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SF Farmer Cooperative Region full of Freebies, Accessories, Clothing and much more Farm Themed Stuff! What is here? - Store full of stuff for SF - Central Singa Park(full of food,events, and ...

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karenparksuk Morocco Nights posted an update
We will be moving from Windows 10 to a dedicated Linux server with 16Gb RAM soon - hopefully that will speed things up - Thanks to my hubby!!
8 hours ago
Dfairch Garnet Cove posted an update
The var is finally finished and the venues are ready to go. The Loft Blues Club will be opening very soon with the same party blues and family atmosphere we were known for in Inworldz. DJ MoonMaiden Horner has come over with us and will be Djing at the Loft as well. So keep an eye on the events, both here and on the Digiworldz calendar, for days and times. We've missed you all and are looking f...
12 hours ago
AlmaMiranda Sacrarium posted an update
The maintenance is complete! We did many good things to make the grid better! Welcome to Sacrarium grid !
17 hours ago
mike.chase Fetish Fire posted an update
Fetish Fire is now located on it's permanent home on Utopia Skye Grid. Come visit us for a set or just explore the grid a bit. We're happy to call this home and hope others will enjoy the time spent with us here.
SkedGrabber Glamour Isle Welcome Center posted an update
Today again we will have maintanance on main asset server. We try to be quick so that all can login back. For any other new news we will post it here. Maintanance will took from 4PM EU time zone till 11PM EU time zone. Thank you all members for your pations. Sked Grabber
AlmaMiranda Sacrarium posted an update
Friends! We plan preventive works on the "Sacrarium" grid on September 17 at 0:00 GMT until September 18 0:00 GMT. Within a day, grid outages are possible. Please prepare your avatars and finish any construction work in the regions for this period. Sincerely, Administration of Sacrarium Grid.
2 days ago
NoahFrost Lowlands Farm posted an update
still working on it :-)
3 days ago
JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
*** FREE AND FULLPERM OS GREEDY TABLE and LOG GREEDY TABLE version 5.2 RELEASED**** NEW ON VERSION: 1- Prims reduced from Log Greedy table (33 instead of 37); 2- New "next player" sound. Ive removed the annoying loud metallic sound for a more pleasant one (water drip sound to OS table and wood chop to the log table :)) Greedy table available at TP point area. Have fun :)
3 days ago

Raybo liked the region Karmalot Square
22 minutes ago
VictorDeAngelo posted a comment in the region Free Life Eloquent Estates
Thank you, Tonya, for letting me know about the crates containing the houses and their components that you were not able to copy. I went through each...
3 hours ago
TeddyBrat posted a comment in the region A.I. Beach Resort
Best beach place with water slide!
3 hours ago
Freya12 liked the region Luv Plaza
5 hours ago
fcooper posted a review of the region Glamour Isle Welcome Center
The Grid is wonderful, the management can be mean sometimes, they should be able to have people self host simulators connected to the grid
8 hours ago
karenparksuk liked the region Tromso
8 hours ago
iHope liked the region Sweet Malta
10 hours ago
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