The Shopping District

The Shopping District
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Shop for your home and garden

It's taking a little bit longer than I would have liked as the other half of the Moons is not able to get online so I am doing this myself. So please bear with me whilst I work like a trojan to get it back online
Just to say that The Shopping District is under construction, so the sim will be closed for a few days whilst we work on this for you. We will let you all know when it's back up and running. Thank you

I am redecorating the sim, whilst doing this I will be changing things around, adding new stuff as I go along. If you come and visit the sim, say hi! Don't mind the dust!! Happy Shopping ♥

We have new items out in the garden area and also new filler builds available! Happy shopping ♥

Working on new items today for the sim! So check back later on today to get your free stuff! Happy shopping ♥

Just to let everyone know that I will be going on vacation from 8th May and won't be back until 22nd May. Normal service will resume when I get back. In the meantime, if you haven't already please go and check out the sim and grab the freebies whilst you are there. Happy Shopping ♥
We have added a TP board as you come from the subway, which includes platforms to structures and filler builds. Please remember that we are still adding items, so if you want something and unable to get a copy please let me know.

If you also enjoy the store and the items available, please do not forget to like The Shopping District and let all your friends and family know that we are here. If there is anything you would like to see here, then feel free to message Maisey Moon inworld or on here and we can see if we can make that happen for you. Happy Shopping ♥

I am working on new bathroom clutter today! Stop by the store to check it out. Happy Shopping ♥

The Shopping District will be offline at some point today until, hopefully, tomorrow where we are upgrading to new servers. Just in case you tried unsuccessfully to get there. We will be back soon ♥

Just a small selection of bedroom furniture, more to come. Happy shopping ♥

Fancy owning a tattoo shop? Then here at TSD we have some bits and pieces that you can take away with you.... Looking for some lights? We have a fat pack of collection of vintage lights. Happy Shopping

New items over at TSD garden, happy shopping ♥

Just some items from the decor section that is available for you here at TSD. Happy shopping ♥

London themed shopping sim, new items being added every day.... If you see anything that you want and it's not available just give me a holler and I will help you out.... Happy Shopping ♥

OpenSimUser: Nice start, looking forward to more getting added. 1 years ago

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La Cittadella Di Rachel If there were 10 stars I would have voted for them, wonderful place with lots of unique things to visit!!!
Ellie Mercury This place is amazing! It has a bit of everything, owners are really friendly and went above and beyond to help me! Thank you so much to the Moons!
LaviaLavine This place promises to be quite AWESOME!

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I LOVE LOVE The Shopping District, I go back often to see what new stuff Maisey has put out
Thank you so much Darci ♥
I keep trying to visit but the link to accept your terms is for a site that cannot be reached.
Hai Ellen, I spoke to the grid owner and they have advised that we don't have any terms to get on the sim. Unfortunately I have no idea why it is happening especially considering that you have visited before :(
I will pass that on to the grid owner and get back to you ♥
Very very cool region! I love that you land in the Metro Station! Beautiful!
I am glad that you love it! Updating stuff all the time :D
The issue with being able to access the sim has been rectified, my apologies everyone! Happy Shopping ♥
"You don't have access to the region parcels".
No access to region parcels.
What an amazing place! Lots of amazing items! Thank you Moons!