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Tropicana Kokomo Beach Club Fun complex for Surfing , Sailing , riding water scooters and speedboats, or just to be lazing on the beach.
Owned and operated by Foxxy Fawkes.
Adult sim , No child avi's Allowed!

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AlottaFagina My recent visit to Kokomo Swingers Resort was an unforgettable experience that left me absolutely thrilled! This adults-only paradise is a hidden gem that offers a liberating escape from the ordinary, and I couldn't have been happier with my time there. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted wi...
Monique_hulsen i love the resort , its clean and many nice people there that i have very sexy adventures with.
Vychod_Radek The Resort is beautyfull and the atmosphere is very nice. the members are friendly and open minded and respect eachothers desires and limits. Foxxy did a damn good job on this resort and its a place that OSGrid absolutely needed.

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A very nice Region, great job
happy holidays
It's important to approach discussions about adult activities and lifestyle choices with respect for diverse perspectives and preferences. If the Kokomo Swingers Club brings joy, fulfillment, and a sense of community to its members in a consensual and respectful manner, then it's a positive space for those who choose to participate. Building connections, fostering open communication, and promoting a non-judgmental atmosphere contribute to a healthy and supportive community. Remember, everyone deserves the opportunity to explore their desires in a consensual and respectful environment.
Just to be clear. Foxxy has worked hard to create an adult relaxed atmosphere at her Kokomo club. It works no differently to the clubs in SL. The application is not designed to be snobbish or to exlude people. However, if you want to rant and be an obnoxious arrogant person because there is an application form or because someone who was AFK did not answer you quick enough for you liking then you have clearly demonstrated that you really are NOT the kind of person that would be welcome in a no drama relaxed adult themed environment. To all normal nice people who want a bit of adult fun please take a look and talk to Foxxy who is actually a very nice easy going and chilled out person. The club is large and caters for all tastes. The grounds around the club and the beach are ideal for relaxing and chilling out. Having a club like this that is "membership only" is a plus not a negative. Enjoy!
thank you or your kind words michael :)
@pagane , i am not being cheeky , you just like to create drama for nothing and thats why i decided you application will not be accepted. at Kokomo we want a relaxed and easy going atmosphere and drama is not welcomed. @Jupiter : the group membership is to make sure that 'the right people ' can enter and the 'wrong people ' stay out. we do not have many rules but the rules that we have is rules that is common sense such as "no = No "and "no children allowed " and we do not enforce anyone to do anything , yes its an adult area but it doesnt mean sex is obligated. you are aswell welcome to just come and relax and lay at the pool or the beach.
Okay. I understand that FoxxyFawkes doesn't want to let some people into his club. That is her right. I respect him 100%! But let him say it straight, without lies, tricks, traps and detours.

However, let me explain in a little more detail why I say that the attitude is tendentious and the owner is rude and impudent.
I filled out the form on the site and quietly and meekly waited in the welcome zone until another visitor spotted me and kindly offered to remind FoxxyFawkes. Soon after, FoxxyFawkes texted me to come to the lobby and get an invite to the group.... Notice I was there. I was explaining for ten minutes that I was at the entrance waiting and FoxxyFawkes was nervously telling me that I should come to the welcome zone where I was waiting.....
I assumed there was a problem with my computer and rebooted. Another half hour of explanations followed:
FoxxyFawkes wants me to come to the welcome zone, I repeat I'm there, she says I have to come... I again explain that I'm waiting at the welcome zone....
All this time she is lying on the lounger 30 meters away from me and pretending not to see me. The rush of other visitors is terrible - as many as 4 - 6 visitors together with the two of us.....
I got bored and went to sleep.
The next day I see she sent me a invitation AFTER I LEFT!!! How I know... well I own my server and have access to the console and log files. However, I tried to join the group using the old invite, but of course, it was already invalid.
I have not once been denied access before.
Always i get answers - welcome, come here, ...
Two days later came the angry denial of access because I had created drama and disturbed the guests, as well as the heartbreaking defense from loyal fans (apparently unaware of the facts).
Well that's it. Is it so bad to look for friends and get pranked and made fun of for half an hour instead???
when i see what you wrote here i find it no wonder why you where not accepted to the resort. a little advice from me: work on your personality and maybe you will be accepted.
are you read what i wrote or only spews hate?
after all whats happen I NOT WANT TO VISIT THIS PLACE!!!

you might not realize but i have a life in Real life too and i can't be behind the computer 24/7 , as they say patience is a virtue and seems you lack of that virtue.
Yes your application is rejected and the reason is all this unnessairy drama your causing over nothing. this is the end of it. there are many other places to go on the multi grid so go there because your not welcome at kokomo anymore.
You may be not understand. I NO MORE WANT TO VISIT THIS PLACE!
than stop wasting our time with your drama.
hum ... adult? ou ? sinon presque joli décor .. un peu vide néanmoins.
Looking forward to seeing this luxurious clubs completion. You are doing a great job there Foxxy.
thank you Michael
In the rate i am working now it will be done very soon, i am working on finalizing the last details.