What a surprise that was! I had been there before and found one goodly area of dresses. Nice but not exactly the mother lode described in the other comment here. I thought " Well that is generous!". Today though I came back months later and found that there is another area that you can access through odd points in the first area. There are no signs so that is a minus. I hope these owners put some signs up to lead everyone to the 2 storied section. Pretty good place!!!

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Faith Fromund
Love this Region for shopping! It's like hitting the mother lode! Not only is the decor done nicely, but the freebie shops have lots of good nuggets in the way of clothing for Athena and HG. The hair are styles not found all over the grid. Furniture sold in complete pks and animated! Have some nice homes too. For relaxation I recommend the Beach and the Burger Shack for lunch. Have fun! I know I did. The owner is super friendly and welcoming also. Thank you for a wonderful experience Adore.Mint!

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