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Copper helps with infos and suggestions for months, and one word obviously understood wrong (I can only assume this), and you are banned. No info why etc...Maybe just a bad day from owner;must be the germs from last cold.. Great job and thank you for all the great times there :-( (btw I dont mention that people also bring alts to fake "increase traffic" [Becca alone use 3 for standard: do the math]*smirk)

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Kawaii Unicorn
Ejected and banned for no reason, then accused of doing terrible things without any proof, being insulted and told by the owner that she does not care how that would make someone feel. Rumors will be rumors.

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Otto vonOtter
I go there since stone age and never recommended them, ashes on my head. They have all of the great DJs. Everyone, who thinks that there was music after the beatles broke up, spins there. They are the the egg shell of real Rock'nRoll surviving in a space ship. If you want to find the posse that matches you, start there. This is the slipknot of the scene. If you know them, you'll meet everyone. CLUB EQUINOX FOREVER (tattoo soon available)

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I see beautiful, lovely girls. Outgoing, kind, positive audience. Nobody pushes anyone on the dance floor. There is no hatred and "damn drama." I wish the girls who own this club prosperity and only good positive people on the dance floor. You have created a truly positive atmosphere. I remembered the best of times in Second Life thanks to you Ladies.

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Trav Winesmith
Becca has got to be one of the rudest people I have come across thus far. I was ejected and banned for no reason and this seems to be a common theme she follows. It seems that she doesn't understand the context of what she is interpreting, therefore resulting in poor communication skills that result in hostile outbursts and region bans. She does understand English very well. The coldness associated with the ban does not represent the general nature of sim owners I have come in contact with and to say her attitude is pompous would be an understatement. I guess at the end of the day she is allowed to operate her sim the way she pleases, even though Joesph Stalin would manage and operate his sim very similarly. That is if he were still alive and if the soviet union survived and its principles/purpose had not failed. I wouldn't go back to this sim even if unbanned, and if you happen to end up in a similar situation like me (and others that have mentioned similar issues) ...just don't say ...

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Becca Kershaw
Copper if you were not so homophobic and not make hateful comments about Lesbian's maybe you would not have been banned from my club i feel insulted when you refer to me and my friends as a bunch of lesbo's!

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Jessie Campbell
Just hot ..and diggety...and hot diggety dog ! What fun !!! Great club...great music and great host....lots of fun and friends!

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Niketa Amly
Wow.. I must say this was the best rocking club around. Loved the atmosphere and everyone was so welcoming. Everyone should come and check out what is happening here. LOVE IT

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Becca Diamondfire
Club Equinox Live its DJ Froot Playing the Rock Hits of the 80's come on down and join the party!!!!

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Silver Gryph
Great Club, with friendy staff and patrons. Very helpfull. Great music. A MUST VISIT!!!!!

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