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Cherry Freebies
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Cherry Manga
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3 years ago
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*CM* Freebies
Original art content
Animesh, Avatars, Accessories, EEP, Sculptures
Surreal Cyberpunk

The region Freebies is totally redone, my own original art freebies are displayed in different rooms : VOID, PLANT, BRUSH, RED, CUBE.
Some accessories I made, EEP, at SOUP.
All Fest'Avi avatars at FESTAVI.

Just select a room from the teleporter. Please remind that for a best experience, enable EEP and advanced lighting model.
There's no stream but scripted sounds (not everywhere yet) all from Morlitam.

photo displaying VOID room

FinjaFlux: An inspiration! Your art is like fireworks and animates new ideas! Another wonderful work from you!!! Thank you!!!! 2 years ago

Cooking new rooms, coming soon

CyberGlo CyberStar: Very innovative design! Very artistic and highly interpretive works of art cover the surrealistic landscape. An amazing vision of the artists incredible perspective of the combination of the abstrac... 2 years ago

Playing with EEP again

Luna Lunaria: I love playing with eeps 2 years ago

New freebies
collection for 2Lei violence against women added


Jerralyn Franzic: Another sim I must visit soon... :) 2 years ago



The things we hide + Endometriosis

messing , rolling and scratching

Importing some works...

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Steampunk Siouxsin not sure why it took me this long to see this Region, since Cherry is my artistic hero. Amazing place, come see it if you're like me and hadn't yet
AlbaW I would give this 10 stars!!!!! It is an amazing build!!! Just go see it to believe it! Cherry is a beyond amazing builder!
Omy2024 Cherry's work is truly amazing! I have been in awe of her talents from years ago in SL. A kind and generous soul who so lovingly shares her amazing creations for all to enjoy. I am truly grateful to Cherry as her work captured many things that I needed to express in the written word and her statue...

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simply amazing .. you have a very artistic and creative eye .. i simply love it
Many thanks for your appreciation
A longtime fan, who needs to add avatars and accessories - any news on when your region will be up again?
Simu is back online
TY for letting me know, I didn't noticed it was off..It shoudl be back asap
I often regret the loss of "Feather Boa" from Second Life or the "Black Swan" Region. I believe you have surpassed even those with this exhibit. Best I've seen in 20 years in Virtual. Thank you.
Maravilloso sitio!!!
Wow, Not words can say how artistic, creative, and beautiful this place is. Thanks for all the goodies. Great work Cherry Manga I just loved exploring
~Cherry Manga's creativity is undeniable. Her creativity captivates your thoughts~
Merci Marianna
By chance, since Franco Grid is offline, where can I still download your avatars - I miss them since Iost my inventory recently. Also, I have an OS grid and would be willing to freely host any of your Franco OAR regions for display. Or if you're selling them. But the avatars are a MUST HAVE. Where can I find them in OS?
Thank you for the oar hosting proposition, for now I am focused on new projects, but maybe one day I will resurrect past works :)
Right, I've seen your VR stuff - amazing really. If you ever want to release/share one of your stored OARs, I'll take it! I've always enjoyed the fantasy look rather than realistic enactments of real places. A fan/follower of Yann Minh for years, it's how I discovered your work.
Most avatars are from fest'avi, you can have them on this region, Cherry Freebies .