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The Citadel, originally posted by Cutelala Artis on OSGrid in 2012, is one of the most beautiful medieval builds on the grid.
We enhanced the build with inside/outside mesh updates and interiors on a 1.5 ratio upscaled size for opensim avatar size convenience.
Download the original at

They are exhausted, but the fox hunt went well (or studying scripting pack behavior)
Arriving with an exhausted pack

Sim crossing over 4 var regions with followers works extremely well IF you cross calmly and keep your objects close.

PinDeluca: Wow this look amazing. I must visit. 8 months ago
UPDATE March 3rd : New version 2.1 with newly created high-LoD meshprim

16 Charsx5 per line= 80 Chars Mesh XYzzyText Message Boards: grab yourself a copy at
(For Arkham grid members: you need a special VIP Group Account to get access, please contact our grid administrator)

KrisTina: Very useful, well done! 1 years ago
Experimenting with hearding of animals with different heights on EAS region

They all stay nicely on the ground (or prim) auto-adjusting their height to the leader's.

Kelso.Uxlay: Really cool - keep working on this! 1 years ago
Upgraded the horse rezzer script from the popular NPC horse rezzer to an "All-in-One" Animesh Horse Rezzer, with a load of features in the animesh horse.
Tip: to avoid the horse from dying, remove the "animesh horse rez" script, and have it roam around an area of your region or parcel, follow other horses, and other options.

One of the major benefits of the animesh horse is that it can cross regions (if allowed by the sim owner).
When you own the animesh horse, you can wear it an teleport around.

ThundergodThor: Positively awesome, I love it! The horses are so realistic looking. Awesome job Roland! 2 years ago
Autumn rain drain at Neiferleaf
In full motion it looks like this:

By the way, the animesh cloak for males & females is available for grabs (manual inside) it can co-exist with any AO and flutters in the wind while walking, running and while riding a wearable horse.

Lilly Pond: You guys are the BEST! I love your fantasy world and I ty for all you create! 2 years ago

Autumn has struck at Neiferleaf

KhennaReenberg: Being new to the grid, I recently had the pleasure of visiting - what a breath-taking place...I will visit again to experience Autumn. ♥ Thank you so much for sharing your labor of love and vision. 2 years ago
The benefits of a wearable animesh horse:
- can cross sims
- can teleport
- can rez a follower co-rider poseball
and has some additional features

Have a long stroll at Neiferleaf and its connected 4 3x3 Var regions.

RichardFairplay: Thank you! 2 years ago

I think I heard something...

Neiferleaf as seen from it's souden neighbour region. All neighbouring regions got a landscaping update. Much, much better then sim surrounds. HOP

I worked out a solution for initial sitting bug in the NPC Horse (script by Shin Ingen) where the avatar sinks through the horse when wearing an AO.
In the NPC horse script by Shin Ingen in under run_time_permissions(integer perm) FIND
and REPLACE with
list anims = llGetAnimationList(llGetPermissionsKey());
integer len = llGetListLength(anims);
integer i;
for (i = 0; i < len; ++i) llStopAnimation(llList2Key(anims, i));
//llOwnerSay("Permissions Accepted");
If you don't like coding, just hop over to Neiferleaf and fetch the boxed new horse rezzer at the landingpoint.

The river was upgraded today, with a nice realistic looking flowing water.

Black swan comes to visit white swan family. The lady of the house just loved his red snout.

Lawnmower man is gathering souls at Neiferleaf Castle. Grab your copy of the animated lawnmower reaper ;)

...and we have some unique ways of transportation here at Neiferleaf

20190920 - Titan Village, embedded into the landscape at Neiferleaf

Neiferleaf Castle, the citadel today, Sept 2019

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Nico Kalani This will be one of the few places I'll return to when looking for ideas and inspiration for my own terraforming and landscaping. Great work. Come by my place and give me tips!
LaviaLavine I really can't say enough good about this region or it's owner, Roland is just awesome and so kind hearted. The region is so inviting and relaxing to just stroll through or ride a horse, it's a must see.
Tigerkitti Eberdene Very nicely done. I love when attention to detail is obvious. Great job and such a nice owner. :-)

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Beautiful sim. Nicely done. Roland is a gracious host as well.
Ihad a WONDERFUL ride through a BEAUTIFUL sim...… 'til I CRASHED!! Which was my VIEWER'S fault. NOT the sim's!! Thank you, Roland. It's a LOVELY sim!!
Just WOW! Drop dead beautiful, magic, a class of its own, love it from the moon to the stars
One word defines this place .... fantastic!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful and magical place.
I'm so happy that Neiferleaf is back! Thank you Roland!
Total amazing place :) Opensim Showcase at it's best!!!!