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City Of Boston
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The huge 10 x 10 City of Boston is back online! Come see this massive sprawling take on the beautiful City of Boston. Horse riding park, incredible maze with City Aquarium within, many places to d...
Complete Rental System v1.0

. Two types of lands renting:
Rent Owner : Renter own the land
Rent Group : Renter get group privileges
. 3 ways of calculating pricing:
$Sqm, $Prim, $Fixed
. Price set on server and or Rental Box
. OS$ Money system ( $G Gloebit)
. Rental unit settings:
4- or 8-weeks mode
. Display Rentals with Cards
. Automatic group Invite (or not, as you wish)
. TOS Distribution
. Output Statistics on Notecard or MySql DB API

Complete syteme comprised of:
. Rental Box
. Rental Server
. Kiosk Browser
. Map Kiosk


JayR Cela: impressive 2 hours ago
Live from Rockin' The Blues! It's Saturday Night with DJ Kith! 7:30PM-9PM!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-02-24 19:30 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Blues man DJ Kith continues our Saturday Night Blues Party!! DJ Kith is gonna ROCK OUR HOUSE with the most exciting blues anywhere!! Kith's sets are guaranteed to be fresh and full of surprises, so if you like your blues with an edge... Grab a friend and hop the first gator down to Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid! This party will be full of fun, friendship and awesome blues tunes! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
DJ Riker's Saturday Blues Showcase at Rockin' the Blues tonight at 6:00PM!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-02-24 18:00 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Calling all blues lovers! Get ready for a night of smokin' hot blues with DJ Riker at Rockin' the Blues! Riker is a master of the blues, with a deep knowledge of the genre and a knack for keeping the dance floor packed! He'll be spinning your favorite blues from classics to contemporary! Rockin' the Blues is the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of the blues! Come on down! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

DJ Sid is turning up the volume over at the swingers club right now!! So don't be bored, bring your friends, family, f**k buddies or just yourself for a night of sexy, kinky fun! There is also a very special new release coming out during the event so be there to find out more!

Mike & Zoey ♥
A tall ship battle , ships with crews ! It's great fun. This is last ship standing ( mine :) ) burning! No cargo to steal, all was burned ! With many thanks to the Catronian Archipelago group members to make this event exciting.

Our plaza is Cornflakes Proper!

Super soiree, sur le theme music de film avec DJ Eli a Ocean-Club, maintenant
conseillez de venir en Pijama
Great evening, on the theme of film music with DJ Eli at Ocean-Club, now
advise to come in Pajama
I've finally managed to add some contributions to this year's Cornflakes Week.

I've retextured Clutterfly cuddle lunge chairs, beach towels and bean bag chairs with a Cornflakes theme, all of them with SFposer, of course.

You can pick them up from my shelves in the DropBox.
Secondary pick-up location: Kaufrausch Mega-Store, Santiago.

And here's to hoping that the textures won't go blank again anytime soon...
Join us at 5 pm grid time for an hour of great fun with a live performance from Steven Strikker.
The Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together.
Drop this link into your map; Lagoon
DJ Alex comes on fire, guys at 3 pm grid time! with the hottest tunes for everyone to set the mood. Yes! because it's always time to party. What's the reason for it? Well... we are PARTY PEOPLE!
Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together. Drop this link into your map; Lagoon

Come and join us for fun in the sun at the Kitely Beach Party, happening now!


Sat, Feb 24th noon to 2:00PM PST
@The Kitely Events Center
Summer/Beach wear
Elf Mage DJ Maldrul will be playing all your favorite Beach and Party Jams!

