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Serenity has something for everyone!

A taste of North Carolina with more roads to travel, water galore for boating, places to dance such as the Hooka Bar and hidden below the water is Love's Lounge for that romantic evening out.

There are two 4x4 sims to explore with miles of roads to drive vehicles, lots of waterways to play on and terrain that have some hidden places to discover and rental homes. Vehicles are available at the Serenity Welcome Center (take one) and rezzz it there or you may rezz your own. There is also a rezzing place at the parking lot of the Evermore Shopping Plaza.

Evermore Shopping shops:
LovenStuff - Homes and lots of other builds. Visit us on Kitely marketplace
Wedding Shop - Wedding Gowns & Garters, Men's Tux's, Wedding Cakes
Kristy's Fashion - Mesh Clothing for Men & Women in a Variety of Styles - Formal & Casual. Visit us on Kitely marketplace
Fangle's Jewelers - Unique Jewelry of All Kinds. Visit us on Kitely marketplace
Kristy's Fashion Style Clothing - Mesh Clothing for Men & Women
Evermore Land & Realty - Land/Home Rentals

Don't forget to explore the Neuschwanstein Castle which is a forever growing project.

ALL Landmarks are available on the board at the Serenity Welcome Center. Click the the pictures.

Stop by and have some good ole fashion fun!

Wishing you all the best,
Joe & Kristy Love

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Jasmin2020 to enter this grid you have fill in your name. avatar code and the name of your grid . I did this all and get the message that it was oke but still not can enter the grid. hypergrid must be free to enter for everybody and not only for some grids

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I have verified my identity and still can't reach your grid
Sorry but there's no way to use your own vehicles at the Evergreen parking lot as per description:-

And I quote "Vehicle rezzers are scattered throughout all 4 sims for your use or use your own and rez at the parking lot at the Evermore Shopping Plaza."

The only way to really get around is to use fly mode.