AMV Freebies Mall
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AMV Freebies Mall has a little bit of everything! Come and take a look, oh and bring a BIG bag. We carry Mesh Avie's, Furniture, Shoes, DJ equipment, Party ball...
Wright Plaza
3 Users 55 4 23rd
Tons of Awesome Freebies! shopping clothing houses and more located on OSgrid, Attend the Weekly OpenSimulator Developers Office Hours Meeting at 2pm EST every ...

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Avalon is home to The Ruins Rock Club, The Attic, and the Hi Hat Club. Various events are held there, from Classic Rock at the Ruins, Rock 'n Roll at the Attic, and Jazz, Big Band Swing and other similar genres at the Hi Hat. All for your enjoyment.

The Old Tavern Mall
1 Users 16 5 370th
Medieval and Victorian based mall serving furniture , clothing , buildings , homes , role play , avies , Medieval , Old World , steampunk , all free and soooo...
1 Users 7 0 458th
Shopping Center and Shops for Creators (free).
1 Users 4 0 455th
Gloebits enabled shopping! Concepts Mesh & More, ~EDD~, Bella's Boutique, JS Designs, Soup, Rusty's Rags, Faith's Textures, Beds Baths & More, You Da Man, The L...
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Free Shops for Creaters, with Rental system
0 Users 117 36 79th
Lani Mall. Sci Fi - Fantasy - Steampunk - Avatars - Vehicles. Thousands of products. Over 50 shops. Freebies. Sci Fi community hub. Freebie clothing shop store ...
0 Users 51 30 355th
Mini Grid of Ausgrid and also Freebies to grab nice things. Avatars Mesh male and female, Male and female mesh clothing. And more other items. All free! LOVE...
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Many Textures Mall
0 Users 23 15 457th
Dress up your virtual Doll , with fashion, shoes, boots, jewels from Dolly. Find DOLLIES main store at this region, for your mesh fashion. Gloebit enabled!
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