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Wyldwood Bayou
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"One Whole Year In Our Own Dayum Swamp!!" It's Wyldwood Bayou Grid's 1st Anniversary and ROCKIN' the BLUES' 10th Birthday Is coming Halloween Weekend! Watch for fabulous upcoming events including hunt...
“Ilha da Utopia” point for you to enjoy, a good and pleasant atmosphere with music selected for you, country folk, romantic, MPB, rock, REGATTON, friends, dating, dance, dances, parties, romantic. Your fun starts here.
“Ilha da Utopia” point for you to enjoy, a good and pleasant atmosphere with music selected for you, country folk, romantic, MPB, rock, REGATTON, friends, dating, dance, dances, parties, romantic. Your fun starts here.
DJ ELE! Blues spectacular! GasWorks 7PM

It's DJ ELE! Different time, but same great Blues sound! Come catch ELE at her finest here at GasWorks, and be ready to dance! Ele brings the best blues from a giant inventory of all the best and most current songs! Easy to Find ELE and GasWorks, Just take the hop and land right here! Grab a few friends and join the part! DJ Ele at GasWorks! Tonight! Blues always done right! 7PM
DJ BlueLou TONIGHT! @ GasWorks 5PM

Schedule Flip Flop! Tonight at GasWorks DJ BlueLou will bring the blues at 5PM The Amazing Dj ELE at 7PM. Great night of Blues so you better find your dancing shoe! These blues are the real thing, current, fresh, right from the charts and ohhhh so good! Not hard to find us! Just take the HOP and find yourself at GasWorks. Grab a few friends along the way and we're set to go! DJ BlueLou tonight at 5PM. GasWorks!

VR Gecko
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We will have a great party in our open air theatre with the one and only DJ Melanie Auxifur ! Please meet us at 1 PM Friday and be scary !! Chose the dance TP at landing point.

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

Hello Folks! I just wanted to say thank you for your great comments and support towards Autumnville. I close the sim for public end of week. Thank you all ,stay safe and a Happy Halloween weekend!

The hoverboard tracks are getting a big facelift! Come ride in the Canyon or try out the hoverboards in the Board Park. Hover Haven is free, so bring your hunger for adventure and get ready to glide!

Yep, the shop will be annoyingly halloweeny until November the 1st.
If you feel unsafe just read the posters and set the environment to Midday, that usually makes things better...


The Halloween Shop at the Mall is ready for shopping other shops are under construction. you find a teleporter to the other places of the sim. Come over and have a look.

New Development on Uzuri. Come visit our newly built radio station where you can choose your own genre of music to listen to while exploring. (Not including the welcome area which is set to Radio Northsea International.)

Click the radio on the media desk and choose your station from the menu.

Radio created by garry.beaumont, supplied to me by shawnkmaloney OSWRS. Many thanks to original Opensim creators!

Heute Abend

Over 12,000 indexed documents related ONLY to the Metaverse.

★★★ ★★★

DJ Diamond with the BEST in Blues! 7PM

It's DJ Diamond tonight, bringing the best of the Blues to you at GasWorks! Great Blues, requests and a great time for certain! You know what to do! :) Just take the Hop and find yourself at GasWorks! Grab a friend or two to come along, and we'll be set to dance the night away! Diamond loves playing what the audience wants to hear, so you know it will be a terrific show! DJ Diamond! Tonight! At GasWorks!

New Batty Dress and Outfit just in time for Halloween! Come check it out at .::Beautiful Disaster::. Georgetown

DJ Purrrfectt Catt! Rock, Blues and more at 5PM

Tuesday night Means ROCK NIGHT with DJ Purrrfectt Catt! Expect fantastic classic rock, some Blues and whatever Purrr decides fits into her amazing set! GasWorks and Purrr really want to thank all the people who have enjoyed GasWorks and of course DJ Purrrfect Catt. Still have a chance to take in her show tonight at GasWorks! Simply take the Hop and find yourself at GasWorks! Grab a friend or two and we're all set! GasWorks! DJ Purrr! tonight! 5PM

Dan.Sings at Jaxx's Club on Captiva region in aviworlds

MIRSINI is a new styling proposal available at Fashionistas island East corner Beauty Zone

MALINA is a new styling proposal available at Fashionistas island East corner Beauty Zone

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

Come check out this Halloween Sim! Start off touring through the city. What has happened here? The army seemed like it failed in trying to contain a deadly virus and all of the people have become crazed zombies! Grab your weapon at the welcome and prepare to defend yourself! There are surprises all around, but you must walk everywhere to find them...hehe. Don't be afraid, it's just a little bump in the night...a beast under the bed or who knows what? Tour through the carnival and check out the funhouse, rides, mazes, and more. The farm has all the pumpkins you need. Many other scenes to check out. This is a huge sim, so it will be quite the adventure...if you dare! Falls

Users who come from other Grids can arrive at the party by entering in the map:
Good fun!

