Art Garage
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The Artist Region
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FUNK IT Club Dance Funk Soul Rock Disco best of the 70's Club Tunes with DJ Cataplexia.

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Weltraumbahnhof 2.0 is here. A Hypergrid gate from hypergriders for the hypergrid. Let it live, be a part of it ! Der Weltraumbahnhof ist ein Projekt vom Hypergrid für das Hypergrid. Lass ihn leben, sei ein Teil davon !

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Desert land with Petra and my real life paintings in "Villa Majorelle", arabic village and market, and much more...
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This is a prototype exploratory project developed for creating an immersive experience for visitors to the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia. This project is ...
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Classical art museum where the aim is to give priority to the knowledge of the work of art, respecting the sizes indicated for the pieces, so that there is a re...
The Film Factory
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Here we celebrate art in film. All over the region, you will find references to movies, some evident and others not so apparent! As you look around, you will fi...
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A new art gallery with photos montages of my real life paintings and celebrities , also statues of virtual worlds. A place for romantic danse too. Come andt tha...
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This a a grid that will evolve in an effort to express an artistic idea. Normally they are full sim builds and with little prim limitations. Opening event is co...
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avirtualworls animesh collection
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The central spot for the sim environment of interstellART_exhibitions, introduces sometimes collaborative projects of independent artists on the basis of a spe...
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