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RRD Fashion Exclusives is a new region dedicated to everything created or uploaded for Rayvn's Roost Designs. While eventually most of the content will be clothing related, other designs made by or uploaded by Trizaria Hunter can also be found.

All 4 Versions of the 2023 Halloween Bundle have now been released.

Athena Petite
Legacy Perky

They can all be found in the New Holiday Bundles Store right outside the RRD landing.


!!! Halloween Bundle 2023 !!!

This bundle includes a 3 Piece Blazer Set, A One-Sleeved Mini Dress, A Pair of Flared Bottom Pants and a pair of Mules. This bundle is available in 5 different colors.

You can find it in the new Holiday Bundles Store. This is the first of hopefully many bundles to come in the future.

ENJOY !!!!

Trizzy Hunter: The Blazer Set will also be released in the next few days for Athena Petite and Legacy. 2 months ago
Well the construction of the new mall is complete and now available for visitors sorry it's taken so long but had a few days of not feeling the greatest. I still have add more of the legacy, Legacy Perky and Athena petite but there are a few of those mesh styles available in the stores. Hope you enjoy the new larger mall and the new content that will soon be added for Athena, Athena Petite, Legacy Legacy Perky and of course I have some new goodies for the guys as well. And Guys the men's fashion store is now right inside the mall.

BiaFiredemo: need help ? 2 months ago
RRD Fashion Exclusives will close tomorrow Saturday August 26th to facilitate content move to a new workshop region. Once the content move is completed the workshop will be saved as the new RRD Fashion Exclusives Mall with content for Guys & Gals. The Gals will no have access to Athena Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky. The new mall will also feature some new content when it's opened up once more so stay tuned for when the mall reopens in approximately 1 week.

In the next month or so exact time is yet to be determined RRD will close for approximately 1 week to undergo a rebuild. I have a lot of new mesh that needs to be textured and I will soon be offering Athena & Athena Petite in some styles as well as Legacy and Legacy Perky in some designs. These new designs are in included in the pile of new mesh I recently purchased. So when I reopen RRD is will carry these newer styles as well as a few Legacy, Legacy Perky and Athena Petite in styles already released for Athena. Also I will be open to texture and color suggestions and might even consider custom one of a kind requests made on the meshes I have available.

*** Elegant Jumpsuit ***

This Jumpsuit features a mostly open back and high collar style front done in 7 designs that have their own version of sparkle for those summer nights at the local club or dancing on the beach.

Can be found in the new stores located just outside and to the right of the main RRD Mall.

!!! Enjoy !!!

*** Summer BOHO Set ***

What would summer be without a playful beach Boho set which includes a maxi skirt in 3 different patterns and a Bandeau Top in 3 matching solid colors. This set can also be found in the new stores located just outside and the right of the Main RRD Mall.

!!! Enjoy !!!

*** Laced Up Mini ***

This Mini is in varying combinations of polka dots with dresses in 3 solid matching colors. You'll find it in the new stores located just outside and to the right of the main RRD Mall.

!!! Enjoy !!!

*** Halter Neck Mini ***

Unlike other Mini's in the RRD Collection this mini has an accent belt with some being of an complimenting color to the dress Texture. Available in 7 patterns and can be found in the new stores just outside and to the right of the main RRD Mall.

!!! Enjoy !!!

*** Cap Shoulder Mini Dress ***

Available in 5 Summery pastel colors. A cute addition to your inve4ntory for those summer beach Dance Parties.

Available in the new stores just outside and the the right of the main RRD Mall.

!!! Enjoy !!!


*** Cap Shoulder Basted Front Dress ***

Available in 6 Colors and found in the new stores located outside and to the right of the main RRD Mall.




Perfect for those fun nights at the clubs. Available in 4 colors and found in the new store just outside and to the right of the main RRD Mall.


*** Classic T-Shirt paired with Double Belted Pants ***

Available in 6 colors with 6 different applique designs on the T-Shirts.

These can be found in the new store just outside and to the right of the main RRD Mall.


!!! Laced Slit Mini Dress !!!

& to choose from all available in the Short Dresses Shop inside the RRD Mall.

Jerralyn Franzic: Yoink... between this and the poofy... *dies* (jk ;) ) 8 months ago

!!! Poofy Mini Dress !!!

A short strapless full skirted Mini in 3 colors and 3 patterns to choose from and found in the Short Dresses Shop inside the RRD Mall.

!!! Halter Neck Mini Dress !!!

available in 6 patterns and found in the Short Dresses Shop inside the RRD Mall.

!!! Flared Jeans Outfit !!!

Outfit includes Jeans with a belt and a knot front tie top. Can be worn as seen in each set or seperately. Available in the new shop just outside of the RRD Mall.

!!! Bike Shorts Outfit !!!

Outfit includes a pair of bike shorts and a shortie sweatshirt in 8 color combinations. The combinations can be worn as seen or seperately.

This outfit is found in the new shop just outside of the RRD Mall.

!!! Harness Shirt Dress !!!

available in 6 designs and found in the Short Dresses shop inside the RRD Mall.

!!! Fall Pants Outfit !!!

