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~Home to Monentes Jewelry~
My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire. Please never sell in SL or OpenSim. I love to ----->create

Monentes Jewelry Peace for Ukraine pendant can be downloaded so that you can 3d print this at Sculpteo and wear RL Please read and observe the enclosed notecard. Thank you, everyone, for stopping by and inspiring me with your jewelry requests, I will not be taking any requests now for a while, super busy with the holidays approaching. Thank you!!

There is a question posted about whether Gloebit is working, it is on my grid.

Lone Wolf: I think the server is too busy we're getting timeouts on transactions . TBH I'm closed to dumping it. 19 days ago
I am creating a few outfits of your favorite characters and adding them to the Classic Closet store. The first one is Nurse Chapel- Strange New Worlds!

**for the Classic Avatar**

Christine Chapel-Star Trek-Strange New Worlds

Strange New Worlds revealed that Nurse Chapel helped develop the technology Starfleet uses to alter human DNA to turn them into aliens.

I adore this character so much that I wanted to create the outfit for her.
Pair it up with your favorite short blond hair!

Badge attribution
Jesperhansen1972, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Thank you Ferd Frederix for your inspiration! Jewelry

Marianna: I just added a mesh Star Trek Badge and updated the top so that the badge can be worn with it. The original Top I created had the Star Trek Badge printed on it. It can be worn either way. The Mesh ... 23 days ago

Star Stone Ear Climbers - Jewelry

Ferd Frederix offers his Tandy's Jeweled Wand at his Outworldz site , so I created it and added particles that gives it an extra special magic. I have it at the store free/full perms, I have a note inside that explains how to add your own particles to it giving it your own special magic! This wand is perfect for Roleplay.

I have a new display in the store: Tiaras, Crowns, and Circlets I have had several requests over the years for Circlets so here you will find an assortment. Jewelry

I added a new bracelet to the download page also added new Earrings to the Store, Celtic Fleur Dangles Jewelry

Created a wire crown, you can find it in the Middle of the Store, where all those little cupboards are, it came out looking a bit Medieval as always free! Jewelry

Created a new ring this morning "Serenade" It is a file to download

Luna Lunaria: I love the filigree work 1 month ago
I designed and copyrighted the "Peace for Ukraine" pendant with the intention of it being worn in real life (RL). I've received numerous requests for the STL, DAE, and OBJ files to enable 3D printing and wearable reproduction. To address this, I've dedicated time to enhance Monentes Jewelry Downloads page. You can now conveniently download the files directly to your hard drive and employ them as desired. Please bear in mind that the design is copyrighted, and it is imperative that it is never used for commercial purposes or sold. You will find the download link on this page: it is listed under Pendants.

I will be adding more jewelry here as I can.

Thank you for all your support!

Marianna: Added new earrings to the download page-I have decided that the jewelry on the download page will be new and never seen in the store. 1 month ago

New today, Jewelry

Marianna: Hello, sending an apology to Mahina Nova and Cinda Windlow, I was very afk working on jewelry thank you for stopping by!! 2 months ago
I have often been asked where is it that I get my inspiration from. Creating jewelry now since 2012 you would think I would run out of ideas. I get inspiration from silhouettes, I extract the curves. I wrote this to show a bit of how it is done.

Added new wedding rings to the store, new earrings too. Jewelry

This picture was taken inworld so it isn't the best but these earrings were created just a bit differently than I normally create. I worked with both Photoshop and Rhinogold to create these then assembled inworld combining the parts. Photoshop has a great 3d editor where you can load images and in seconds turn them into 3d. I have an article here: These are in the shop. Jewelry

Monentes ~ Jewelry ~ la paix earrings in the store foyer Jewelry

Many have asked, "Where is it that Mari creates?" "Where is her studio?" It is no secret that Mari resides in a little cottage in Xanth. It is always open for you to visit. Mari works here most days so I am sure you will see her here working. Please stop by anytime

Please add this to your map >

Thank you Ferd for the inspiration and magic!

