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Welcome to ReSeReCtEdWoRlDs A new area to mingle and chat Voice Enabled. This is also going to be a club music is already set to the land the Dj Booth will be i...
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Gloebit Enabled - This is a Sim i am slowly putting together for others amusement use it how you will and have fun medieval type style. ubODE enabled Also now v...

Arkham City
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Arkham Grid Choose the best one "Arkham City" #ao #dance #animation #bento #opensim #free#freebies #freecontent #bento #meshbodys #arkhamcity

Res Elite Sandbox
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I have added a extra Region to the sim i am currently working on a club with music and other things the hop address for that is
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Gloebit Enabled - Start to a water racing sim also great for testing water items. After you have joined the group you can res a boat or car what ever you prefer...