Darker tones make up these outfits which includes pants & tops in various colors. Pants & Tops can worn seperate from each other.

Available in the new shop just outside of the RRD Mall.
It's been a bit since my last releases but before posting them wanted to let everyone know I have added a new row of stores just outside the RRD mall. Exit the mall and turn right to find them. Only 1 store so far has content and that's 3 of today's new releases. Stay tuned for the images and info on the new releases.
Well it's been a while since I released anything new. So first up a little something for the guys.

**** NEW ST Patricks Day T-Shirts ****

4 different designs now available in the Men's Fashion store just outside of the RRD Mall.

!! Enjoy !!
Ok I have a question for the users who read these posts. This region is clothing for Athena rigged clothing and I was wondering how many of you would be interested in my also releasing the same designs for the Legacy body?? If there is enough intrest for the legacy outfits I will start getting the textures etc ready and do some legacy releases as well as the ongoing Athena releases.

KrisTina: You can script a vendor to keep track of what people click the most and then you would know. :) 9 months ago

Hope you are all having the Merriest Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year from RRD and the Staff & Members of Virtual Beach Grid.


*** Holiday Striped T-Shirt Dress ***

Available in 9 color combinations and found in the RRD Christmas Creations Shop.


*** Lace T-Shirt Dress ***

Available in 6 Colors and can be found in the Short Dresses Shop in the RRD Mall.


**** Ladies Padded Winter Boots ****

Available in 8 Colors matching the Ladies Padded Ski Jackets Now available in the Winter Wear Store.


****Men's & Ladies Padded Ski Jackets ****

Available in 8 colors to choose from

Ladies Can be found inside the RRD Mall in the new Winter Wear Store.

Men's can be found outside of the Mall in the Large Men's Fashions store.


**** 2022 Baby Polar Bear ****

2 sitting and 2 standing variations now available in the RRD Christmas Creations Shop.


**** Christmas Gnome Outfit ****

Now Available in the New RRD Christmas Shop


**** Christmas Snowflakes Outfit ****

Available in 5 colors in the new Christmas Shop at RRD.


Just in Time for the upcoming Christmas Season New 4pc Outfits available in the Christmas Creations Shop.

Box Includes:
Plain Vest
Quilted Vest
Snug Fit Pants
Christmas Novelty Design Shirt

all sets are rigged for Athena


Available in 4 Colors

Red with Red Snowman themed Shirt ( Shown in image)
Blue with White & Blue Christmas themed shirt
Green with White and Green Christmas Themed Shirt
Green with Olive colored Snowman design Shirt


Halloween Tight Bodysuit in 3 colors Black, Orange along with a Green & Orange Stripe. Now Available in the Halloween Fashions Store.


3Piece Halloween Web Outfits Green, Purple & Orange Grab 1 or grab all 3 now available in the Halloween Fashions Store.

!!! New Release!!!

For the rugged men of Opensim


These jackets are a single mesh release of the Open Front Jacket available in 12 colors for our rugged Lumberjacks.


For the Guys !!!

*** Open Front Jacket *** ... (Can be worn seperately)

Includes a mock Sweater & Shirt that is a half mesh only the front of the mesh is available.

For The Guys!!!!

*** Classic style T-Shirt with a Vest ***

this is a one piece mesh that can not be worn seperately.

For all the ladies of opensim

*** Jumper Dress ***

This version of the jumper dress is released in beautiful floral prints just in time for summer.

!!! Just Released !!!

** Alexa Lingerie Set **

12 Co-ordinated colors and patterns

Giving the Mall a bit of a make over

Thirza Ember: looks like summer! 2 years ago


** Krista Lingerie Set **

Includes: Robe, 2 Bras, and 2 Panties
Bras & Panties have a solid color version and a lace overlay version

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Marianna What I love about Triz is her clothing is consistently well-created with beautiful textures too. Thank you Triz for all the work you put into your clothing-I love the styles too.
Milly Money Excellent. Thank you for offering ladies some truly beautiful outfits!!
rayne great job on the textures, i can't wait to see what else you will create... i will keep your landmark handy, i'm sure i will be asked where i got the clothes and will point people in your direction. thank you for sharing !

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Great selecton at RRD! Going through it as I type this. Also love how fast the deliveries are coming to my inventory, nice work! :)
Thank You Jerom we try to keep the use of server resources low so everyone has an enjoyable visit.
Pro tip: if you have a Kitely account, for some strange reason you can't TP out of a Kitely grid if you have RRD clothing on. What I do in that case is wear a non RRD take, and then try to find a safe place to change back to a RRD outfit after TPing to a non Kitely grid. IDK why that is, it's annoying but I've gotten around it OK so far.
Ah I can't access it, I really wanted to go see the grid :(
from what grid are you trying to access Lyah?
I haven't yet been in world today so any help would be appreciated so I can look into the issue
Continue to stock. Keep loading up. It can only get better from here. I had a fantastic shopping day. I plan to return.
Lots more to come
Sorry folks the issue has been resolved.
No access also from Craft...WTF do you place such a destination if unreachable ? Make yr own site only....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why no access at all from ZetaGrid ?