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Welcome to SilverFox Designs Mainstore.
Most of Stuff is for Athena and Gianni Body and Fatpacks :)

Hey everyone, hope you got a great Weekend!

We just opened back our New Store, finaly at our own Location/Grid!

Like we told in the last post, we got a few new things to share with you, a new and bigger Shop to explore and everything is more beautiful and clean worked out!

Please take a new Landmark and share us with your besties!

Btw. our WinterDream will open soon as well! You can explore 8 Region with animated Train, Skilift, Mountain Cafe, Wintermarket, driving Ski and Sled, Ice Skating and so on! We will let you know about it in the next days!

Amelia & Hertha
Hey, as you seen allready the Store is Offline. We got again problems with the rented Server and going to change to our finaly own Server. :)

To get everything perfect done, we need some Days to get the Store ready. Ofcourse there will be lot of new Stuff for you :)

Thanks for understanding and see you next Days!

Amelia & Hertha
We have moved to a new Location & Rebuilded the little Mall !

Ofcourse we have released new Heels and Pumps ( Fatpack with HUD ) & New TopĀ“s and Hoodies for Athena (Fatpacks and Tintable Versions).

Feel Free to look arround and Enjoy :)
Happy Autmn everyone!
New Release!

We just released the Steven Formal Suit with Shoes for the Gianni Body.
A HUD is Included to change the Color / Texture of the Fabric, Shirt, Ties, Belt (also Hide and Show) and Shoes!

Hopefully you like it :)

Btw. : most of our Stuff will be updated time by time with HUDs to keep the Inventory clean! ;)

PinDeluca: Please sign me up for the inventory cleaning service ;P 2 months ago

Hey there and happy Sunday!

We added 17 new beautiful Clothes for Gianni and new Shoes as well in our Store! Feel free to check them out .


ToyBoy: Great looking clothing! Besides male clothing, women also are spoiled here Pin ;) 2 months ago

Hey also Gianni Stuff in our Store! More will come soon :)

Hey, lot of Athena Stuff to check :)
Feel free to join!

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