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Wyldwood Bayou

Wyldwood Bayou
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Kith Whitehawk
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Wyldwood Bayou on DiscoveryGrid is home to Rockin' the Blues, our main venue, and our speciality venues, Bayou Belle Riverboat, Hot Daddy's Dance Dock and Lady Blue. Come on down Friday through Monday for great fun, friendship and music! Come along any time to explore Wyldwood Bayou and our adjoining region, Wolfs Run
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Blues Music, Dance, Party, Bayou, New Orleans, Carnival, Riverboat, Mardi Gras, Club, Friends,

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KrypticKayos Great Music. Blues that make the soul move. Great Club and the theme was nice. The floor set up was great. House was packed on my visit and I don't know about others but even with apox. of 30 avi's there I rezed pretty fast. Fun like fun should be. I would visit again.
Alex Wyldwood Bayou is the number one blues club on Opensim! Awesome DJ's, awesome sim. Be sure to visit Fri-Mon and get your blues on!!!!
Bebe love it

DJ MarkAnthoni spins your Blues at Rockin' the Blues! 6:00PM!
6 Jun 2020 06:00 pm SLT
It's Saturday night and that means we have DJ Mark on stage with the most amazing Blues Tunes!! DJ Mark hand picks every single set, sometimes reflecting on certain blues artists, giving you facts and...
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DJ Kith at Rockin' the Blues!! You don't want to miss this!! 7:30 PM!
6 Jun 2020 07:30 pm SLT
DJ Kith is well known for his upbeat, modern, high energy blues! He spins tunes you instantly fall in love with and that reach into your heart and soul and bring out the best in everyone!! When Kith s...
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DJ Kith Sunday Brunch Party on the Bayou Belle! 9:00 AM
7 Jun 2020 09:00 am SLT
It's Sunday morning! You can ALWAYS count on a hot time on the Bayou Belle when DJ Kith takes the stage! Come in your jammies! We'll have the coffee hot and the Blues even hotter!! All the bagels you ...
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Dj Rachel @ Rockin' the Blues Sunday night 6-8 pm (If Rachel's Net is out, DJ TBA)
7 Jun 2020 06:00 pm SLT
Rockin the Blues Dj Rachel Rose... our steamy little blues rocker...takes the stage tonite at 6 pm and we cant wait for our rockin blues fix! We missed her last week so dont miss out tonight!! Bring y...
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Region Comments

Kith Whitehawk 1 month ago
Betty, Was nice to be able to chat with you... as I mentioned- I have have not banned any grid from my regions. That ability lies solely with with Grid Owner. As we are under Discovery Grid umbrella, whatever happens grid wide, happens to my regions as well. Good, bad, or indifferent, its part of the TOS. My regions were created by my late partner and myself for the sole reason of sharing music, creating friendships and having a place of respite from all the BS that goes on in the world.... for having fun and creating good memories....even if its just for a few hours. I don't play at politics and won't start. I am sorry for circumstances, I cannot change them, however... We are here if you or anyone wishes to come for great music and good fun.... Best regards.. Kith Whitehawk
Betty 1 month ago
One more region full of sacrarium content that banned sacrarium is a bitch and is doing its circles ...we will meet soon asking us a favor or something !!!
DurhamRedmond 6 months ago
Yeee HAW! Best redneck Xmas ever! Thanks for the music, the awesome decorations and the laughs that come every time The Tribe gets together! just awesome!
Xaria Aubrey 6 months ago
Tribe rocks the HG.
Harmony Beningborough 6 months ago
DJ macy couldn't be with us tonite so that wild and crazy Southern belle DJ Moonie has the stream and is spinnin' some fabulous hella party blues for ya!! get on down to the Bayou and let's PARTY!!!! Bayou
Whippin 9 months ago
This Tribe are the best eva!! Fun peeps, good tunes, good times!
Harmony Beningborough 10 months ago
It's Woodstock! We are having the Closing Festivities of Woodstock here at Rockin' the Blues with DJ Rachel Rose and DJ Moonie!! Come enjoy the fun, the friendship and the Awesome music!! Peace and Love everyone!!! Fun starts at 4:30 PM Sunday!!