The Rendezvous 2
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The Rendezvous is located at Alternate Metaverse grid and is a truly adult oriented and sex friendly / sex encouraged region. The Rendezvous - Opening Sunday...
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Bigone is just another tiny dynDNS Grid, drop by if you are curious, all stuff is for free. BigOne is an LGBT friendly Grid. *Shemale Gym for special workout...

AMV Welcome
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Welcome to Alternate Metaverse Grid, a warm friendly Adults Only grid with Sailable Open Waters & Air. Copy and Save your own OAR from our website, Self Restarts & Rollbacks, Low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Super fast Land Creation & Customer Service, Several Large and reliable servers....

Disavowed Dairy Expanded
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Hucow and pony farm, Quintonia farming, and more coming. Livestock applications accepted New location in VAregion Hypnosis in development Still under co...
Maze ofthe Mind
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Love for ALL is our theme here. We have the biggest maze in the world.... 50$US for the year, or Lindenequivelent. 5$ month (864L) Website is https://mazeoft...
GOR Sardar Fair
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The Counter Earth Grid is the ORIGINAL all-Gorean Grid, built by some of the true Elders of Gor, Gorean men who can trace their Gorean roots back to the 1990s a...
Bla Bheinn
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Reopening of New York in OpenSim: Welcome Back! We are thrilled to announce the reopening of New York in OpenSim, one of the most vibrant and exciting destin...
Crutcher City
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Crutcher City is the leader in shopping and nightclub parties. Come on out and see what we have to offer!
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ALBA SEX CLUB For friends who love erotic encounters in a private environment, with music, shows, shop and private areas. ONLY ADULTS, NO CHILDS https://grid...
Nova Space Grid Welcome
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A New Grid Be Welcome To Visit And Enjoy Your Staying ;)
Club Paradise
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fun place to Dance and Listen to all types of music It is an adult sim Clothing is optional here at Club Paradise. you will see semi nude full nude, sex, or eve...
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