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OSCC Music Region the OpenSimulator Community Conference

The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community creating the OpenSimulator software. Organized as a joint production by Core Developers of OpenSimuator and AvaCon, the virtual conference features presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base.

Music with DJ Rachel Rose from Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 2 years ago [11 Dec 2021 20:00 SLT]

DJ Rachel Rose is a multi-genre, experienced DJ and former club owner in SL and several open sim grids. After high school she became one of the singers in a cover blues/rock band that performed from 2001 till 2014 at different joints in RL around Latin America. She has been a Dj at Rocking the Blues for more than 2 years, and says that she is the “dorky” DJ!

Music with James Olmos
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 2 years ago [11 Dec 2021 19:00 SLT]

James Olmos (SL: Acoustic Energy) is a songwriter & photographer who finds creative outlets through life’s moments. His inspiration and muse, along with medium often changes as he discovers and crosses new paths. James takes chances with his art and is constantly evolving. He is curious and can’t sit still. James gets anxious and craves exploration on many levels. His social network posts range from songs he has written, photographs he’s captured and blog ramblings about his philosophical thoughts and life’s moments. James also enjoys a healthful lifestyle and is passionate about obstacle course racing, mud runs, trail runs and the all-out, kick ass times he has while breathing, living, and journeying through life’s moments. As for his music, James is one of those artists who doesn’t need 1,000 listeners; he only needs one to listen. He doesn’t need a 1,000 viewers; just one to see.

Music with Wytchwhisper Sadofsky
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 2 years ago [11 Dec 2021 18:00 SLT]

Wytchwhisper Sadofsky is a Multifaceted Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Advisor, Spiritually Enlightened Wiccan and Comedic Deviant. She has been singing in SL since 2009 Some of her songs can be sung in English, Domestic Cat, Domestic Potatoe and Domestic Chicken.Called a torch singer by some and a freaky fairy by others she has a unique sultry, sensuous, original, jazzy, alternative, oldies, demented, pop, rock sound at her shows. She supplies unique relaxing vocals, stress reducing melodies and life changing knowledge. Listen with caution while driving or operating dangerous equipment.

Music with AMFORTE
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 2 years ago [10 Dec 2021 13:00 SLT]

From her incredible energy, to her relentlessly single-worthy vibes sparkling with insightful lyrics, endearing & dynamic vocals, and passionate instrumentation – AMFORTE makes music that resonates deep inside the soul & creates songs that are guaranteed to become part of the soundtrack of your life. AMFORTE is making the most of every moment in 2021, and ready to find out how far her music can go. Join her for the official release of End Of Story – Side A, available on every major online music platform, and get set for the next chapter to follow with End Of Story – Side B dropping onto the internet this fall!

Music with DJ Kathryn Yer
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 2 years ago [10 Dec 2021 12:00 SLT]

Having worked for many years as a DJ in RL, Kat brought her love of music and Irish charm to virtual worlds. She is also quite the 3D modelor, game designer, coder, and builder with that unique sense of humor and personality like no other. You can catch Kat’s shows at the 381 Club in sinespace where this witch from Northern Ireland spins tunes three times a week from 6-8 pm Eastern Time on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays evenings.

Music by Cherylann Hawk
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 2 years ago [10 Dec 2021 11:00 SLT]

An indie folk rock singer/songwriter and recording artist based in Pittsburgh, PA, her acoustic guitar driven songs of love, introspection and connection are an eclectic blend of the styles of her influences such as Karen Carpenter, Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline, Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette. With 3 original albums and various singles, Cherylann has been writing, recording and performing since childhood, creating new music at her own SunHawk Studio, hosting open mics, singing at charitable events and retirement homes, and sharing weekly live streams on YouTube and Facebook, often with her kids and other special guests. Having played the song, “Love Train” with Eddie Levert of The O’Jays for his first time ever singing it on a train, she also performs virtually in Second Life, with support of her HeArts Coming Together partner John Stone aka Eyeclectic, from Canton, Ohio, with the mission of bringing non-profit organizations and visionaries together to keep the “Love Train” vision on track. All aboard! Time to make the music!

Road Trip From Wyldwood Bayou
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 3 years ago [5 Dec 2020 20:00 SLT]

You’ll hear many genres of blues here including blues rock, electric, old school and contemporary
With Kith Whitehawk

Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 3 years ago [5 Dec 2020 19:00 SLT]

Musical Performance of James Olmos, playing Acoustic Guitar and singing Original Songs.

Country Rock Singer Libertybelle Lyric
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 3 years ago [5 Dec 2020 18:00 SLT]

Libertybelle's influences range from the all time greats in Rock to the best and brightest in country! She loves country and Rock as well as blues. So you will hear those influences when you listen to her perform.

Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 3 years ago [4 Dec 2020 13:00 SLT]

Wolfie, singer, performer, brings to her stage an endless repertoire of songs. This nightingale songstress will charm the hearts of all, with not only her many years of performance experience, her awards, but a sweet unique voice of excellent sound and tone.

DJ Kathryn Yer with 80s and the Best of the Rest
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 3 years ago [4 Dec 2020 12:00 SLT]

For one hour Kathryn will be spinning 80 hits at the OSCC Music Stage

Music By Cherylann Hawk
Where: OSCC Music Stage
When: 3 years ago [4 Dec 2020 11:00 SLT]

Cherylann Hawk will be playing for an hour. Cherylann's songs of love & introspection are a heavenly blend of alternative pop, folk, country, jazz, reggae, indigenous rhythms, and children's music.

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