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Hidden Christmas
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At Hidden Christmas, you will find: * Hundreds of Christmas Dresses in the mall *gift shops * Christmas village like no other * "Live' animals * magical winter scenes *the beauty of the cold Arc...
DJ Kith is here tonite at 6:00 to spin your Sunday night Blues! Exciting, Happy, edgy blues are Kith's specialty and have become staples at Rockin' the Blues! Come on down and spend your Sunday eve with us Rockin' the Blues and have incredible fun with the Blues Tribe!! Bayou
I really hate to have to do this but, I want to make it clear that my region is NOT a shopping region. Most of what is on it are builds that I have made myself though there are items that I have gotten from around Open Sim in the freebie stores. That said, let's be perfectly clear - there are malls for you to go shopping for freebies if you want, my "Home" is not a freebie shopping mall, it is a residence you are free to visit and enjoy, but after today's experience I have made everything I can "no copy". When someone visits my region and I am there and greet them and talk to them and they do not respond at all even though I send them the same greeting in their native language that is just TOTALLY RUDE. Then walk around just grabbing all the "copiable" items you can find, well I become a whole lot less accommodating and make everything no copy and it will remain so. I'm usually a very friendly person, and I love to meet new people and chat and visit and will continued to be so, however if you wish anything from my region, from now on, show some common courtesy and ASK. Thank you.
The Shops at Hidden Christmas are back open and waiting for you! Holiday décor, 200+ dresses, skates, scarves, hats, wreaths, trees, candles and much more!

Come on out to Hidden the creators....and get your Holiday clothing and decor!

At 2PM-PST today ; our Sunday POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "Julius Caesar" by Joseph L. Mankiewicz with Marlon Brando... We await for you ; bring your friends !

Live music now!

Touche on The Boat!
LIVE House dj-set
November 28 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm SLT (PDT)

Christmas Radio for all

Model: @Caprica Cylon
Photo: Touche
Caprica Virtual Worlds

Germanworldgridmall I have added new Items! For men and women, Make sure you pick up your presents under the tree. All items will be in Dallas/earth today as well. Happy shopping everyone. Winter is here
The outfits pictured here and on my first new & improved post are all in a group in the dress-based outfit area. Wander around the shop to find a couple more new & improved outfits, and of course, make sure to grab the current and past group gifts.

oh HELLO. Outfits with Options.

hop:// Plaza/123/123/40

Kingman City

NEW & IMPROVED! No, it's not a new & improved breakfast cereal or laundry soap. It's 12 outfits in the oh HELLO shop that were first assembled a couple of years ago. They now have a fresh new look. It might be new hair, different footwear and/or updated accessories. But one thing is unchanged. If any item is part of a fatpack, you get them all. You also get a preset body alpha HUD. How cool is that? Come grab any and all, and also have a look at December's group gift. You can still get all past month's group gifts too. So ya. Double cool.

oh HELLO. Inspired by Fashionista. Available to all.
I build this region in 2010, but never finished it. 5 years later the Steampunk style attacked me and I finished this region back then. It went to the refrigerator for years, but after a special request for it from CopyKatgrid, I decided to offer it to them, so they can run this sim as a showcase. Still some old school stuff on it, but I will be working the upcoming weeks to update and perform it. I hope you enjoy this very detailed sim as much as I still do ;-)

Model: Zoe Graystone,
ptoto, pose & props: Touche.
Caprica Virtual Worlds.


Wir wünschen einen schönen ersten Advent

Good morning everyone! I wanted to let you know we have been working all night to change Hidden Christmas into 4 regions. If your LM's do not work...use the link in osw. This change will provide a better experience for YOU...although it does mean you will feel some occasional bumps at border crossings. We are still fixing Teleports, platforms...... and signs.....but if you come today....IM me and I will get you where you need to be.

Also...with this change we need to make Hidden Christmas a non flying region. I strongly suggest using teleports instead of walking across the border. The border crossings are causing issues with flying. Use our teleports, make lm's or enjoy a walk. We will get through this together. We are going to put in portals to assist you with each border you will still be able to have a nice will simply walk through the portal to get through the crossing. All will be done in a day.....but region is
open for shopping today! Also, please let me know of issues and we will correct asap!

Hidden Christmas Is Open!

Rock Time at Bellas Rockbude ... today from 11 AM til open End ... lets have a rocking Evening together

Das Team vom

Model: @Caprica Cylon,
ptoto, pose & props: Touche.
Caprica Virtual Worlds.

Wir wünschen allen Bewohnern und der gesamten Opensim Gemeinde
einen besinnlichen ersten Advent !

Dance is just starting! And we are freshly decorated for Christmas!! Stop by and join in!!

