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Welcome to The Mountain. The Labyrinth Awaits.
A huge and spectacular visualization of the labyrinthine concept, The Mountain offers a veritable feast of underground challenges for explorers and adventurers, unparalleled in the history of the HyperGrid.

Mines and tunnels, caverns and caves, beauty and horror, all await those with the courage to cast off the dusty cloak of the mundane and mediocre, to enter a world inspired by myth and legend.

Do you accept the Challenge? Dare you pass through its gates?
Many have tried. Many have failed. And their bones turn to dust even now.

Welcome to The Mountain. Leave your sanity at home.
For the siren winds of curiosity, beckon here for those who roam.

(Please be advised: Those of you not blessed with sooper-dooper-pooters may wish to lower your draw distance.)

If you can find it, you may swim in it....

And sometimes, the signs are right in front of you....

Margie: To the Twilight Zone? :} 3 months ago

And in the darkness, will their cups runeth over, into the well of despair.

ToyBoy: Cool! 3 months ago

The Ice Breaker arrives at The Mountain.

Gather ye thoughts and lay your plans well.
Come the dawn do not tarry, at the toll of the bell.
Castles hold secrets. How many? Who knows?
Be a feared not of shadows, or ghastly red glows.....

Many have tried. Many have died. And their bones turn to dust even now.

Small comfort, perhaps, but a welcome respite on your journey through the forests.

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Froot Loops call me bias because this is on my grid. but you can not dispute Lizzys eye for details and the incredible beauty she creates. more then a metric ton of unique scenes to stir the imagination. and it's a guarantee you will get lost in the labyrinth.

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I enjoyed the Mountain. Running through all those tunnels and ending up at all sorts of caverns. The wooden planks with torches, the pirate ship, the stalactites, the giant rock faces, the steampunk parts. It all looked like a lot of work.
I can tell I didn't run through every tunnel, that will have to be for another time.
We're very happy you enjoyed your visit. Please be aware that The Mountain is a work-in-progress, and more places will be connected up in the coming weeks. Please stop by to explore more soon.