Here’s the hop, paste in your map: Events Center/78/75/22

If you have any questions contact Kimm Starr, Cooper Swizzle or Koshari Mahana
Sunday Affairs im Germanworldgrid - Sonntag 25. Februar ab 20 Uhr dreht DJ Thalion den Plattenteller und heizt uns so richtig ein, mit Schlager, Rock & Pop. Seit mit dabei wir freuen uns auf euch.
Sunday Affairs - Sunday 25 th February from 8 p.m. CET- DJ Thalion spins the turntable and really heats us up with hits, rock & pop. Join us, we look forward to seeing you!
Good Morning Everyone 🙂
Greedy Gussies Saturday Morning
Greedy/Coffee Social - Voice Chat enabled!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴7:00am OST/10:AM EST ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫Parsons Creek Lodge✫
» Ride: Creek Lodge
I had a few messages this morning asking why haven't I been creating jewelry. I have a job working RL and just not inworld as much. The note touched me thank you for reaching out. I thought to create a new charm bracelet ( I love to create charms) This new bracelet is in honor of my dearest friend @FerdFrederix the Outworldz charm bracelet. This little charm is his dragon and letter O for Outworldz, I love you Ferd. Thank you for giving us all incredible worlds where we can express ourselves. Please find the bracelet in the Monentes Jewelry foyer on the little table. There is a bracelet and just the charm in the box. Thank you for contacting me and requesting new jewelry, it is much appreciated. You inspire me.
Today is an excellent day to explore the metaverse! SkyRealm Observatory invites you to come see a spectacular observatory perched high on a floating mountain. While there make sure to pick up the gifts like this beautiful charm bracelet. Check out the teleports as they take you high up onto a tower for dancing. Comets streak through the heavens here, come check it out
+ osGiveLinkInventory
+ osGetInventoryNames
+ osGetLinkInventoryNames
+ osGetInventoryKeys
+ osGetLinkInventoryKeys
+ osGetLinkInventoryKey
+ osGetLinkInventoryDesc
+ osGetLinkInventoryName

Eight new OSSL functions, and maybe two more.

This rocks.

Buzzy Cnayl: It would be really great if the dev's could explain the advantages of some of these new features. For instance I see osParticleSystem is a new thing but why use that over the standard lsl particles et... 16 hours ago
Week 6: Learning the Fundamentals of Your Viewer
This week, we will cover the basic functions of your viewer, essential for customizing your experience. You will learn how to create outfits and get dressed, utilizing the outfit system. We will go over the toolbars buttons, clearing cache and building in your AO. Volume controls for adjusting other avatars' voices will also be addressed. By the end of this day, you will have a solid grasp of the core viewer features allowing you to tailor Open Sim to your needs. With practice, these functions will become second nature. Understanding these basics paves the way for more advanced creativity down the road. Class will be starting at 10am grid time every Saturday

Omy2024: What a great service you offer to the community who are unfamiliar with Firestorm 19 hours ago

a little so that you know more about the place...

my habitat...

Not quite ready for our grand opening yet as we are still collecting art from folks who would like to get their art "out there" for others to enjoy and maybe even buy! Contact Star Ravenhurst or Myself for more information about the Le Beau Retrouvè Art Gallery and we'll do what we can to get you noticed. We all get by with a little help from our friends! Blessings and much love, Lavia.

enjoying a beautiful and relaxing panorama.

We continue enjoying...

Some great fun at the base, and the raptors would love to have you for dinner, literally.... You have a HOT BODY? These guys think you look positively delicious. Visit and tour Kadour Haarets and take heart, you can outrun these guys but if you don't, your sacrifice and contribution to the preservation of these amazing creatures will be forever remembered. Blessings and much love, Lavia

one of my great distractions..

enjoying a day of sailing with friends...

Putri Solo will be singing live @ Twiztid Timez grid Timez Welcome Area
Saturday 24th February 2024
9pm - arrive early!
This is a great opportunity to visit the newly created Twiztid Grid, enjoy good company and wonderful music with Putri and to celebrate the amazing Faith Fromund's birthday! It was a surprise but the cat is out of the bag now and she is thrilled.

It's Friday night and we're declaring it the weekend!! DJ Mike has turned on his stream at The Ravo - Just behind the landing at Nysa - and we are ready to party all night long! So don't feel bored, come on over and hang with some fun people for a night of laughter, fun, dancing and awesome tunes! Oh, and don't forget, DJ Mike hands out pre-release gifts at half time so you need to be here to get them ahead of everyone else! Everyone is welcome, lets party!!

Mike & Zoey ♥
Hi all, DJ Colten will be spinning at The Landing @ Boutiques at 4pm (PST) today. Come join the party and let's get this weekend off to a flying start :)

Beach Party! Let's don our suits, it's time for fun!
At the Kitely Events Center, DJ Maldrul Smith, Sat. Feb 24th, 12 noon PST


Here’s the hop, paste in your map: Events Center/78/75/22
Hey Everyone 🙂 I'm performing at Sound City -
Littlefield Grid! Come join me, request a few tunes
and have some fun!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴2:00pm OST/5:PM EST ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫SOUNDCITY✫
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ CASUAL∵∴ ❈
» Ride: hop://

The songs of sanremo 2024 as you have never heard them.....
Le canzoni di sanremo 2024 come non le avete mai ascoltate.....

