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most is no copy :(

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Wandered around for about 15 minutes. Nothing was available anywhere I went. Nothing even worked. Was a total waste of time. Too bad, looked like some things may have been well done. Looks like this has been going on a while by previous reviews. Well, onward and upward.

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It was one of the most beautiful and interesting stores. As far as I could see everything was well scripted and worked. That one or the other item was not to buy or to grab, I think that can happen with the amount of goods.
But do you have to punish something right here? Would it not be fairer to tell the owner by direct message under 4 eyes? I'm sure he would have tried to change it quickly.
Now the store is closed. This does not help anyone.
I hope the store is quickly reopened.

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We are in the process of fixing the permission issues.. Please bare with us.. Its a large project.

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Milly Money
Awesome place, just wish everything was available.

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Does anyone work at this location? All these comments about not being able to get anything, for a long time, and nothing being done about it. I get the feeling this was one of those places set up and quickly abandoned. I'm done trying,

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Angel Morningstar
Nice place but when I 'take copy' nothing shows up in inventory, then crashed.

This happened several times with two different avis.
For the record, my 'view' was on 32....

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Sonja Galileo
As MANY others have mention, great slection, BUT you can not get anything. Must be hung off a residential DSL or Cable connection with a VERY low capped upload. I have let my viewer sit for 12 hours waiting for an item to land in my inventory with no result.

I even tried creating an Avatar in AviWorlds, still same result.

It's a shame, a LOT of nice items!

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everything is No Copy. The past few days Im not able to take copies of anything at all.

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Izak Krimmer
Was one of the best places when it came to getting furnitures but now nothing works. You wait forever for something to land in your inventory but nothing happens. Sad to see :(

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amazing shop. must see!!!

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Hello. I have taken several objects from your shop and I cannot do rez on my land. Is there a problem?

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Faith Fromund
Lots of great items to pick from. Some items aren't priced and aren't free to copy but over all there is a lot of great stuff to shop! Poses in much of the furniture and unique items. Thank you!

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Not worth the effort to TP there. I don't know what others are seeing but its just a big black empty space with only a few things in it and of the few most are no copy. I have no idea why someone would waste everyone's time...

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It is really amazing! I was there for something specific, but I could not tear myself away once i was there. Almost all is copy!

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Bulvar Wolfhunter
Went for a visit. Most of the things are available to be taken, but not all which is unfortunate.
I'm guessing that things didn't work out where you were, so it's good to have you back with us.
Please bring back the animals I'd like to pick up a few. Too bad you won't bring out the Water Horses, they would be fun to ride.

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Lacero Ghoststar
Nice to see that Furniture Vault is on again, but unfortunately some things are not to buy or copy, maybe because of the scripts that are not released

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horrible place, most animations not working, "loading" lag as hell and if items are copy I waited for eternity that they went into my inventory

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Glenys Bieler
Was very pleased to see this place back online - its been "offline" for a long time I think. Unfortunately nothing is set for sale and its "take copy". I say unfortunately as I find that "take copy" doesn't often work for me.

I've tried on three accounts from three grids. Two grids of my own (one with the old 1.0HG like osgrid - and wondered it that was causing the issue), an OSGrid avatar, and one from another test grid of my own with the HG2.0 so its not an issue with my "older hypergrid" etc.

After waiting for like 20 mins for an item - nothign arrives in my inventory - and no console messages about retrieving assets etc. I know it's not my network as I have a 1gbps synchronous network connection. It MAY be that the server hosting this is simply well overloaded - I mean I notice that a lot of the AVSitter on items on display is "loading 1100%" etc - which is kind of mathematically impossible :D NOTHING seems to have loaded properly on the region - maybe that's why nothing is delivered?

Will give it a few tries of the next few days. If it starts working - then this will get a 5 star -always was a great place. As it is? It's rather useless.

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falene hawks
indeed problems of taking objects.
I think it comes (maybe) low bandwidth (5 / 20 kbps), because too many scripts seem to work.
Let's give some time and thank you for being back.
good luck good continuation

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