RidgeWay Falls
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A Gathering Place for Everyone. Home of the BackStage Pass Venue. Live Singer Harper DeLaney dual streaming with bass player Sum. Waterfalls, cuddles, romantic ...
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Tropical island. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, boat, jetski, find manta. Beach bar, dining in the sea, free shopping pareo and bikini. All objects are FREE to co...

Virtual Beach
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Hello everyone, I am Mistress Dalgato the new owner of Virtual beach. Looking for a relaxing place, great people and that island feel? Virtual Beach is just a step away and is always accepting new members. To join go to the link below

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Industrially themed dance venue set in on an island in an abandoned industrial complex... What was made there, who knows? But it is still producing polluting ef...
OSCC Expo Zone 3
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Expo Zone 3 of the OpenSimulator Community Conference. The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user ...
Pandora 4
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Pandora! It's a place with many different themes. It's a place to relax. It's a place to have fun. It's even a place to be surprised. Dare to dream!
Club Escotia
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An entertainment venue fit for The King! Created for and featuring the singing talents of Clan Escotia, the sensational Scotsman who will amaze you with his ran...
Serenity Island
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Grille francophone d'entraide et partage
Hurliman Plaza
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Meeting regions for OSgrid
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CLOUD RIDES(couples and singles), CASTLE of Ghosts - UNDERWATER WORLD with a BUBBLEFISH RIDE - CAVES - DANCE - HANG OUT. Most things can be copied and if not j...
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