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RRD Fashion Exclusives
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RRD Fashion Exclusives is a new region dedicated to everything created or uploaded for Rayvn's Roost Designs. While eventually most of the content will be clothing related, other designs made by or up...

'Nuff said.

Misty_Falls: Agreed ... Money is EVIL. 39 minutes ago

Visita Habibi Paradise en Virtual World Zone grid🥰 🥰
Visítanos y únete a nuestro grupo.

kiss my Ass Cheryl F

Ok... just looked through some of the recent front page posts. I've been here in Open Sim for about nine months now.

I have accounts in OSgrid and Kitely.

I'll have to admit a good deal of my wardrobe is possibly copybotted. I'd like to know if anyone is willing to send me a list of LM's showing truly original, OS based stuff (aside from Lunaria), I'd appreciate it. Most of my wardrobe is rigged to the Athena body. I also have a small number of Ruth2 takes. For my male alts (yes, I have a few, using the same names that I established for them in SL), I use Adonis and Roth2.

There was a discussion recently that influenced me to write this post. It's located below the post from Luna Lunaria, #92052. I totally understand creators desiring to be compensated for their creations. I have spent a fair amount of L$ to gather some of my clothes in SL. I wouldn't mind paying a few K$ or O$ for some creations on this side of the metaverse, as I think that's quite fair.

Thansk to anyone that can help me out, I appreciate it. I'd prefer that the links be included publicly (instead of PMing me), so other users can find it easily.

Misty_Falls: @Shea ... AGREED ....we the creators and builders of OS, do it because we want to better ourselves, by making things better for others; NOT for PROFIT.... money is evil, and will be the downfall of t... 6 hours ago
The newest ride at the park in New Hope region of Grid Our Dawn. Little mini enterprises and it's a wild ride. And there are plenty of other rides and fun things to do. Misty has been working on the tour train and she's added go carts and bumper boats. There are lots of different rides and a few games to play, even fishing that's fun - boats, swimming and just lots of good clean fun. Blessings!

Misty_Falls: I just added the go-karts too .... come-on, live a little.... :) 6 hours ago

Romantic, Idea, dancing , setting and enjoy sunrise , dancing with wolves
or Just cubing when the time fit .

I am adding a retro 50's diner sorta like from the jetsons tv show, please bare with as its under construction. once os grids inventory gets a little more resolved then the diner will be finished.

Hello everyone a new project is coming I am working on. A BDSM college, a place for beginners to learn and experience aspects of BDSM or for advance people to come and help others. there is also a track for pony play. its still under construction and if anyone is good with roads and trees please contact me.
Tribute Palooza 4 Alternate Metaverse Festival Of The Arts FINALE

TODAY - August 15th 2022 12 noon-6 PM
Tribute Palooza 4 - at the region "In Tribute"
A Live Tribute to a wide variety of Musicians
By 1 DJ - 8 Avatars - Tributes to 22 Performers Tribute (174, 132, 26)

Cataplexia Numbers - Dua Lipa & Pink, Kerli...Tribute Palooza DJ
Chris McCracken - Britney Spears & Adam Levine
Clifford Hanger - David Bowie, Ozzie Osbourne, Ed Sheeran
Lilie Finesmith - Tina Turner, Katy Perry
Passion Jumanji - Rhianna & Beyonce, Cher
Taffy Starr Norah Jones & Olivia Newton John
Terri Bestijl - Christina Aguelara, Jennifer Lopez, Aretha Franklin
Xenon Darrow - Shakira & Lady Gaga & Pitbull

Dyvall: A great event, lovingly prepared and executed in detail. a nice experience which was really fun :) Thanks 8 hours ago

Tommy White: Der OpenAir DanceFloor riesig und ist für über 100 Avatare ausgelegt 12 hours ago
Diesmal gibts die Woche gleich 2 mal was auf die Ohren von Mick:
Heute ab 20 Uhr Wochenstart mit SummerMusic
Mittwoch ab 19 Uhr WocheTeilen mit Dancemusic

Djane Veni fällt 14 Tage aus gesundheitlichen Gründen aus
Freshly opened! Orbit City in Neverworld!
Created by Rik Sullivan, Govega Sachertorte and Nexus Storm.

Come check out our Jetson's themed sim and learn why builders love Neverworld. Tons of space to fly about or pick up some related freebies.

Create an avatar here for your forever home.

