Res Elite Sandbox

Res Elite Sandbox
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I have added a extra Region to the sim i am currently working on a club with music and other things the hop address for that is feel free to check it out :)
Gloebit Enabled - This is my own grid for use if you would like to use it please do it nicely and don't wreck the furniture lol

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reserect 7 days ago
Can anyone please help me to get my region to show accurate avatars i listed my bots and NPC's on the notecard but it's still showing as inaccurate.
opensimworld 7 days ago
it should be updated soon . thanks
reserect 5 months ago
I have started using a faster system now so it should be less laggy and easier to use :)
Lunastra 1 years ago
crazy bad performance for a simple visitor, looked interesting but hard to on my measly computer :(
reserect 1 years ago
I am restarting the sims on the hardwire hoping this solves the problem try a bit later and let me know :)
reserect 1 years ago
Sorry for it being so difficult i have had to use wifi connection for the sims so i will try get this figured out soon i will try keep this updated.

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