Golden Shopping
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Gloebit currency, freebies, over 70 group gifts, free to copy, and others, ... Free smokes, BBQ, furniture, animated bars, free homes, tree houses, plants, flowers, free wears & jewels, animated food ...
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xxj3ssycaxx Jessica's place posted an update
hi .. just updated my shopping land with a men clothing store .. so now theres the men clothing store , women clothing and acessory store , a car dealer, homes and buildings.. something for everyone !! enjoy xxx
11 hours ago
DemiDuffield Duffs posted an update
From now until October 31 ..... Halloween Forest ... Adults-only play land where most everything is allowed, encouraged and enjoyed. ~~ For a limited time see our dark, fog-filled haunted Halloween forest. Then shop at the free Market - horseback riding at the barn - boating on the lake & Narrows Sea - dancing at the Deck, Mavericks or Ballroom.
17 hours ago
LyudmilaPavlichenko The Harbor posted an update
Container 20181019 arrival @ The Harbor. Enjoy! ;)
karenparksuk Fairview posted an update
Goodbye from here - we are still on OSGrid ... and we are growing!!
2 days ago
scanners neustadt posted an update
new Dress and Shirt for SMB in Kids Shop
2 days ago
logansryche FurValleys posted an update
Morning everyone, have some announcements to make... Firstly I have six full 15,000LI 65,536m2 regions up for rent for either G$2500/mo or $10usd/mo. If you pay for more then a month I'll discount 10% per month paid(so a year could end up costing G$2500 or $12usd instead of G$27500 or $120usd). You can do whatever you like on these full sims(change the name, put up ban lines, change the land group, etc..) and there will be no roads or paths or anything to them making them completly private. No ...
2 days ago
GundaHerleva ShenZhen posted an update
Container 20181019 now available on our 3 ATM terminal! Enjoy!
2 days ago
IntrepidBoudica The Conglomerate posted an update
Container 20181019 arrival at The Conglomerate enjoy!!!
2 days ago
JesseCause Grapes of the Vine posted an update
Opening Celebration Taking Place ON : October 18, th 2018 Thursday at 3:00 pm. Please Join us for" 2" best buddies that have joined sims to Celebrate a new place to go and have fun...……….. Can't wait to see you there! Jesse Cause and Sexy lady SAVE THE DATE...….. see you there!!
3 days ago
Calnia Local Colors posted an update
Local Colors Village will be celebrating our SIX year birthday on November 1! Yes, we've been around THAT long and have been through a lot of changes during that time....including the grid we are on! We have a VERY SPECIAL night planned, including a concert and fireworks. Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 1 from 6 to 8 pm. This is an event you DON'T want to miss!!!
3 days ago
KiraWhitehawk Wyldwood Bayou posted an update
This week we completed the Voodoo Circle, The Abandoned Asylum, and the sinking graveyard in the Black Swamp on Wyldwood Bayou. The Asylum is an especially fun place to explore, especially during the upcoming Halloween season.
4 days ago
Freya12 Club Equinox posted an update
Don't miss DJ Cheryl Foxx's debut at club equinox, come on down and join the party.
6 days ago
logansryche FurValleys posted an update
Hey everyone! Have some parcels to give away for FREE!!! The giver with the landmarks is next to the donation terminals. Parcels range from 4800m2 to 14,880m2 and more will be given away soon! If you're looking for a friendly community to join bit want freedom in your downtime, this is it.
6 days ago
cayoun Failte posted an update
A little Halloween-Shop: Article for Halloween and Costumes for regular - and Mesh Avas
7 days ago
Kalina_Blackheart Dark Gordian posted an update
A Newer Sim Dedicated to the BDSM Lifestyle. Events hold that kind of Theme. Discussions on BDSM held every Sunday at 1pm. Events at the Club held every saturday starting at 4pm Digi Time. Come out experience Dark Knot! You will be glad you did!
7 days ago

fcooper started a Happy Hour in Singa!
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Copper posted a comment in the region Tombstone
Seems as if also this grid dindt underastand the new EU law , as many american grids! There is NO need to have a confirmation to HG gridders to acceop...
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