Aerial view of our Main Wine Storage, the Winter Greenhouses, and our Wine Aging Area.

Aerial view of Raptor Nest Vineyards Retail Shop, Our Seasonal Area which currently has Jack-o'-lanterns free to pick up. Along with our Charity Donation Boards "Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary" Blind Cat Rescue is a life time care sanctuary for Blind, FIV+ and FELV+ located in St Pauls, NC USA.

NEW Boots !!!

Entrance to Feris Labs:Wonderland

Morgen um 19 Uhr gehts los

We have published our November 2021 issue online! Please read the articles here:

Opensim Roleplay with Fitheach Eun

From the desk of...Abandoned Photo Journal

Grid Showcase Wyldwood Bayou

Exclusive Interview with Roddie Macchi

Thank you for your continued support!

Beach Area with Adult animated Furniture

Our brandnew Romantic Garden .. you can reach it via Sim Teleport at the Landingpoint

Spinel Pazzaz solitaire, Free/Full Perms a beautiful ring to celebrate fall... Jewelry

Hey all you Neverworlders,it is the spooky fun time of the year again ,come have a look at my Halloween section,hop on the tp and grab some freebies while you visit

New-Would you like to be apart of a growing family here in Earth. Well then we have these beautiful homes already to move in, Free to the first ones.

Work on the Memorial Gazebo is 98% done. The plaques are all there but already working on an update script for it. It's very visitable(might see a name you recognize) behind the clubhouse.

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A team of professionals with many years of experience in server applications.

We do not offer something that we would not use ourselves.

Enjoy your virtual life with your and only your private grid!
If you haven't stopped by the Character Shop in the last week hop on over 19 more animesh and 2 stationary NPC bot collection have been added with more to come as the bot and animesh sorting continues.

The newest addition to Spooktacular Wood ....

Introducing the Halloween Sugar Skull Carousel

DJ Ray's "Flashback" to the 70's tonite at 6:00 at Hot Daddy's!!
Where: Hot Daddy's Dance Dock on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 tonite! [25 Oct 2021 18:00 SLT]
The 70's! Wow..what a decade!! The Beatles broke up, Charles Manson was arrested (thank goodness!) and Rock Music lost Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. There were good things too! Polaroid film, Pop Rocks, The Brady Bunch and Atari! Ok, there were lots of other good things the 70s had to offer and we know you remember them..or your mom does! Bring your stories and your friends to Hot Daddy's where DJ Ray will be spinning a very good and very memorable set of 70's Rock tunes just for you! The best 70s tunes? Surely, it’s an impossible task. There was great Rock, Soul, R&B, Funk, Punk, New Wave, and yes...Disco. The hits list could keep you scrolling for days! Leave it to our own DJ Ray to create an outstanding set of 70’s Music for us to enjoy!! Ray is a fabulous DJ, warm and friendly and you will love him and his music! It's always a hit night at Hot Daddy's! Come on down! Daddys

ELEONORA is a new styling proposal available at Fashionistas island East corner Beauty Zone

Galleria of animesh parts & pieces of everything imaginable all copy all free all the time

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Otto vonOtter 8 hours ago
[17:13] Teleport failed. No foreign users allowed in this region [17:14] Teleport failed. No foreign users allowed in this region
Ellen 8 hours ago
Hi, I have looked for the mall for hours now. Any hints as to how to get there? Thanks!
Zoe Synclair 10 hours ago
thedeeferry 11 hours ago
Ty Thomas. Had fun visiting this sim time and time again. Great seasonal and halloween goodies. Something to look forward to visiting again next Fall. 🎃
SheaButter 11 hours ago
Great Job, Thomas Etzel! You can tell you put a great deal of effort into building this. Thank you so much, for sharing all your great items also. See you next year.
Pagane 12 hours ago
I think, not you must close sim. We must continue to be Open SIM! Peoples who stole from all us and try to sale for money must close!
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 13 hours ago
Thanks Zoe for helping to get my ears a little closer to feeling fully immersed, next is touch and smell. I have my room mister right next to me should anyone write a script for me to have it function...
Arkham Grid 13 hours ago
Great Party A.W.E.S.〄.M.E
Lelly 13 hours ago
I found my favorite costume thanks for sharing ,wonderful region :)
Dorena Verne 15 hours ago
Sämtliche Begründungen seitens der Sacrarium Administratoren bezüglich der Sperrung des Hypergrids mit bezahlbarem Zugang, betrachte ich als unehrlich. Es geht ihnen nur darum sich mit Hilfe dummer za...
Pagane 17 hours ago
This region is not on Hypergrid or the Hypergrid address is wrong.