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Golden Shopping Gloebits
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New Golden Shopping center... freebies, group gifts, creations, houses, furniture, particule emitter trees, fantasia, Teddy bears creations, free full perms scripts, ... buy with Gloebits and bring yo...

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Bandits Saloon, located in Digiworldz, alive and kickin! Always the greatest country music, both todays and yesterdays! Country line Dancing, Bull Riding,
Isla de Spain
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All are welcome to islan - Free lands - Free Publicity - Free Shop Rent - Shop with lot of Freebies! Dedicate Server 24/7 windows Server 2016 (DATACENTER) OpenSim always on last update and bes...
Sandy Dreams A
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Freebies, Tiki Bar, XL swimming pool, fun free to copy, fitness club, restaurant,... don't bring money, it's all free there !.... Crazy Shopping II
Lydius A
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The City of Lydius is a free coastal port controlled by the Merchant Caste. It is a city of contrasts, combining the roughness of the north regions with the luxuries and civilization of the cities to...
Zone Welcome
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GreekLife Wekcome Zone Free AOs dance hud dance balls avatars radar and many others,Regions start from $5.55 a month full region 15000 prims or you can get free island 1480 prims on Greek Commun...
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Home of HG Safari, with information about our weekly hypergridding trips. Free items, including mesh clothes at Meshanthropy store, also on the island.
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You can build on FREEZONE-1 without any limitation
Blue Moon
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A event location with LIVE singers and great dj's with music from all genre. Check the events calendar from TanGLe Grid to see what is happening on this beautiful region. under EVE...