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A Huge assortment of Textures, Trees and Scripts as well as amazing scripted items from Cyberglo's Wizardry Shop.

In addition, a Underwater Dome has been added to help with your underwater building needs. You will find hundreds of ocean fish, rays, whales, sharks, dolphins, corals, anemones, shipwrecks, ruins, animesh mermaids and much more!

plants, Landscaping, gadgets, Tropical, waterfall, texture, scripts, rocks, flowers, grass,

Whales for Sale!!!!

That's right, I am selling whales!

Why am I selling whales? Because I want to help you make an amazing Underwater area. You see, we have whales, many species of stingrays, sharks, jelly fish, hundreds of fish, hermit crabs, dolphins, mermaids, corals, ruins shipwrecks and more!

I spent 6 months finding things in opensim to build my underwater worlds...and now I want to help you build your underwater area.

Textures Trees & Scripts (and Whales)

the little store that is loved by builders and landscapers!

Ankhsenaton: So much things to get :) Thank you Safinemahoe2 ! 3 days ago
An ancient wall is before you, constructed from large limestone blocks. The centuries have left their mark, etching deep pits and cracks into the stone. The surface is now a dark, almost blackened hue, the result of countless years of exposure to the elements. Despite the wall's somber and worn appearance, a single ray of light pierces through the gloom, casting a gentle, golden glow on a small section of the stone. This touch of light brings out the subtle textures and details in the limestone, revealing hints of its original, pale color. The contrast between the illuminated area and the surrounding darkness emphasizes the wall's age and the stories it holds within its weathered stones.

Textures............. they tell the story for you..

Textures Trees and Scripts

"Western Wall Light and Texture" by copelaes is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Lillysparks: Love your story telling skills too! You are multi talented! xoxo 9 days ago
Leather has long been associated with luxury and sophistication. Its rich texture, distinct smell, and timeless appeal evoke a sense of opulence and prestige. Throughout history, leather has been used to craft items for the elite, symbolizing wealth, status, and refinement.

"leather textures" by bm.iphone is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Come see the Leather collection of textures that are waiting for your next project!

Textures Trees & Scripts

Lizzy: Oh....mmmmm......Leather....whips, corsets, floggers, gags, bindings.......the list is endless, but sooooooooooooo erotic ;-) 29 days ago
These Textures are out of this world!

"Observatories Combine to Crack Open the Crab Nebula" by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Come see the 17 new Nebula textures taken by NASA and other photographers.

Textures Trees & Scripts

Some people hide their imperfections....

We show ours off!

Details....it's what makes us different

Textures Trees & Scripts

"Grunge texture" by Photoshop Roadmap is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Lillysparks: I love it. Thank you for the coolest little texture shop ever! 1 month ago

we LOVE builders!

Textures Trees & Scripts

The beauty of Opaque

come see the 17 new glass textures at

Textures Trees & Scripts

"Opaque Glass Texture" by rjg329 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Some people see broken glass...

while others see possibilities.

Your only limitation is your imagination

"DSC00944 Textured Glass" by adamdachis is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

Some of our products are more fun than others!

Textures Trees & Scripts

(yes, we do sell dolphins, whales, octopus, spotted stingray, manta ray and hundred of fish)

Textures play a crucial role in conveying emotions in Opensim by adding depth, realism, and atmosphere to the digital environment. Here's how they achieve this:

Visual Representation: Textures provide visual cues that evoke specific emotions. For example, rough, jagged textures might evoke feelings of danger or discomfort, while smooth, soft textures might evoke feelings of calmness or safety. By carefully selecting textures, designers can create environments that align with the desired emotional tone.

Color Psychology: Textures are often accompanied by colors, and different colors are known to evoke different emotional responses. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can evoke feelings of excitement or passion, while cool colors like blues and greens can evoke feelings of calmness or sadness. Texture artists can use color psychology in conjunction with textures to enhance emotional impact.

Immersive Experience: High-quality textures can enhance immersion by making the virtual environment feel more realistic. When users feel like they are interacting with a lifelike world, they are more likely to become emotionally engaged with the experience. For example, a beautifully textured forest scene with sunlight filtering through the trees can evoke feelings of awe and wonder.

Association and Memory: Textures can evoke emotions through association with real-world experiences. For example, the texture of a cozy, well-worn sweater might evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia, while the texture of rusted metal might evoke feelings of decay or abandonment. By leveraging these associations, designers can evoke specific emotional responses in users.

