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Zombie Jungle
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Zombie Jungle-An immersive 3d Live action Zombie Hunting Game. On an Island far away fell victim to a toxic waste spill converting people, Jungle animals even insects into hideous brain-sucking Zombi...

The show is JUST starting!
Terry Wildman LIVE at Sound City!!
hg: East

The Big Farm

Attention Musicians, Vocalists, Comedians & Poets! Come join us at Open Mic/Karaoke on Saturday Mornings! 3 songs or 15 minute sets then pass the mic! A fun morning of LIVE performers! Stream provided if you dont have one or you can perform over local voice chat!
════════━┈ Cates's Acoustic Cafe ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ LIVE OPEN MIC/KARAOKE ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ LIVE Musicians, Vocalists, Poets, or Comedians!
★ ════ ☆ 9:00am - 11:30am
★ ════ ☆ Every Saturday
★ ════ ☆ Karmic Drift Region - AviWorlds
★ ════ ☆ Map: Drift

Saturday - 3pm Pacific Time
Terry Wildman LIVE at Sound City!!
hg: East

#opemsim#sacrarium #nimax
New In Store! MAX

Ice Ice Ice Baby

DJ Moonie rocks the Friday Night crowd at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 7:30!
Where: The one and only ROCKIN' THE BLUES!! Wyldwood Bayou
When: 7:30 tonite! [7 May 2021 19:30 SLT]
We call her "Moonshine" but we don't let her drink any! Her crazy, cacking, Southern Belle self is already more than we can handle! Moonie's got the tunes to wind down your Friday evening but not without winding you up first! She'll be here to chat a bit, laugh a lot and spin you some sensational Friday Night Blues! Come on down! We'll leave the light on for ya! Bayou
DJ Dick Pinelli! Hard Hitting Blues at GasWorks! 7PM

Come on down to the Juke! That's right! DJ Dick Pinelli steps up tonight to Rock the Blues for us at GasWorks! DJ Pinelli knows his Blues... Name a subject, a topic and he can pull up a Blues song to fit the conversation... DJ Pinelli will always play what you want to hear, and will gladly take your Blues requests... Bring your friends, and settle on in tonight at GasWorks! A good time will follow!
Happy Friday!!! DJ Macy's Friday Night Lites at Rockin' the Blues! 6:00
Where: Rockin' the Blues! on Wyldwood Bayou
When: 6:00 tonite! [7 May 2021 18:00 SLT]
Dj Macy at Rockin the Blues! You wanna Rock the Blues on a Friday night??!!!! Welllllllllll get yourself on down to the living room because DJ Macy and her sweet rockin' blues soul has got all the Friday night blues you can handle!!! This lil southern gal can light 'em up.... burn 'em down.... and then fire it all up again!!! So hop on down here and see what our Macy has in store for us tonight!!!! Fire it up Tribe!!!! Friday Night is Blues night with Dj Macy and the Tribe!!!!! Bayou

We make Wine with Fun :-)

Let's Party! DJ Phoenix is back and ready to Rock GasWorks Blues! 5PM

Yeah! Yeahhh! Friday night and DJ Phoenix is back in business at GasWorks! Expect top notch Blues! Rowdy Blues! Current Blues! And on top of all that, expect the Blues! Phoenix knows exactly how to serve up a Great set and plays what we all want to hear! This is gonna be a great night - Grab some friends and come on down to the juke! DJ Phoenix is gonna take care of us! Tonight at GasWorks!

messing , rolling and scratching

Hi Folks
Nice that you are all still here. Friends, envious, haters and hackers I love you all. You think Rakis is dead? Noooooo! 8 unix grid now run fine. ♥ You want my OAR's e.g. Free House Sim 1 + 2 and more? Then go to my website and get it. Hacker, trying to hack the website. The surprise will be great. :-D
have fun.
DMCA blah blah: Everything has to be passed on to CMT. Just as we got it from the creator. Later access changes go by our ass. For lawyers: IGE IPI CH
Best Regards
Rakis Heron
I'm Just Going to leave this here with the comment that "You and your sort are NOT welcome on XUsYou" ...

IP Address
Country United States of America
Country code US
Region Kansas
City Leavenworth
Postal code 66043
Longitude -94.922462463379
Latitude 39.311111450195
Organization Road Runner

Half time with wosy Live !