PrillLeon: DANCE DANCE DANCE .............. yesterday

=Darla Dress - Athena, Legacy & Reborn - 36 Colors
=Ruby Dress - Athena, Legacy & Kupra - 9 colors

Komm und erlebe eine Nacht voller Energie und elektrisierender Beats beim "Blue Monday in der Zappelbude"! Am 26. Februar 2024 öffnen wir ab 21:00 Uhr unsere Türen für ein unvergessliches Event, das du nicht verpassen solltest.

Veranstaltungsort ist die Zappelbude, wo die Wände mit den Klängen von Xenos erzittern werden. Von 21:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr wird Xenos die Bühne mit "Industrial Metal Vol.2 und mehr" rocken. Tauche ein in eine Welt aus kraftvollen Rhythmen und pulsierenden Melodien!

Bevor Xenos die Bühne betritt, kannst du bereits ab 20:00 Uhr das Vorprogramm genießen: "Extravaganza 018 w/ Kinetta invites Bound By Endogamy" wird die Stimmung anheizen und dich auf das Hauptevent vorbereiten.

Für diejenigen, die nicht persönlich teilnehmen können, bieten wir auch die Möglichkeit, das Event online zu verfolgen. Tune dich auf ein oder nutze die TuneIn-App auf deinem Handy, um Xenolandia live zu hören!

Also markiere dir den 26. Februar 2024 in deinem Kalender und sei bereit für eine Nacht voller Musik und Spaß bei "Blue Monday in der Zappelbude"!
Foto von : Andreas Lawen, Fotandi – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Marlis2: Danke Scarlett, wie immer geile Musik mit tollen Leuten und super Stimmung:) yesterday
Country Sounds - DJ Ruth - Caribou Ranch -Today Friday 12-14

Shemales Ladyboys Katoey TG 18+ M F Women Men Neko Furry Others - All welcome

The best Shops - new mesh bodies, outfits, animations - Petite Reborn Legacy Athena. Full GRIMM shop! Great Male Outfits and More.

No groups needed - just be 18+. Short or tall. Ask Jeanne.

Free Private Homes, Islands, Hideaways for Caribou Grid Avatars. Other Grid AVs - Ask Jeanne.

Full Owner Rights. Security at request.

The teleports to Caribou should work fine now. The TOS link does not yet, so use our home page.

Caribou is Safe for all 18+ Avatars. We started in SL 17 years ago and ever since then we have been free, supportive, friendly and adult.

Home page and TOS:

Jeanne Lefavre: I am sorry we have problems again as teleports to Caribou are broken from some grids. We are working on this but may not be done before tomorrow. It is a technical problem I am told, which has to do w... yesterday

Raven's Pet Shop has some new animesh companions in store at Raven's Peak - Cinders Beach Region just waiting for someone to take them all home! xD

Mike & Zoey ♥

Milly Money: Really loved these critters! Thank you so much!! And gorgeous land, wow!! yesterday

Photo done at backdrop alley at Raven's Peak
hop://'s Peak/537/493/121

Sodasullivan: Great picture! Love the backdrop. is the outfit available at Reven's Peak also? yesterday
Can someone test out this karaoke join list board for me? I do not have enough friends to test it. I left it in my sandbox at You can buy it for 0$ Please let me know a detailed description of any bugs.

Jamie Wright: @Tigerkitti2014 You've been looking for more of these so I'm tagging you:) yesterday
Millions of stars lit up Caribou when I took Monkey on my shoulder for a little break from my landscaping. I sent a loving thought to my friend Veri McMaster who taught me so much. She is now with the angels, and I miss her badly.

Veri knew that our experiences in OS can have a healing effect on our brains. She went out to prove this by taking many people to adult environments and experiences. We talked much about her project, and she inspired me to read more and follow up on what she was doing.

Veri was right. Environment, architecture, experiences, good relations, can all improve our neurological health. But there is also a dark side of adult life in OS which has opposite effects.

I know it myself. For almost a year I lived through a period of exclusion and harassment. My friends were lost and lies were circulated. I was excluded from all adult events and groups all over OS. If I asked something I was told that these are only my own sick fantasies. My friends were told to ignore me or they would get excluded themselves.

I was as alone as can be, night after night, week after week. And no. I was not feeling well.

My few remaining friends saved me. But I still suffer from what happened.

This is a dangerous game. I don’t think that most people understand how dangerous it is. Lonely people who maybe have other health problems may fare much worse than I did.

I now own a major region and grid, I am happily partnered and have many new friends. Some have apologized for their treatment of me which I do appreciate.

I still suffer from the old lies that were circulated. I am not allowed into most adult events and sites. This does not hurt me anymore. I go where I am welcome and wonder about the others.

