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KrisTina 15 hours ago
Ossl permission error have to allow it.
brosw276 5 days ago
I'd be happy to help you. You can visit our farm on DigiWorlds or I can come visit yours. Email me -
Buzzy Cnayl 20 days ago
I have some at Lugo
OpenSimWorld 2 months ago
make sure the notecard "sfp" inside all objects contains the same password, then reset the scripts in the objects
IndigoQueen King 2 months ago
Hi Vinny, there is another site for help with the farm visit this site and create an account then you can post your questions there. Here is the link that's where all the farmers are these days https:...
Ken Whitfield 3 months ago
Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I don't have a URL for this region. It's part of Avatar Life and not created via opensim.