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Visit the Farm shop with loads of new items for your SatyrFarm then take a stroll to the Petting zoo and on through the nature reserve, art gallery and farm. Then head back for some delicious food in the cafe which you can use our SatyrFarm HUD to eat it! Plus you can get Quintonia coins every day if you have a free account at

Visit the ever growing SatyrFarm Shop where all all items are genuinely unique or shared under owners permission.
Pick up your free HUD and some outfits at the Welcome centre, along with our gift package containing handy things to help you enjoy you time in all the Quintonia regions.

Why not take a horse trek through the park, take in the view from the mountain top then see the latest exhibition at the art gallery. We also have a selection of homes for free rental.
Quintonia - Queer Virtual Worlds
An LGBTQ Community

I have become aware that there are various grids saying they have or will stop the use of the SatyrFarm system due to issues with the animal scripts in the Quintonia edition. As soon as I was made aware of this issue I released an update (version 5.8 of the animal script) and you can pick up the rezzer/updater for this in Box 1 from the Mintor store. I would strongly recommend people to update their animals to this version as soon as you can so as not to get on the wrong side of your grid owners etc. Thanking you for your help in this.

Kris Patrick: odd.. 9 months ago

Regions have moved! Now can be found at

Please note Mintor & Aluga will be offline from 5pm (BST) today due to network maintenance. If all goes to plan they will be back up some time later tonight.

Mintor and other Quintonia regions are down for a network upgrade - should be back hopefully in about half an hour.

Community meeting
Where: Mintor
When: 2 years ago [31 Jan 2021 10:00 SLT]

Open meeting for all interested in Quintonia farming etc. In the Geodome

Quintonia community meeting
Where: Mintor
When: 2 years ago [30 Dec 2020 10:00 SLT]

Weekly meeting for anyone interested in all things Quintonia (website, farming, babies etc) held in the Geodome on Mintor

Have you tried all the rides in the recently opened fun fair?! You can also make snow angels and fire yourself up the hill from the cannon!

Farming Basics
Where: Mintor
When: 2 years ago [8 Aug 2020 05:00 SLT]

If you have never used the SatyrFarm system before then this is for you. We will go over the very basics such as:

General introduction to the farming system
What you need to start using the system
Getting a simple farm underway
Looking after plants and animals
Some do's & don'ts

Its perfect if you want to start but not sure what to do first.

Just added some electric swan vehicles to help you get around!

Just an update that there are some new items in the animals section of the welcome centre - come free shopping!

Why not pay a visit to dino corner!

The café is here! Get the new pack to add a café to your Satyr Farm system! Available in the main freebie shop on Mintor.

Mintor right now...

Welcome centre - entry to the park and more!

One of the free residences

Tropical and arctic areas.

Petting zoo

Mintor nature reserve

Mintor Art Gallery

You can help out by making food and drinks...

The cafe in the art gallery

The geodome meeting place.

Mintor open house
Where: Mintor
When: 3 years ago [15 Jun 2019 03:00 SLT]

Come along to Mintor to visit the nature reserve, petting zoo, farm, art gallery and more!

We will have information about Quintonia (Queer Virtual Worlds) including details of free homes and land.

Running from around 11am to about 4pm UK time.

Mintor art gallery

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Emma Rose Cynal has done so much for Satyr Farm players and continues to do so! He is passionate with his work and welcomes your ideas. Mintor is beautiful with its nature reserve, and offers many great freebies too! One of my most favorite places in all of Opensim!
cero m A bit slow to load the first time but excellent resources for SatyrFarm players and a beautiful region!

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TrisTH 6 days ago
Fine thanks!!!!
TrisTH 7 days ago
Hi doesn't work (a link of a hud)

SatyrFarm Kitchen It is not in the Starter kit as you say on your website

My duck is starving lol

just to help)
Buzzy Cnayl 7 days ago
For the duck (and any animal) you can click on it and select the 'Info' button to find out which feeder it eats from.
Buzzy Cnayl 7 days ago
Thanks for pointing out the link, have fixed that now. The 'SatyrFarm Kitchen' is the cooking pot. You can see which item it is on this page
Susanna Valeska 1 month ago
I can't get to the Mintor region. On the map it says "unknown."
SamDaniels2021 8 months ago
does anybody else having trouble with the quintonia Q3 because the animal rezzer not working you get a script error on rezing the animals i`m not sure if its the grid i`m in osgrid
usalabs 10 months ago
The entire website is offline and so are all their regions, according to this page, it shows as last checked 9 minutes a go, but my inworld map says no regions found with that name, and also the web address is down too.
Buzzy Cnayl 10 months ago
Not sure why you can't connect as all seems okay to me. Website is and main region is at
( )
VictoriaLane 1 years ago
This place is wonderful make you have a daily life goal in world by farming an having growing a baby with care. i love the make an beta testing
Racci 1 years ago
Fantastic to see more inspired work on the Satyr Farm system. I have just picked up the package, and look forward to seeing all the improvements and new systems that have been dreamed up.