Winter Wonderland
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Winter Wonderland at 3RG is a winter themed region with a whole range of winter time activities . This region is also used for our annual Christmas party. Th...
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Welcome to 3rd Rock Grid's Event District In the spirit of community, our region Melody is the home of several music venues dedicated to bringing some of the ...

Infinity Isle
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Infinity has a little bit of everything for everyone. We pride ourselves in being able to cater for most peoples tastes of music; we do this by having eclectic DJ;s and Live acts. INFINITY and stands alone on its own island, Although the region is Adult and it is INFINITY'S policy that you h...

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Harmony is a varregion in 3RG's Event District. Several venues are housed on this region including the beautiful outdoor venue Enerdhil where Rondo Catteneo pla...
New Serenity
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Saturday's get together at Tek n Rhia's Place 5pm - 7pm grid time come join us
Ravens Reef
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Work in Progress - small town urban role play. Create your own story, in the amazing 3rd Rock Grid, one of the oldest open sim grid...
Gekas Home
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The OFFICIAL SATYR FARM MEGA REGION! For all things Satyr Farm, Come Here!
Waking Dreams
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3RG Blues Raceway
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Fun filled time motorcycle,car,dragster,speedboat and jetski racing along with a couple of tour rides balloon ride to tour the region by air a bubble boat ride ...
Firelights Hot Spot
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