Creating Tiaras this morning, this is Heart Afire. In the store foyer Jewelry

My friends in SL wanted me to upload jewelry for them so I went in and tried to load these, they cost 98L for the upload, and when they do upload they are huge! and you cannot reduce them down to fit the avatar, they are thick and ugly! I would first have to make them nano (more work plus the cost of upload) So I came back to OpenSim and uploaded them for FREE, which means I can give them FREE! And they are not thick and big or ugly they loaded just the way I created them. All yours in the Monentes store foyer! Jewelry

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh wait... so your stuff turns into a pile of no mod jewelry when uploading to SL? That's strange. Well then... I'll come in and check out your new creations. Thanks :) 2 months ago
It has been a while since I created Ear Climbers. This is a second set that I have created and since they are so fun to create I will be adding more to the collection.Please find these in the foyer of Monentes Jewelry

MorningGlory: Lovely piece 2 months ago
I love challenges, but my recent review mentioned that my belly button rings are not rigged for Athena. Athena is not a standard avatar shape so when rigging with Avastar it isn't quite right. My belly button rings are meant to attach to the belly for standard shapes. I just added a new Peace sign belly button ring that attaches to the standard avatar belly. I never say never, but this time I am - I don't want to take a ripped rig into blender to please my critics.

Jerralyn Franzic: It does take a bit more effort to install stuff for bodies outside of standard and Ruth2. That said, it's not impossible to install standard rigged earrings or other jewelry onto the more advanced bod... 2 months ago

Tri Stone Smoky Quartz Ring-In the store foyer~ Jewelry

I put out a Reserved sign with Posts and Chain. Outside of the store where you land. The sign texture can be modified-Free Full Perms

Beautiful Golden Bee Pendant, I added it to Veri's back chain. In the store foyer on the table. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Enjoying breakfast in bed~you too can enjoy breakfast in bed-Breakfast Bed Tray-Free Full Perms-Monentes store foyer.

...a state of supreme happiness. Be`atitude earrings.

Monentes store foyer Jewelry

Butterfly Hair Comb-For the updo! Jewelry

Lelly: lovely thank you 3 months ago

Emeraude Solitaire, beautiful bezel, gold with an emerald marquise gemstone Jewelry

I had a request for Green leaves with Gold, please find this set next to the Rose Gold set in the Wedding ring dept of the store. Thank you for your suggestions and continued support. It is the reason I love to create. Jewelry

Summer's Sonnet wedding set-In the wedding ring dept. Jewelry

Monentes Chandelier Earrings-Free Full Perms-In the Store Foyer. Jewelry

Egyptian Necklace by CJ Goldman can be found in the Monentes Jewelry store foyer. Jewelry

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
This is a human-readable summary of (and not a substitute for) the license. Disclaimer.
You are free to:
Share β€” copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt β€” remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.
Hey, all you people with labs needing brains in Jars-I found the perfect prop for your lab. You can find this in the Monentes Jewelry store foyer. You might be asking wtf how does brains go with jewelry, who f#$king knows??

Luna Lunaria: Her name was Abby...Abby Normal 4 months ago
This set is texture changing-touch each part to change the texture. The flower pendant is on the back chain I created for Veritas McMasters. Thinking of you Veritas please find the set in the store foyer.

Springtime, flowers, the moon...doesn't get any better than that. The pendant is on a rope chain. This is in shiny silver. In the foyer on the little table. Jewelry

A new chain for the guys in the Men's Dept! Jewelry

For the Kitty lovers! I created a Kitty Love Charm Bracelet this morning. Cute kitty charms and a heart for an image of your favorite kitty!! Please find it in the foyer of the Monentes Jewelry Store Jewelry
Wedded Bliss Wedding Set-Floral Band with Three Stone Ring-This Floral Band is a silhouette of my Solid Floral Wedding Band-They are similar in design but the bands are different. This you will find in the Wedding Rings dept of the Jewelry
This is the set I am currently working on. I have the earrings in the store in Sapphire and Turquoise. I am still working on getting the choker in, playing with the convex hull, the earrings uploaded just fine, but the choker is being a bit tricky lol.

AbbiAshland: Oh these are beautiful. Your stuff looks so realistic. I strive to be like you someday. β™₯ Did you try adding a cube with it's own material and joining it before uploading? Then you can upload it and m... 5 months ago

A new wedding ring - May Wedding can be found in the Wedding ring area at the back of the store. Jewelry

For the guys...first in a series of Rapper chains-I will be bringing in different styles as time allows. Thank you for the request. Please find this in the Men's dept. Jewelry

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Melanie Sawyer Nice shop, with some beautiful jewellery designs. Thank you
CyberGlo CyberStar This artist is truly very gifted, and the best jewelry creator in all the grids. Her art is truly a work of genius, and you will find none better anywhere. She has classic and timeless style, and is not afraid to step out on a limb with whimsical and original design. A rare combination that is di...
Derry Arabello In regards to my review earlier, this review was made in error, I tried to remove it and was unable to do so. I am apologizing to Marianna for my error by giving her five stars at this time. Derry