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Everybody is welcome to The Village that is located in OpenSim and not in SL so you don't have to join a group, agree with TOS'es or need to be verified to be allowed in this free world and no silly tallness, breast and feet size measurements either so dinkies are welcome here as well.
The Village is a small German cozy shopping village as you could come across in Germany, it is about the shopping ambiance with small shops and with of course freebies. Some of the shops are the Radio shop, Petite shop, Antiques & Curiosities shop with many antique, aged, nostalgic, retro & vintage stuff , Clock shop with all functioning clocks & watches , Magic shop, Coffee maker shop, Alchemy shop and even a fortune teller shop and more. At the landing spot you can do a wish to the Wishing well, you never know if it will be granted.
Adding frequently items to the shops and evolving the village.
The tavern, the pub and the garden party are always crowded now when you get in and with music. Today added 2 fixed old clocks to the Clock shop. Recently added to The Village is the Tavern in the Magic Alley where besides the Wiccans, Wizards, Witches, Magicians, and Pegans the visitors can rest from shopping and get a drink for refreshment.

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Gwaloth1 I love this store but lately, sadly, everytime i try to go there it says not found.
Lillysparks A beautiful little city that takes you on a journey. Amazing! must see.=)
Melanie Sawyer A fantastic build, very photogenic and has lots of interesting objects to 'buy'. A fantastic place to visit.

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I love this village bazaar...full of surprises. I managed to spend a lot of time here and get lost.
So creative...thank you :)
This is the most adorable village with some truly fabulous items, a one stop shop. I happened to see the creator/owner of this sim, and Edgar was a kind and lovely person. I will definitely be back, so many things to see here. A favorite place to visit for sure! Big thanks to Edgar for such a wonderful place to shop and visit
Love the little shops and feel of the place. I do not know if is my internet or lag but I can not get things into my suitcase. I just get the little timer. The buy does not light up so I try for a copy, and nothing? So many wonderful things I want
I loved your sim and your little shops.!!!!
Very nice region, well done. Small cozy, not over done. Lovely place to explore or shop. I will be visiting often.
You are always welcome ShalHeira.
Just the kind of quiet little place that I love exploring when I have a few hours. Fun and lots of things to fall in love with. Now I need to find the counterpart irl.
Thank you.
you are very welcom Cinda glad you enjoyed your visit.
very well put together. lots of stuff to see and some freebies too! great place to visit. Thanx so much for this. great work!
Thank you Misty for your like and comment, nice to hear you do like the different set up. All you see should be free so if you encounter stuff that is not then let us know so we can solve that. Your very welcome!