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Welcome to 3rd Rock Grid's Event District
In the spirit of community, our region Melody is the home of several music venues dedicated to bringing some of the best
live music and DJ shows to our newly improved and revitalized
world. We have great entertainment all week and are adding more all the time so come on out to 3rd Rock Grid and get your groove on! Our Events Calender :

Our performers on Melody Region:

Sundays Bi-weekly - Torben Asp - Instrumentalist / particle artist
Mondays Monthly: Fyrm Fouroux- Humorist, songwriter, Musician
Mondays Weekly : DJ Vlad Dracul - Great engaging DJ - oldies, rock
Tuesdays: DJ Shelenn Ayres - Spins Indi Rock, Pop & Hip Hop
Wednesdays biweekly - Lucky Chiung - Outstanding Vocalist
Wednesdays biweekly- Rosy Ogrady - Outstanding Vocalist
Wednesdays biweekly- Scofi Robson- Outstanding Blues & Rock Guitarist
Thursdays- Khiron Ametza - Outstanding Vocalist
Saturdays- DJ Tek - Spins a variety of Rock, Pop & County
Saturdays- Rhia Bachman - Outstanding Vocalist
Saturdays (3rd Sat. of Month)- The Fabulous Wailers- Tribute Band

Copy and Paste the above address into your map and Teleport to Melody's Welcome area . When you land you'll see a Teleport board with the names & pictures of all our artists. Simply Click on the picture of the artist you're planning on seeing and you'll be teleported right to their venue.

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DJ Shelenn Ayres
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Susie_Wong 18 days ago
KHIRON AMETZA sing .. you miss a great performens !!!

be here next time you see on Event calender here !!!

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