Narrative Support: Textures can support the narrative of a virtual world by reinforcing its themes and motifs. For example, a dystopian cityscape might feature textures that convey decay, oppression, and despair, aligning with the narrative's themes. By immersing users in a visually cohesive environment, textures can enhance emotional storytelling.

User Interaction: Textures can influence how users interact with virtual objects and environments, which in turn can evoke emotions. For example, a rough texture might make a virtual object feel challenging to touch, evoking feelings of frustration or determination, while a soft texture might make it feel comforting and inviting.

By carefully selecting and designing textures, creators can evoke specific emotional responses in users, enhancing the overall experience of Opensim.

Textures Trees & Scripts

Luna Lunaria: I love textures 2 months ago

If you are making an underwater build......

Textures Trees & Scripts

The little store for builders and landscapers

I have often considered my underwater worlds
to be my best build ever. It took 6 months to find things, build
destroy, build, adjust and redo. Much of the time was spent searching.

This week I realized.....the best thing I can do for Opensim
is help all of you build underwater worlds if you wish.

Textures Trees & Scripts

now offers a massive Underwater section!

Hundreds of fish, coral, 5 types of rays, sharks, octopus, anemones, kelp and much more!

Enjoy making your dreams come alive!

Safinemahoe2: Just a quick note here.....The response to the Underwater building has been Crazy.....so I decided to Double the size and add ruins for you! Shout out to Misty Falls for custom creating 5 animes... 2 months ago
Not all our textures are beautiful.....

actually some are pretty ugly

so if you need an ugly texture like Tropical thatch roofing,

Make a trip to

Textures Trees & Scripts

hundreds of beautiful textures.....and a few ugly ones!

Wanna play with fire?

"Fire good!" by Jason O'Halloran is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

that little store everyone is talking about

May the force be with you!

"2D Wall Texture, Window, Spaceship, https://www.flickr.com/photos/8873441@N06/page9" by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

our name says it all


.....some of our textures are Toxic!

Biohazard" by Sky Noir is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Textures Trees & Scripts

Amidst the darkened skies, the crackling energy of black magic surged through the air, a palpable force weaving its way through the ether. Lightning bolts danced wildly, illuminating the night with their jagged brilliance, while thunder rumbled ominously, shaking the very foundations of the earth. The power of the arcane surged, a tempest of magic and might, its presence undeniable and its influence profound

Textures Trees & Scripts is proud to partner with our friend Cyberglo and offer a Wizardry shop inside our script building. However.....The best magic is kept hidden behind a wall.......

Perfect Imperfections

"Webtreats Seamless Stone, Pavement, and Marble Textures 5" by webtreats is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

the name says it all

Psicotronic: Perfect ! 2 months ago
Some people collect beautiful art

I collect bricks!

Not just normal bricks;
old worn out imperfect bricks.

These are the kind of bricks that help
tell a rich story about a buildings past.

but why.......WHY would I collect UGLY BRICKS?

Because I have a few friends who love to build!

Textures Trees & Scripts

The name says it all!

p.s. I also have a few ugly rocks and soft fabrics in my collection.

Jupiter Rowland: FYI: Outworldz has loads of brick textures waiting to be used. I haven't tested the normal maps that were probably generated from the textures yet, but they're there. A few brick textures even come w... 2 months ago

What do we have at this new region?

the answer is simple.....



and Scripts!

Plus a few really cool scripted items from Wizardry.

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Star Ravenhurst I had trouble seeing the Teleporter even though everything else had rezzed quickly. Safine was very helpful in resolving the problem. There are lots of beautiful textures to choose from. What a great resource for builders! If you are looking for a script, perhaps you will find one here. I feel very ...
JosyM Great place when you are looking for landscape items, textures, and scripts. I love her underwater world, make sure to visit it when you're there.Safine is very nice and helpful. For sure a great place !!
Acen8 Wow what a Great Sim , Recommended, very helpful and well worth a visit and Safine is so nice and very helpful its a must visit sim

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Acabo de llegar a la zona del fondo del mar y es impresionante. Una maravilla. Si el resto del sim es igual será un gran descubrimiento. Un sobresaliente para la dueñ@.
Such an awesome place and so many resources. Thank you so much! Appreciate all of this.
Visited for the first time and was greeted by Safine, she was so helpful and friendly - teleporting me to show me hidden rooms. Some lovely textures [and I am a texture hoarder!]. Thank you Safine for your friendly welcome and help
I love this place!!! Thank you Safine!!