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Yin Yang Town is a small Japanese traditional town in the old Japanese imperial style.
You can explore Yin Yang Town on foot or use the Teleport Board to reach the different spots.

Relax with Tai Chi that you can find in the garden or in the palace and listen to the sounds around you.

We also offer 3 different shopping locations.
in the first you will find Japanese Home Deco and furniture or need full things.
In the second you will find clothes for Athena Petite and Legacy and Perky. and the third is the small Tattoo Equiqment Store with accessories and furniture for tattoo lovers. Some tattoos are already available and there are more to come.

You can also live in one of the 5 Free Homes and one House Boat that are available for rent on private plots. Use the rent system. Per plot -1000prims/Radio Stream change/set your plot private please.

I wish you a pleasant stay and have fun exploring Yin Yang Town.

Yin Yang Town fills your ears with gentle music from one of the most beautiful streams for relaxation music.

I'm still building the region, so I ask for compensation for one or two little chaos around.

Let the games begin!! I have set up the first 4 boards Lucky Letter Boards with new outfits for you. Currently with 4 new legacy outfits. I wish you a lot of fun and luck with Lucky Lettering.

NEW Outfits and some Fatpacks in the Store --for Athena/Petite & Legacy/Perky

NEW in the Store -- Boots for the Kimono Outfit`s Legacy & Lara X

NEW Outfits in the Store --for Legacy & Lara X & Lara X Petite

6 NEW Outfits in the Store --for Athena/Petite

Happy Independence Day, to my Americans Friends, and those celebrating!

NEW Outfits in the Store --for Legacy/Perky

Ankhsenaton: too bad you don't do for Athena :-) 10 days ago

New Japanese Decorative Elements now available in store

NEW Outfits in the Store --for Legacy/Perky & Athena Petite

NEW in the Store --NaaNaa`s Bunny Complete Outfit for Legacy / Perky

NEW in the Store --Teach Me Complete Outfit for LaraX Petite

NEW in the Store --ALICIA Complete Outfit for LaraX Petite

8 Different Colors Alphabet Balloons Rainbow Letters NEW in the YYT-Store now available!!

Ankhsenaton: HI HI HI .... I almost missed them... I'm so blonde sometimes! I looked everywhere inside the shop and was about to ask to you where it was ... and I thought to do an area search ... it is on the wall... 17 days ago

The Catagotchi Games come in different colors u can get them in the Yin Yang Town Store

The Soul Open Chest for Legacy F & Legacy M

- The Soul Open Chest is rigged
- Alpha included
- Blood tattoo for body is also included
- to provide more realisim to the open chest effect
- Modified Bodies are also included in the package

can be found in the Tattoo Equipment Store at Yin Yang Town
I will create your own customized Chest tattoo for you
a Name or word you want on the chest.
you have 6 letters from A to Z
and also a heart to decorate your name or Word

maximum of 6 letters

contact me on OSW or in world OS-Grid / Yin Yang Town
for your own customized tattoo.

**NEW TATTOOS** available in store now. All tattoos are BOM!

Hello Friends here are some NEW Items for you ,wish u all a wonderful Weekend , HUGS ♥

9 Neue Tattoos erhältlich imYin Yang Town Tattoo Store !!!

Kitten Tattoo for Face/Back and Ass. Comes in 60/80/100%
Can be found in the Y-Y-T Tattoo Equiqment Store.

Sodasullivan: I know where mine is going =) 22 days ago

Furnished Tattoo Studio Building, all furniture has menus. Can be found in the Y-Y-T Tattoo Equiqment Store

Sodasullivan: Awesome! Well done Chi! 23 days ago

CCC_Lewdy Apple Animated with a Texture HUD for different apple textures. You can find it in the Yin Yang Town Store. I hope you have fun with it, hugs♥

We have opened a store for you with various tattoo equipment and furniture as well as decorative elements. All furniture does not have menus. You can equip it yourself. The small tattoo store can be found above the Welcome Tower in the old town of Yin Yang Town.

Y-Y-T / CCC - Athena/Petite & Legacy/Perky Boutique is now open and available! The Teleport to the Boutique is located directly in the welcome Tower

Kon'nichiwa...NEW items available in Store!!

Hello friends, I updated the dolls today and added 3 more dancing dolls. I wish you a lot of fun with the 3 dancing mice

hello and have a nice day. For all cat lovers, I have made a small collection available for you in my store today. A small bunch of cats are waiting here for a new, loving home and owner. They are all Potty trained and sweet. Come and get your new cuddly tiger.

Jared Seda: These are so awesome thank you 1 month ago
Hello Friends of Yin Yang Town.yes i do it and open also my Petite & Legacy Store soon. Im actually work on it so fast i can to share my Collections with you ..So please be patient, I'll let you know when the time comes.

Also today there are many new small and large items available in the store.Not only what you see on the photo, there is much more new to find!

Sodasullivan: An amazing store and a beautiful sim. Worth a visit! 1 month ago
Hello, we are three cute little girls and looking for a new home. You can find it in the Yin Yang Town Store.
- Add us to your body,
- we Walk and run around with you or just stand with you.
So come and take us with you to you,
we are also very nice and won't cause you any trouble,
We promise ♥ ;-)

Yana Dakota: Beautiful Store with lots of great items. Very nice set up as well. I love Chi Chi and her creations. Worth a visit ! 1 month ago

After being asked many times, I now release my 2 cute teddies that lovingly hug you and keep you warm and look forward to sharing them with you.

and the last one

yeah ;-)

My New Babymetal Outfit I♥it

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Moonrose Grid Beautiful region I was very impressed
IvyEdenflower Fabulous store, I love the Perky and Petite outfits! Very kind grid owner as well. I have to go back to explore the rest of that beautiful grid soon :) Thank you for sharing all this with us <3
Annah Gestaga i have been looking for Japanese buildings for my sim and this is a great place to start! thank you for all the decor! I love it!

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I'm very excited, a beautifully designed sim. Thank you for the many items you're releasing so that you can create some of the flair in your own home.
Thank you so much ,im glad u like it at Yin Yang Town,wish you a wonderful Day.
Beautiful place to visit and more of Japanese style that I enjoy looking at it.
Beautiful Region, visit yesterday for the first time...it looks wonderful and its very recognizable for me. We have similar but still very different landscaped regions. wonderful job !
Beautifully designed Japanese old town, can't wait to see when it's finished.