7th Heaven
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Agency "7th Heaven" is a world of holidays !!! A place where your dreams come true, where you can have a great time with your soul mate, romantic, birthday, marriage registration. On your holiday abso...

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JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
SCANDINAVIAN FLORA HUD - SHRUB VERSION - 24TH APRIL 2018. No news on that version. Fixed some issues found on shrub number 07 though. :) Product available at Freebie Stores.
12 hours ago
samu The Golden River posted an update
Hello everyone :) the store with new items is open for everyone to enjoy, there are also three new women's hairstyles and some new shoes in the corresponding stores. Enjoy the sim and thanks for comin...
18 hours ago
Lumiya Lumiya posted an update
I added Gipsy Outift for Athena mesh body!!!!! FREEE!!!!
19 hours ago
rose.jung Spellmongers posted an update
Most of the gardens are now ready to look round ................. we also have a frebbie area check out the teleports for this
aztec8888 Seaside Dreams posted an update
I have added a large beach area now to Seaside Dreams. Please do visit and discover many hidden things. There are also many free items, many things I have made just for this region. In addition, use t...
JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
SCANDINAVIAN SEA FLORA HUD RELEASED! 22TH APRIL 2018 VERSION! 08 models of aquatic plants (sculpt and 01 prim) and 01 model rock (mesh and 01 prim) ALL OF THEM WITH NO- BUBBLES or WITH-BUBBLES v...
2 days ago
kylie Power Angels Paradise posted an update
New mesh Tiny`s woot and lots more come visit us hugssss :)
2 days ago
MrMan Swingers posted an update
Thanks to all who came to my party last night and making it great...
2 days ago

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HavenGrid HavenGrid posted a review of the region Isilstation
Excellent design and variety of scenes from grunge to space station. Creative and adheres to giving is caring. Kudos to the creators and designers of Neustadt Var.
7 hours ago
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Dave43 Dave43 posted a comment in the region Mare Welcomecenter
All people like the virtual money? what planet are you from, the most popular regions are full freebie regions not ones with fake virtual money crap, ...
16 hours ago
111shawn 111shawn posted a comment in the region Amsterdam
Shaz answered my question and has been working on a fix to the prob, but for now when you land in the water, fly up,pull up yer world map, crank yer d...
16 hours ago
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