I wanted to tell this to explain my approach to Caribou. We will never exclude anyone, and we will never accept any harassment on these islands. There will never be groups that exclude others. Everyone will be welcome on these adult islands where there are as few rules as we can have.

If you have similar experiences please talk with me. We don't offer professional advice but it may help to talk, and to know that there are others as well. Such as I myself.

Caribou is Adult rated and we hope that our friends come as 18+ Avatars, at any size small or large, so we can keep these islands open, advanced and safe for all. Ask me, Jeanne, if you are not sure how we see you.

Ask me also for private homes, hideaways and second homes. From villages and tropical islands to countryside and winter snow. From your own island to a village condo. Caribou Avatars have the right built in.

Avatars from other Grids please contact me and we see what and how we can arrange. We will always find solutions.

A Avatar can be created at - and life here will be easy. Please note that our server checks automatically that your e-mail address is a real one.

All is free in Caribou.

A warm hug to you all. Jeanne

IndigoQueen King: I am new to OS so I don't know about all of the past BS those ppl put you through. I hope that you continue to heal and thrive..when I came to visit your grid you and your friends greeted me with warm... 2 days ago
CLAN LIVE with Clan's Steampunk Band Today at 1PM - Club Escotia in AMV!
Happy Cornflakes Week!
The thing is about Club Escotia, it's beautiful enough for a poster,
One week it's the diner, and nothin' is finer, so come this weekend for a joiner,
This week we perform on the main stage, we've taken everything outta' the trunk,
Top hats and wings, monocles and things, yes it's all about calliope and steampunk!! Escotia
The cat is out of the bag for advertising purposes. We are holding a surprise Birthday Party for our lovely co-creator Faith and you are all invited. Putri Solo will take to the stage between 9pm and 10pm on Saturday February 24th 2024.
All welcome - come along for a fun time of dance, laughter and enjoyment!

Omy2024: Let the party begin! Looking forward to celebrating our much loved friend Faith on Saturday. Damn it we should celebrate her every day! 2 days ago
Ok it's official now and the cat is out of the bag! What is to be a surprise birthday party for my amazing and treasured friend Faith Fromund is now public.
I told her to come dressed in business attire for an official business meeting - laughs! Also asked her to stay out of an area of her own sim! Can you believe it? damn lucky she knows I am bossy at time when determined to get something done!

On Saturday 24th February 2024 @ 9PM - we have organized for the talented and amazing singer Putri Solo who will be singing live for Faith's birthday party.

Everyone is welcome to come along [the more the merrier]. On arrival - grab your party hats, balloons and cute little animated balloons and celebrate with us for Faith's birthday!

Come early but be sure to take the taxi here: Timez Welcome Area

The event will be held on the Twiztid Timez main grid - you won't miss the color on arrival at the welcome center.

Please don't take the OMG LM - I will place a notice for those that go there by mistake.
But you want the Twiztid Timez Welcome Area grid Timez Welcome Area
Okay the cat is out of the bag! Surprise birthday party for the beautiful Faith from Twiztid Timez grid, Wicked Waves and designer of [FF] Faith Fashions. Celebrating her birthday which is to be a surprise. We have the amazing talented Putri Solo singing live at the main Twiztid Timez grid Timez Welcome Area
Putri will be singing from 9pm to 10pm so please come early, grab your party hats, birthday sign for Faith and balloons and let's party!
A great opportunity to have a little taste of the new grid Twiztid Timez
Be sure to use this LM to get there! Timez Welcome Area
Live Show with Putri Solo singing live this SATURDAY 24 FEBRUARY @ 9PM. Everyone is welcome and the event will be held at the Twiztid Timez grid Timez Welcome Area
Follow the color - you won't miss it!
Everyone is Welcome! collect party hats, balloons, drinks, relax, have fun and enjoy the beautiful voice of Putri Solo
This event is to honor and celebrate the amazing Faith Fromund, amazing friend for many years now. It was to be a "surprise party" but guess the cat is out of the bag now! Surprise Faith!
It is also a timely opportunity to showcase the amazing Twiztid Timez grid - you will not be disappointed. It is such a beautiful grid for all to enjoy!
So come along and dance the night away with us while we celebrate Faith's birthday!

