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Is where sophisticated electronic music meets abstract sensations.. Styles: Dub Acid/Raw/Hypnotic Ethno/Original Ambient/Atmospheric Feel free to join...
Mind Odyssey
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An escape from the norm-Immersive Art Exhibit We invite artists to come join the exhibit Artists Cherry Manga Nyx Breen Shirl Tainted Angel Marianna Mon...

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Luxor is the Egyptian home of Luna Lunaria and a place of meditation and mystery for spiritual pilgrims. The region rewards those who are patient, still, and listening. Quiet songs play at various locations if you stand and wait, and shared environment and higher graphics will complete your visit.

Unbreakable Love
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The Metaverse Fine Art Galleries on the OS Grid. Everyone is welcome to explore the many galleries featuring real life art for sale inworld or buy adding to yo...
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*Espacio pensado para la gente que disfruta del arte en todas sus expresiones de creatividad. *Exposiciones de arte permamente. * Space designed for people wh...
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Beautiful region located in an archipelago of Craft World, in the Sea of Jack (the Bolina) and endowed with a very atmospheric old port, stores and especially h...
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avirtualworls animesh collection
Immersive 5
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8x8 VAR - EEP-created art scapes of sky and sea. Fly Swim Cam Immersive Experience by Nyx Breen.
Cherry Freebies
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*CM* Freebies Original art content Animesh, Avatars, Accessories, EEP, Sculptures Surreal Cyberpunk
Immersive 2
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The opening " BUBBLELAND Veri's Dream IMMERSIVE 2" is on 28. January 2023, 11 Am SLT. Dear friends, we hope you all started the New Year well. And we wish y...
Le Beau Retrouve
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"Le Beau Retrouve - The Beautiful Found" stands as an esteemed gallery within Open Sim, welcoming artists from diverse backgrounds to share their creations, whe...
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