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When this region shows offline: it takes only 30 seconds to start up when you TP there. :)
Catronian Archipelago provides a place for sailors and roleplayers. Lots of sea to sail on, and you can test serveral unique tall ships expecially made for Golden age of sail roleplay! Several groups of captains sail here to shoot and sink the enemy's ships! Sensational events with all the fire and noise that comes with it! This world is built on low lag and low server use for optimal sailing conditions and user friendly for people with slower connections or less advanced hardware ( without losing the detailed wonderful sim design). Ships are scripted by Christine Nyn and Kayaker Magic. In events we use the SPD scripted ships of different classes.

Theme is late 18 th century, Europe, with a touch of fantasy/medieval/metiterranean style. RP is lighthearted , no strict rules. As our world has focus on sailing and sailing battles ,we dont offer farming systems or money systems that will end in overload of script usage and less fun for sailors.

The little village Port Hope is the centre of the world, with little houses available for sailors and landlubbers to have a free home, up to 500 prims. Also shops for themed clothes and tavern " The Green Dragon" with darts game and greedy table. Free furniture and a free Bwind sailing boat available for new ones. IM Trouble Ahead for more information. At the docks various ships can be used, HUDS provided, as also vendors for the SPD scripted ships.

Around port hope you will find little islands worth visiting , and every island has its own story, adding the magical atmosphere of this world!

Sailors can rezz their ships on all spots.

Every friday 12.30 PM viewer time organized battles and races: for group membership:


We have spontaneausly events with dancing and music for group gatherings at Port Hope's theatre, organised by DJ Melanie Auxifur.

Many thanks to captain One and Only for supporting, ships testing and hosting events, Miss Cata Raven for adding her wonderful place RavenSteyn and supporting in building, and crew members of the Port Celyddon navy for testing ships and sims performance.

Great st Patrick s day !!

news !

Newly SPD scripted Batavia is launched ! More info

Sailing race was fun! It will stay open for all who want to give it a try. Read more:

At our world Catroninan Archipelago we made a sailing race track.
For all sailors who like a little bit competition and excitement, we made maps and HUDs for navigation that will lead to 9 different turning points. Also the track is easy to find for captains during the race with huge steampunk balloon signs , showing you the way.
This sailing track is originally made for the Friday sailing event, but it's open for all players who like to rezz ships and give it a try.
( please clean up when you leave)
So take your friend, or group, and organise your race!
Catronian Archipelago can be found : Archipelago You will land at the docks. Near landing place, you find a life buoy that gives you HUD, information and map to get started.

All who love sailing are welcome, no matter if you sail Bwind ships, Kayaker Magic scripted ships or SPD scripted. The track is open for the coming weeks and maybe longer on request. If you don't have a ship of your own, ships are at the docks in rezzers.

If you want to join the Friday evening event (12.30 PM viewer time ) , we only allow SPD scripted ships for the sailing race.

Cheers and have fun.

Someone came to make pictures ... thanks to 4ever Solstice

MillyAnnMorgana: Very nice picture, dark, moody & Mysterious! Was wondering what size pictures work best to upload here?? 1 month ago

All facilities there you need in the little town
Port Hope

Maximus: Definitely can't be trusted...why I might just drop in. 1 month ago
Burning ships! Want to win such a ship? Visit Catronian Archipelago, enter the door to the Riddle stone hunt, search the gemstones ( you get gifts ) , solve the riddle and win a ship of your choice from this collection! You can use the ship to participate in our battles.

Find the riddle stone! We made a gemstone hunt , when you solve the riddle in the riddle stone, you can win one of the battle ships! TP is at landing point.

A wonderful day for some sailing. This is Duyfken , a model of the first Dutch ship reaching Australia (coincidentally)

We made an island for our group member Eduard Milev from Ukraine who we did not see in a long time. He made wonderful arms for all kinds of RP, scripted, and you can visit this island and see his work. Visit our sims and the shipwrights shop to TP there. Or search his name in Kitely Marketplace.

Jerralyn Franzic: Awesome, hope he's doing well. :) 2 months ago

Damaged ships!

More islands .... every island has its own story and secret. If you are curious ...

More islands .... every island has its own story and secret. If you are curious ...

Grand opening invitation Thursday 22 th dec 1 PM with DJ Melanie Auxifur and a lottery.. prize is a ship!!

Uh ohh .... Celyddon navy has holes in their sails !! But the smugglers and the pirates were sunk at Friday's 17 th dec battle. Well done ! Want to read more ?

The 22 th of December dj Melanie Auxifur will play on our GRAND OPENING ! More information will follow!

More islands made. for people to live in..

CataRaven: Trouble Ahead made beautiful island with a beautiful house on Catronian Archipelago! Come and check it out:)) 4 months ago

Creating wonderful places to live and sail ...

First little harbor is ready for people to move in , sail and rezz ships.

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