I want to take the time to share a story about Free Magic….. and how the owner corrected it.

Free magic is a pretty cool store, lots of wizardry type props and huds. To be truthful, Harry Potter prob shops at Free Magic!

This last week I tried to visit again and could not get in. After a few tries I noticed I was being kicked because of my height (1.66 meters). I am 100% opposed to people saying my height is a child’s….so it really upset me.

I changed my height and tried to go back and received a message that my ip was banned! I was horrified and really mad.

I did not know the owner, cyberglo, but bumped into him at lbsa. I told him I was super mad for being banned.

Cyberglo listened. He did not fight back when I attacked a bit (sorry) , and he apologized profusely. He had someone do some work for him, and was not aware of the height issue.

He could have let it go at that, but he wanted to make it right and get me to Free Magic. It took a few tries to unban me, but he got it done…..with a super friendly and kind attitude.

I share this story because sometimes we forget to talk about the awesome things. Although my experience started badly, Cyberglo made it an awesome experience by taking the time to listen to me.

The wizards are waiting for you at……..

Free Magic!

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Roland Francis
Thank you for the guided tour at Free Magic and at the Elven Island. There are many many great wizardry items to grab and to learn from. Highly recommended.

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Love it!! So magic and beautiful shop. Ty Cyber for making all this magic stuff for us and your kindness =)
5 stars from me

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Xenon Darrow
Cyberglo has done so many generous things for the HG. He provides this wonderful place with tons of very cool freebies. I wanted to jump on and share that I was privileged to take a scripting class from him. Tonight, because of that class, I was able to locate, edit, and use a simple script! You RULE, Cyber!!!

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I can't visit the FreeMagic store

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Debra Ann Congi
Thank you for the wonderful freebies. Your a sweetie!

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Kat Nips
Wonderful ... I love all that you have made and to give it away wow anyone who loves magic even if you dont you should check it out ! Thank you

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Nicely done region, sadly when i visited my connection was screwing up and i wasnt able to send txt.
Tried talking to the creator, but didnt have any luck.

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Allie Dawson
This is a very unique and wonderful region that should appeal to anyone with any interest in magical things, Along with a shop containing an eclectic array of items you WON'T find elsewhere, to my knowledge!! You definitely should check this out!!

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Super build on this region !!! lots of kewl items to see and pick up for free !!! Thank you so much for your hard work !!

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Unique and interesting free items! This region does indeed feel magical. Great job and thank you!

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This Region is awesome. Theres loads of cool things to see and a unique free shopping experience!

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