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2 by 2 VAR (512m), ubODE-Physics, Sandbox / no Return

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SimGEAR Space Port - A galaxy of wonders to explore. Featuring custom content you will not find anywhere else in Opensim. Check out our roller coaster simulator, IMBRIUM INFERNO on Ozone's Moon. This simulator features explicit content and therefore we will only allow adult avatars.

Res Elite Sandbox
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I have added a extra Region to the sim i am currently working on a club with music and other things the hop address for that is
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Just a simple 2 hours auto return sand box area
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New sandbox, designed to build on land and on water for testing boats, etc. one 256 island surrounded by 8 single regions of water.
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our old sand box from before we moved, multi levels and includes lots of free stuff, and a race track
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Sandbox, return every 12 Hours, no Grieffers
Sandy Island
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Sandy Island is a large sandbox area with both land and water available for building, testing and playing. There is a 7 day return so lots of time to work on t...
Encore Sandbox
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Open region for building and being creative!
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SLexit & OS Embassy Sandbox. For teaching building/scripting classes and for migrants to use freely.