Ab 20:00 Uhr geht es los :-)

with our great DJ Cloey
come for the fun, bring your friends to enjoy her great tunes

Important announcement!
We share all our articles for the personal use of each person who visits us.
We do not allow our work to be exposed in other places and if we detect maximum abuse we will take action.
We cannot understand that avatars created on the same day come to our store and take all but all of our items in one go.
the logical and normal thing is to come and take what is needed and come back again to see news or something that I forgot to take.
The Ni-Max team
Come visit Biker Nation, Do ya loves bikes, party and of course the opposite gender. Or even the same gender. Come join the No Hopers MC for some fun biker lifestyle stuff. Only rules are respect and a good time. (we are under construction but visits welcome)
Land Umsonst 4000 QM / 1000 Prims
Melde Dich auf unsere Seite an
Melde Dich dann bei Lazarus Nox wegen Land

Land for free
4000 square meters / 1000 prims
Register on our website
Then contact Lazarus Nox about land
When a shopping center offers a part of paradise for nature and horses lovers....
use telepads on the floor, select stables, tp and try those fantastic horses to visit.
You can also just select "paradise" in the telepad menu, try it with your lover, we have set nice cuddles and kiss balls with a great view at the back

#spring #summer #arkhamgrid
Kingman Furniture Design

7PM The amazzzing DJ Purrrfectt Catt takes the stage at GasWorks!

Special Set! DJ Purrr will climb the stage at GasWorks to do a fill in for us! And what a fill in!! Purrr is one of the amazing DJ's who play at GasWorks, and Always a complete crowd pleaser! Get the bet of Blues, Blues Rock and more with DJ Purrr! If You've never heard her, tonight is the night! Grab some friends and come on down to the Juke! Come on down to GasWorks with DJ Purrrfectt Catt

Goodnight from Wolf Territories

Region teleport system

GreekLife Grid Hosting, Trust.... Stability... Reasonable Prices... stable rez faster no laggy with last greeklife opensim our code Zeus GL 0.9.2...........
Twelve years of experience in opensim…….

Gleich geht es los ab 20:00 Uhr - Richi´s Music-Call

Hello everyone new opening sim Exstrime Rlv on Virtualife with small disco shop and cuddling area bdsm poses, we are waiting for you Rlv

Hi all a new land Aquarium is born (underwater world) a world of peace and tranquility a land of fantasy come and visit it find it on Virtualife grid

Hello everyone, we are waiting for you on the Virtualife Mega store to go shopping and have fun all for free Store

On Virtualife you can now buy regions directly from our site.
You will find under buy vl, the payment method, the coin will arrive automatically in your avatar.Unica grid with this payment method equal to Secondlife
Grid hosting
Website domain name and hosting (or supply your own).
Daily backup (stored locally on our backup machine)
HyperGrid enabled (or closed the choice is yours).
Vivox chat (Voice).
Easy avatar registration dashboard
Working search and classifieds.
Grid splash page.
Profiles and Groups inworld.
Inworld restart.
30 sims 256X256

€ 120,00 month
Virtual-HG Magazine May issue just published!! In this magazine please find,

David Denny's Shirelands
GCG Tig Eberdene's Aurora-Georgetown we feature the memorials
Opensim Roleplay with Fitheach Eun
From the desk of...
Journey of Tiers: 9 Fixin' The Query

Springtime magic is upon us, let's celebrate the beauty of spring. We will feature a section of beautiful flora and fauna we have found in the metaverse.

Available now at grid

"KIMEY" al parco giochi


Good morning from the mountains of Wolf Territories...

Ven a Habibi Paradise escoge tu oufit preferido free y disfruta de la danza más hermosa

Hermoso lugar para sentir la magia de la música árabe y el bellydance ,pronto renace en VWZ

Spring finally "sprung" at North Norway places lol

Blue Who? It's DJ BlueLou! Tonight at GasWorks 7PM

Feelin' rowdy? Come on down! DJ BlueLou has all the right ideas about how to feed your need! it's Blues! Served up hot and ready to get you dancin' and shoutin'. New Blues, Older favorites, surprises! All fair game for Lou when he takes the stage! Come on over, and take the rowdiness into the night! Tonight with Blue Lou at GasWorks! All Blues, All the Time, Everytime!

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