Omy2024: This will be a fantastic night! Thanks for sharing! ♥ 2 days ago

The Box
Nico Kalani 34 minutes ago
Tax refunds are for suckers. Stop loaning the gov. your money interest free and lower the amount withheld.
Jamie Wright 2 hours ago
@pitocharnelle Neverworld Grid allows home hosting
JustCurious 3 hours ago
@xenondarrow arent you on AMV any longer
Xenon Darrow 3 hours ago
@negan I am at Wolf Territories and I brought my own OARs
Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederi 3 hours ago
@Cyberglow If you get a refund, you have no idea how money works. You should only pay in 90+% of what is owed and bank it
CyberGlo CyberStar 4 hours ago
How do you like those Joe Biden Tax Refunds? Reply if you are in the USA, you worked last year, and you got a refund.
Negan Dead 5 hours ago
Does anyone know of a grid that accepts sims on their grid like osgrid to put my sims on it
thedeeferry 7 hours ago
@Copper I apologize. I did not mean to offend you. ♥
Negan Dead 8 hours ago
yes he tries to get to it but he can't get to it's really weird
Jamie Wright 8 hours ago
Have you contacted Italian virtualife grid? To see if the admins can get to your sim or see anything from their side of things?
Copper 8 hours ago
@ thedeeferry: This is exactly the point in the translation for Negan where no one can help: "...can do this on it..." What to do and on what grid
Lone Wolf 9 hours ago
Lone Wolf 9 hours ago
@Acen8 Wolf Territories Grid
thedeeferry 9 hours ago
@Jamie Wright Well done. :)
thedeeferry 9 hours ago
"hello here I would like to know one thing ..i have a sim online on a friends grid the sim is online but no one can do this on it...could someone help me - per Yandex"
thedeeferry 10 hours ago
Try Yandex translator. Much better.
Jamie Wright 10 hours ago
@pitocharnelle What grid are you trying to put your sim on? Maybe contact the owners/admins of that grid for some support or instructions?
Copper 10 hours ago
@Negan..Google couldnt translate this to something understandable. Maybe in english your question would reach more who could help
Negan Dead 13 hours ago
bonjour voila je voudrai savoir une chose mùet en ligne une sim sur une grid d amis la sim est bien en ligne mais personne ne peut ce tp dessus ...quelq un pourrait til m aider
JustCurious 18 hours ago
where can i find real working games and skating rinks and the likes thereof
Jack_Tann yesterday
Thanks Misty! I'll check it out
Nico Kalani yesterday
@Acen8: This is where you will find over 60 people dedicated to helping you find things. Post your request there for the best results:
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New Comments

JayR Cela 2 hours ago
Milly Money 2 hours ago
Wow, headed to get this, thank you!!
Blake Hayvenhurst 4 hours ago
Respect, great work. Thank you!
Copper 8 hours ago
To save some work, and to prevent anybody to flood a region, I altered the touch event to owner only: touch_start(integer num_detected) { if(llGetOwner() == llDetectedKey(0)) { ...
Lone Wolf 9 hours ago
Amazing work.
Copper 10 hours ago
Works super...a great add on also for a rp!
IndigoQueen King 14 hours ago
Love them all..walking around with the companion elephant so cute. I love how her ears flap when we fly. Very cool. Thank you!!
Buzzy Cnayl 16 hours ago
It would be really great if the dev's could explain the advantages of some of these new features. For instance I see osParticleSystem is a new thing but why use that over the standard lsl particles et...
JeffKelley 18 hours ago
Manipulating inventory in child prims. For example, managing a hierarchical inventory storage (boxes of textures comes in mind, 50 boxes of 100 textures = 5000, not an easy task inside a single prim)....


Impero Island
the new firestorm not allowed :(
AdrianaDarkheart 21 hours ago
Extreme Surfing
great place for relaxing
TrishiaOConnell 21 hours ago
Moonrose Shopping
Love Moonrose shopping, the quality of the clothes is really gorgeous. Some really beautiful designs. Thank you so much.
Omy2024 21 hours ago
Really beautiful region, lots and lots and LOTS of hard work gone into all this, and it shows. Just so well done and so peaceful feeling.
Milly Money yesterday
Beautiful sim.
Debra Ann Congi 2 days ago
A beautifully landscaped country side with lots to see, and some of the friendliest people you will me! I showed up to vist and got invited to a sack race! Such nice people and a beautiful location
Sodasullivan 3 days ago
i like this exhibition the most! wondering if there is a changed content every here and than. was fun killing time at this place.
Marinamario 4 days ago
Parx Paradise
Those who take naturism, nature and relaxation in a quiet environment seriously, both inworld and outworld, should visit the public areas on this sim, they are phenomenally designed and really give yo...
Cintoli 4 days ago
Extreme Surfing
Well designed, and very tranquil. Lots of good waves and sim and surf here. Some nice relax areas and a boat.. Large area. Very nice!!!
wicked 4 days ago

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