Seventh Sign
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Home of the Seventh Sign
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Gayven Village is a HOSTILE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY for mean, callous, rotten old queens! While any open minded adult has the ability to enter, be advised that YOU...

Endless Summer
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There was once a place in Second Life where singles could meet and mingle... where couples could celebrate... where Romance was all around. That place lives on at Discovery Grid as "Jeff's Place". Get your best Tux or Ballgown and come enjoy the magic! discoverygrid.net:8002:Endless Summer

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Private home world of Commander X. There is no avatar sign-up for this grid, but hypergrid is open and the general OpenSim public is welcome to visit. www.Co...
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Home region of Ocean Grid. Beaches, harbours, castles and a famous pub on four regions. LGBTQIA+. Nudist beach. Welsh language grid. Croeso i bawb!
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At the moment it is a sort of Urban Dystopia, I suppose. 100m above the ground visit this charming dictatorship and see what you can find!
Jaggas World
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Airport with flyable planes, marina with driveable cars, air museum, space museum, seaport, shopping, beach club, nude beach.
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MOVED!!!! Diamond Sands moved to Opensim Grid @ Diamond Sands OSG Same Great Free Content and More... Deepest Appreciation for the hundreds of visitors per m...
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Foundation @ OSG Free quality content for you!
Zweet ZurroundingZ
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1-1-20 Update: expanded to a 9x9 VAR.
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Cityscape assemblage inspired by masterpieces such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Akira... Work in progress.
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