OpenSimUser: Get over the SSL issue, most dont have or use them for Dreamgrid. 14 hours ago
Thank you to those who stop by and ask for a copy of this Abandoned .oar file While I appreciate the compliment and that you would like to have a copy, I cannot give an exact copy of Abandoned because many of the items were purchased and I would be defeating their purpose since they are still selling the builds on Kitely.

I have, however, placed a box of "Western Town items" some I created and there are other items including a few Linda Kellie western builds and I also added the gunslinger animesh avatar that Fred Beckhusen animated for us, thank you Fred. As I find cool western things I will add it to this box it is in the General Mercantile free. Thank you again for asking me to share this Sim, I love it too. Ghost Town

Teleport Island Shopping

So this post was left on one of my regions and is fairly representative of the mindset original opensim creators will grapple with if they want to sell their products here:

"It looks nice but I like the whole sharing is caring idea. So many places in OS that offer free stuff. Not here, too bad."

I don't blame this shopper at all for wanting to find quality items for free - who doesn't? I was grateful that they visited in the first place and cared enough to leave a comment. It's for that reason that from time to time I do exactly that - offer most of my stuff for free as I did this past OSFest.

No, the ones that make life for opensim creators difficult are those freebie mills continuously churning out stolen content from Second Life and calling it 'sharing', and who aggressively push the idea that merchants in opensim have no right to exist.

As I replied to this user: Sharing is truly caring only if it's the original creator giving it away free, or if they have explicitly given permission to others to do so. And that only works if they don't have to pay for their regions, which is not the case for me.

My region costs average $20 per month per region, and the money I make from sales covers that most of the time. There are months I take a loss with my opensim stores (my Second Life store has never posted a loss in 14 years). But because sales do cover most of my rent I can keep doing what I love: making original content for Opensim.

Paying for regions of course is my choice - I prefer to be on well-run grids that truly respect creators rights. I know that you can easily find quality items for your regions for free all over opensim, so no one is more grateful than me when you choose to purchase at my stores :-)

LeonSullivan: People confuse me here. On the one hand "sharing is caring" freebies are damned, on the other hand there are tons of "likes" for just those kind of freebie regions 22 hours ago

Schon einmal vormerken. Das wird ein Event der Extase.

Make a note already. This will be an event of ecstasy.

No child avatars allowed!!

Und los gehts am Montag beeindruckende Sounds mit DJ MICK

DJ Rosa spins at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins tonight at 6:00! 2022-08-14 18:00 SLT
DJ Rosa is here tonight to take the stage and spin the blues to ease you out of the last week and into another one! Rosa likes it HOT, HOT, HOT so be prepared for a rockin' evening down in the swamp! You love her Disco, Reggae and Latin sets, wait till you hear her Blues!! Come on down to Rockin' the Blues and hang with friends old and new! It's going to be a great night! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
The ORIGINAL Latex Lounge Fetish Dance with live DJ Molly Sheryffe - Tonight at 5pm Pacific! Come join in for some great music and a great group of people who've been in the BDSM and Fetish business for over 9 years in Opensim! Free LATEX gift every week!!

Starts at 5pm PST!!


Hugs,thank you

Thank you!

"That's Greek to me" is an English saying about communication that is difficult to understand. But what do they say in Greece in that circumstance? If a resident of Greece says, "That's Greek to me", then other Greeks will say, "well thank goodness, that's just great!"

What is said in Greece is "this seems to be gobbledygook". That's the name of this outfit. I replaced the textures of the top and pants with one of words that are incomprehensible. Why? επειδή μπορώ να πω!

The outfit also includes the original black top and pants. It's found in the Duality shop, where you can get outfits in any color you want, as long as its black and white. Visit the whole region if you like. (Set World to Shared Environment). Aether: a floating world of black, white, shadows and wild sky.
One of the reasons I love Wolf territories - nearly all regions are connected to each other, and there are tons of them. This is from my newest store region under construction, and this view is looking west toward one of the several large mountains you can find across the grid that are not mesh - they are actual terrain. I could literally fly from here all the way to the other side of the grid. The venue in the photo is the Victorian Club that will be ready for sale soon.
Die Grids Hopper NIghts gehen in die letzte Runde diese Woche.
Gleich gehts los in den unendlichen Weiten des Swissgrids.
Die ersten Raumfähren legen gleich ab und treffen sich zu bester 70er Musik von DJane Nasti im Original Gateway to the Stars

Taxi :

