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Annex to the main HG Safari clubhouse on OSGrid.

Home to Inworld Review with Mal Burns

The Inworld Review 10 July
The Museo del Metaverso party, recent Safaris to Winxtropia, Ignis Fatuus, and of course OpensimFest all reviewed

A Safari on Safari today!

Thirza Ember: 3 months ago

Thanks to the musicians and all the safari regulars who joined us in visiting ArtDestiny and Avacon.

The trial run of Inworld Review was filmed yesterday. Still got to work on the poses, and this first episode really long, (90 minutes!) but if you want to get a general idea of how the show works, with a view to being a guest in the future, take a look here
Hopefully many people sign up at join in, it's a great way to let people know about your work in the hg! Contact MAL BURNS on DISCORD

River: Now I want to know what the horrible things were that was said! lol 6 months ago
Do you do Voice? are you available on Sundays around 12 noon Grid Time? Would you like to promote your grid, project, creations, or performances in OpenSim? Good news - the Mal Burns talk show Inworld Review is coming back to Opensim!
Guest bookings are beginning NOW, for more information on how to participate, join and friend Mal Burns#5591

Thirza Ember: To those who asked, yes, this is in English, but if it's not your first language, don't let that hold you back. Who doesn't love accents! 6 months ago

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