DJ Rachel's Saturday Night Blues 7:30 PM at Rockin' The Blues!!
Where: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 7:30 pm grid time
It's Saturday! Time for all good boys and girls (and bad ones too!) to come to ROCKIN' THE BLUES!!!! Yesah!!! DJ Rachel Rose is movin' to Saturday night and she has those SIZZLIN' HOT tunes, hand picked to energize your evening slump!! You know this smexy DJ really rocks this 'ol Juke Joint!! Come on down to the Bayou and party with your friends and meet some new ones!! We're waitin' on ya!!! Bayou
DJ Kith's Awesome Blues at Rockin' the Blues 6:00PM Tonight!
Where: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 pm Grid Time

Where: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 pm grid time
DJ Kith will be spinning the Blues tonight at Rockin' The Blues, from 6 to 7:30 pm!!! It was unexpected...but hey! We can't get enough of a good thing!! DJ Kith's sets are always the "rockin-est" blues sets you will ever hear, and The Tribe is all set to party hearty!! So, put on your dancin' shoes and head on over to Wyldwood Bayou Grid. We've got the Blues, we've got The Tribe to make you welcome, and we've got the Good Times!!! Bayou

The Snowfall Expanse

Come see Santa Claus

Die Hochzeits Party von Darki und Willy.
Wir feiern bis in den Morgen mit emotionalen Liebesliedern und Partysongs
Jeder ist willkommen.

Wedding Party of Darki and Willy Wonka.
We will celebrate and party till the morning grows.
Come and have fun with emotional songs an party music

es geht los

New Gym

Was ist den da los im Zauberwald mehr dazu im Dezember GWG Winter Magic

GWG Winter Magic is under Construction.......... First picture

2 Colors

for the fun have i install a old mono compiler 4.0 and opensim 7.0
and as you want know how old this is well it is 11 years so far with a fake secondlife map how fun is this
then can you also know this computer i used for this is also more of 10 years but she is well for a old computer haha..

Während ich heute an GWG Winter Magic arbeite ziehen wir am Abend um die Häuser und lassen es bei Chrissy im Moonrose-Grid krachen

We love our elves.....but they had a little too much food and drink. When the elves cannot work........the penguins will! The decorating at Hidden Christmas has been saved by the penguins! Please forgive the lack of details on the is hard to shape snow with flippers! It took work.....but they have created an awesome snowman collection for all our visitors.

Don't worry about the elves, they should be back to toy making and decorating soon. They keep mumbling something about headaches and tummy aches..

While visiting our Christmas Decorations, be sure to stop by Mis Behave's North Pole Mall where you will find skates, skis, sweaters, dresses, hats , scarfs, wreaths, trees and so much more holiday decorating.

Hidden Christmas...….it's a magical place!

Glückwunsch für die Hochzeit möget Ihr lange leben und glücklich sein .

Welcome home, Master, Mistress, My lady! (お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様(お嬢様)!
Please come visit our Maid café (メイド喫茶 or メイドカフェ) in the Tokyo area of Factory North Sea. Maid cafés are cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. You can find ours at Shibuya Crossing, next to the Tokyo Tower! Enjoy some kawaii food, and dance the Pon Pon Pon with our maids!
EEP SKIES FULL COLLECTION (*) Available for FREE and FULLPERM at LAMP AREA (TP main area) for who enjoy playing with different skies!

1- Imported all old Windlight Sky set from Firestorm and changed to EEP;
2- Added also timezoned EEP for all seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), between seasons (Spring/Summer, Summer/Autumn etc) and for each season or between seasons, all kind of days (clear, cloudy, rainy or foggy) , all ready to use!
3- Some nice textures for moon, Sun and Water included for those who like to customize the skies and give an extra touch on SIM.

(*) Make sure your grid is EEP enabled and using the latest Firestorm - unsure how and if it works on others viewers though).

Enjoy :)
DJ Kith does Ohhh soooo "Dirty (But Fun!) Blues" at Lady Blue, tonite at 6:00!
Where: Lady Blue on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 tonite! [26 Nov 2021 18:00 SLT]
Yes! It's DJ Kith on the Lady Blue stage tonite! This is our "Dress up to get DOWN" party where the music is totally amazing and the lyrics?? Well...some describe them as "off color"....some describe them and downright DIRTY and we describe them as wild and hysterically funny!! Does "Press my button" or "Let me play with your Poodle" ring a bell?? Maybe..."Viagra in the water"?? NO??? Our DJs rotate here at Lady Blue to bring you the wild and wacky music and laughter that Rockin' the Blues Clubs are famous for, so get on down to the most fun speakeasy you have ever been to and party to lyrics like these, right in between the Blue's Tribe's lively chat and contagious laughter! The event is very popular so do come early and plan to stay late!! Formal attire is suggested but not required, having fun is mandatory!! Bayou

Dinkies goes Gothic, full new outfit in the store, check it out!

A new present's added daily till Christmas bring a friend or yourself and have fun find them. They will start tomorrow 11-27 have fun Also many new items are floating around in stores for men and women

Happy weekend all...


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