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osgrid Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter avatars available here.

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iekocatnap 5 days ago
Great place !
revosim 23 days ago
Point is already named.
And your commentary makes it clear that it does not matter to you. but osgrid is responsible. and it is as it is, that you as well as other grids have the opportunity to see adult content as a child behind an avatar. and you believe behind a tos is it done with it. very bad! I would think it over exactly where I complete my account garade then if there are grids that do not handle it irresponsibly.
Thor75 23 days ago
So basically your some childish person who has nothing better to do then to bad mouth other grids to try and get people to come to your grid. How exactly does there TOS and what they do on there grid effect you? if you dont like it move on and STFU.

Anyone can lie about there age on any website so what exactly do you expect people to do? whats your big solution to it? Let me guess join your grid pfft!
revosim 23 days ago
i just want the best for our kids and i am shocked by your attitude
Kubwa 4 days ago
Oh now, our kids will die :o - Do you ever saw kids sharing porn on their phones at school? Yeah, kids need to be protected by us...
Thor75 23 days ago
Its simple adults should be monitoring what there children are doing online as well as website blockers. I understand that with porn sites it is easier to block for accessing them, but what do you expect virtual worlds to do about it? If a child is old enough to make an email address then yes they can access websites. Movie websites have over 18 slasher horror films etc on them.

What do you want grids to do? not have A rated regions or grids just because someone underage could fake there age?
revosim 23 days ago
I do not know what you want from me. I criticize that and it is in need of improvement.
for example, through an age check. but you are rude and primitive. that's not the way i'm discussing.
Thor75 23 days ago
Lmao maybe you should worry about the state of your own website and grid before you start complaining about other peoples, You want grids to add age verifications to there registration systems when you havent even got one yourself and if a child can make an email address then they can surely put in a fake date of birth. Like i said before adults should be supervising there childrens web usage. Sure call me names shows even more how childish you are. And face it your only doing it now because your trying to promote your own grid, oh join us dont worry about A rated regions
revosim 21 days ago
So that's the point of view of osgrid because you represent here? If that's the case then that is very dubious.
Your reaction to my concern for the protection of minors is very stupid, agresive and insulting. that will certainly interest the youth protection organizations in the future. For Germans, the age check is 2017 anyway duty. You are very uncallified and your grid does not make a good impression and can not be trusted by your actions. So agresive to react to my kretik is very unusual.
Dave43 21 days ago
Thor has made valid points it is the adults responsibilities to keeping an eye on there childs web usage, I always monitor what my child is doing on the internet and have restricted access for certain websites. Virtual worlds tend to state what age you have to be in the TOS,

I mean really are that stupid that you want sites to start doing checks by passports, driving licenses etc, do you know how unreasonable that is, ive just looked at your website and thor has also mentioned its all just errors so how can you sit there and tell other grids that they should have a better system when you dont even have that on your own. Go whine about it else where.
revosim 21 days ago
the online identty would be come. thats make it so easy in many things :D
Dave43 21 days ago
Code it into your own grid and website then you can pass it onto people to use on theres :)
revosim 21 days ago
a webpage doesent exist? my grid is a privat project. i am a privat person. this is my hobby. i am not own a comerzial grid. and i doent need a adult check because i havent any adult content or regions marked adult
Dave43 21 days ago
Good for you why dont you worry about your hobby and stop whining about other peoples grids.Your on the hypergrid arnt you so how if you dont do the age check yourself how are you going to stop children from hypergridding to adult only grids or other adult rated regions??
revosim 21 days ago
For Germany it is law since 2017 . npp problem you cant know it maybe ^^
revosim 21 days ago
nice try dave! ;)
Dave43 21 days ago
So your dodging the fact that your grid is hypergrid enabled? How do you plan on stopping your residents from accessing adult regions and grids? are you going to turn into a closed grid to stop this?
revosim 23 days ago
what for other peoples?
revosim 23 days ago
what for a website?
revosim 23 days ago
a tos will not replace a law
revosim 24 days ago
Here you have the opportunity, as in most grids, to visit adult communities as a child behind adult avatars
Thor75 24 days ago
And your point is? This can happen on any grid or website that is why there is a TOS, are you anti-adult regions or something?
L0rde 2 months ago
gestapo meet point
FoXyBanx 5 months ago
I Love my Homebase ,perfekt startbase to hop the OsGrid and Hypergrid. Gratz at the admins nice work
Moora 6 months ago
The lounge is a great place to start your life in OS - help advice LM's land everything will be given to you !
Cataplexia 11 months ago
I met my partner in this place so it holds a special place in my heart as he does. Meet people from all over the virtual world here and find out how to build your own little world on the OS Grid- a free grid funded by donations of it's inhabitants! One of my homes on open Sim! - Cataplexia Numbers
Avia 1 years ago
OSGrid's social lounge, the place to be to meet and greet!
egossett 1 years ago
Met some great Avatars. You know who you are. Thanks.
Echelon 3 years ago
Nothing like the good ol' social hub of the Hypergrid. Pretty much guaranteed to always find someone passing through or hanging out.
greenman 3 years ago
I find this region acceptable.

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