3 Users 12 0 23rd
Just a simple, 8 hrs auto return, voice enabled, multi floor, sand box area running 24x7 unless maintained.
Adult Sandbox
1 Users 2 0 77th
Grab Group, Set Home, Rez, Build, Live. 5 floors of region-sized space, use tp pad in the center of the region.

Trianon Complex
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Trianon Worlds Grand Opening and Christmas Gala will be held on Dec 14th starting at 11:30am with Essensual, followed by Clan and the Band at 12:00pm DJ Esse at 1:00pm and NEW to open-sim Shayne Aridian. 3 hours of entertainment for you on the The NEW Trianon World..

Tropicana Sunseekers
0 Users 8 2 99th
Welcome to Tropicana Skies. This beautiful landscaped tropical sailing environment is here for you explore and sail or fly in. This is a very relaxed residentia...
OSCC Sandbox
0 Users 3 0 133rd
Sandbox region for the OpenSimulator Community Conference The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and us...
Sandbox Neovo
0 Users 2 0 169th
Multifunctional Sandbox region with test options and multiple building Decks
Tropicana Sandbox
0 Users 7 0 264th
Visit the Tropicana Adult Sandbox region for a large openspace sandbox. The Sandbox is open to everyone. The sandbox has a 16 hour return policy. Please do not ...
Nautilus Sandbox
0 Users 3 0 294th
Nautilus Sandbox is for all to enjoy. This 3x3 region has a 4 hour return. Has some tools and textures and some free starter avatars and freebies. Teleport boar...
◉ Offline 3 2 384th
Space Force Sandbox. For teaching building/scripting classes and for migrants to use freely.
0 Users 1 0 419th
Welcome to the sandbox of SKIMI3D. The simulation is cleaned every 4 hours. 2 times a day we do a region restart to make sure everything runs smoothly.
0 Users 1 0 465th
With some objects that I have collected for construction
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