherever you are, every Friday!

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Event Plaza runs weekly events and is the party-hub of the Metaverse. Every wed. and Fri. at 10.30 grid time, it's party time on the plaza. Our Friday team makes sure you get the greatest DJ's and a variey of music, from classic 60's upto today's hottest, and all inbetween. Combined with our wonderf...
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CrystalRose 4 months
Beautiful place! Ran into a handsome man wow! Until next time Christopher ;-)
SheriffDawn 11 months
Happy New Year 2019 this event is so much fun with Live acts and DJs..
Great job all !!!
Every one keep rockin and have a wonderful blessed new year :))
~SheriffDawn Summers~
MotoSapa 1 years
Event Plaza 11a-3pm

The OSG Carnival Donation Drive presents our Creator Donated Auction of unique items and WOW is there alot of goodies here. All funds go towards keeping our home running long and strong, so please come join us @ Event plaza NOW.

hg.osgrid.org:80:Event Plaza

@ 4PM the swimsuit competition begins featuring both Male & Female contestants from all over the grid, strutting their stuff to help us raise funds needed to run OS Grid- Don't miss the fun @ the new OSG Special Events Venue:D

hg.osgrid.org:80:OSG Special Events
MotoSapa 1 years
Day 1.....Friday, September 21st
Event Plaza Friday Party

8.00am - 9.00am DJ Aussie
9.00am - 10am DJ Kawaii
10am - 11am DJ Princess
11am - 12noon DJ Aussie
12noon - 2pm DJ LaNani
2pm - 4pm DJ Fearless
4pm - 6pm DJ Purr
6pm - 7pm DJ LadyJo
7pm - 8pm DJ Aussie
Cataplexia 1 years
Chakra Awareness-Beginner/Intermediate @ OSG11B Builds 1PM PST / Grid Time

Chakras In Motion School of Chakra Awareness & Education on the road @ OSG11B- the 11th birthday of OS Grid!
Aprox. 2 hour class Starting at 1PM GRID TIME (PST) on Monday July 30th beginner to intermediate. Learn about the power inside of us all & how to use it to benefit health- Physical & Emotional, relieve pain, enhance creativity, communication & more!
Voice enabled- you must be able to listen in voice but do not have to speak in voice.
Instructor Cataplexia Numbers
hg.osgrid.org:80:OSG11B (338,198,24)

PussyLahoot 2 years
Chickapea 2 years
I always have an interesting time here. You never know who you are going to bump into and meet.
Spiritdove58 2 years
Aussie Envee is amazing. online pervs are numerous so refreshing to find a "real" person with so much love and compassion and caring..
Aquarius 2 years
One of the best places to hang and and the most happening grid for gird wide events. Every wednessday and friday we have big parties here. There are other times to. No competitiveness with world currency because its all free. People just come to chill and have fun and build n stuff. Great dj's great people great fun!!!!
LaNani 2 years
Event Plaza is THE place to be for good music and great parties. :D I love it.
Aussie_Envee 2 years
I love Event Plaza, its a good place to meet people not only from Osgrid but from all other grids, where we dance and chat and can find out what is happening on the various grids, the dj's provide music all day for everyone's enjoyment.
Cataplexia 3 years
I am delighted to be one of the Friday & Wednesday party DJs on OS Grid, and in the company of several other exceptional DJs as well. Every Wednesday and Friday the OS event plaza springs to life with all day long parties where people join together from all over the world and all over the virtual world as well! For a drama free- fun time, come as you are and stay all day- you will love it! All are welcome!- Cataplexia Numbers
PaddyS 3 years
Love the Partys, kewl DJs, nice and smart AVs, so Partyon
BlondieGayMan 3 years
Great place. Very friendly people. You feel welcomed here.
konilanzius 3 years
nancysinatra 4 years
came by tonight was not able to stay long but received a very warm welcome, great music, will defo pop in again
Mike_37uk 4 years
All foreign users allowed in this region ~ everyone Welcome. This place rocks. Great people, great company, outstanding music, Every Friday at 19.30 GMT ~ Be there or be square!!!!! Beijos, more beijos ~ Ti Amo OSgrid Friday Party xx Did I say this place rocks?
LaniGlobal 4 years
OSgrid Friday Party every friday at 19.30 GMT or 12:30PDT (grid time) .

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Event Plaza is a place where avatars from Osgrid and all other grids come together on Wednesdays and Fridays to listen to the music from the many dj's and to dance and chat with others at the venue, Its a fun day for everyone and a good way to meet people and find out what is happening around the va...
would love going there but they allow people to make rude and nonsense comments to people with no reprimand.. even talking politics and religions at times. Its like a group that is closed and they dont want new folks in or something.. I gave it a try a couple times with same results.. a few nice one...
Every Wednesdays and Fridays the best DJ's in OSgrid, great music and an simply awesome community. Always has live DJ's (shoot them your request) and active people (not an army of NPC's). Everyone is welcome here ! Don't be shy, and party like there is no tomorrow !!
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