Wildwood Farm

Wildwood Farm
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My Satyrfarm region
Freebies, fishing, farmstyle fun :)

I spoke too soon, we are still having difficulties. :(

We're back up again!

Wildwood Farm will be shut down for maintenance for a couple of days. We'll be back! :)

New for your Satyrfarm!
Root Cellar for your farm with SF storage. Free at Wildwood Farm Store.

As per a suggestion, I've put the satyrfarm cold storage script into the antique cooler so it can be used for a fridge on the farm. Have Fun!

Decorative Lamps for Halloween!

We are back up! :)

Free :)

New at the Wildwood Farm Store! Antique soda cooler. 8 prims

I've made my chickenhouse available with sf coop boxes, and chickens.
Happy Farming!

Farm Stand with modifiable sign. Just add your own 1024 x 256 image.
Happy Farming!

Evoke a feeling of bygone days with fresh clean sheets drying on the clothesline.
New Clothesline available at Wildwood Farm Store. :)

Another more modern farm accessory.
Steel Tube Gate, left colorable to match your taste.
Get yours at Wildwood Farm Store. :)

Does your era of farm need big round bales?
One prim, full perm, free.
Happy Farming!

If you got a bad stump with poses, try the fixed version I put out today either here, or my wildwood farm store. :)

New Freebie! Covered River Dock!
Get yours at Wildwood Farm :)

New Freebie!

Country Covered Bridge

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