Various Colors

Die Bühne
The stage

TailorNova: Respekt mein Freund....sauber sauber... 2 days ago

AnaKathy: Meine Güte sooo süß ♥ 2 days ago

Sweetgal: Wow dot jpg. Awesome! 2 days ago

Eine Open Air Location mit viel Musik zum Feiern und Tanzen

An open air location with lots of music to party and dance to

TailorNova: Hattttttttttttttu FEINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN gemacht 2 days ago

Felix's birthday
August 14th, 3 pm grid time

NEWS AT MY MAINSTORE :: if you like my Clothes so just give me a Like for my Region .. hugs Bella

NEWS AT MY MAINSTORE :: if you like my Clothes so just give me a Like for my Region .. hugs Bella

its time for the awesome Dj Jon and his Hostess In Venice
On Monday August 15, 2022 , 12 to 2 Pm Grid time
we Love to see you There .

Season 3 begins one month from today. Don't wait, please go and visit the Summer build on Creanovale any time before our tour - there's so much to see !

welcome to Riderwood region Home to Majestic Island and majestic club
Join the Group Keep Up with the up coming event

Hallo Party War Gänger.
kleine Anmerkung.
Wie auf dem Bild zu sehen ist ( bewusst in grau gehalten ) .
Ihr macht Party wie wild , währenddessen "lobhudelt" ihr eure Partys bis zum fremdschämen .
Im Nachgang wird dann wieder beschimpft, beleidigt, bedroht, diskriminiert.
Unsere zwei Fake Leute hier , ihr wist schon wenn Sie euch RL in die Finger bekommen wird das teuer für euch !!!
LAST ES niemand wird hier etwas gewinnen keinen Preis erhalten , ihr ruiniert euch nur eure Gesundheit damit .
Macht mal Pause mit euren reden schwingen !!
Hi Folks , my last Project inspired from the Movie " Never ending Story" by Michael Ende.

The southern Oracle Statue in Gold , Sandstone and Marble

avabile a free to copy at sim

Importent : This is not a copy by Luna Lunaria !!!!

have fun folks
One of Opensimulator's Longest continually running Dance Parties! 10 years and counting!! LIVE DJ and Dancing!! Music from the 60's to current day!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific!

Live from Rockin' the Blues! It's A Saturday night with DJ KITH! Starting at 7:30 PM!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 7:30 pm Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
It's SATURDAY night and DJ Kith is gonna blow this party right outta the bayou!!! THIS IS YOUR HOUSE and Kith has your blues the way you like FABULOUS!! This DJ spins the newest, freshest..Bluesiest Blues anywhere and he gets your heart pumping..your toes tapping and the biggest and happiest smiles on your faces! Kith will finish off the night with his famous hard rockin', hard livin', hard lovin' blues party, world class Rockin' the blues insanity!! Get on down to the bayou and party!

Arabian Nights!!!

Grande Festa Árabe aqui em Terra Nova Grid!

No comando: DJ Fenix Vibe

Horas: 21 horas (Brasilia)

Todos convidados!

Equipe de Festas de Terra Nova Grid

DJ Riker's Saturday Blues Showcase at Rockin' the Blues tonight at 6:00PM!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00 PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Tonite at 6:00...start your Saturday night with DJ Riker! Riker spins totally unexpected blues with a rock twist! Someone said he spins fast and loud! Is there any other way?? Every week, Riker brings you a featured artist or 2 with tunes you may not have heard before! In addition to that, he'll have tunes by many of your favorites plus some we are sure will become favorites of yours! Come early for Riker's famous pre-set! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Our Space Needle with elegant restaurant will be now our tourist attraction on the sim. From here you can see all on our 5x5 sim in every edge also in detail. The tower is located exactly in the middle at 640/640 and the view is fantastic. Even if you have a slow computer or usual one from supermarket and not a gamer computer then it is worth to put on your graphics to ultra and 1024 draw. Here you just need to turn and not to walk so much and can see all. The building up of assets is fast on Daddy's server. So it is possible then to see from here with your older computer all in detail. We work on a tourist sight seeing tour with ship that is working for older computers also. The speed of the ship won't be that high so that your computer has enough time to build up. But you will have to take your time then. The 5x5 sim is really big. I calculate a sight seeing tour with stops and explanation with Ponygirl Cart or car about 2 hours. For the ship sight seeing tour we have calculated only 3 places to stop but will take time too. Will be similar. The advantage with ship will be, beside not get caught with relay when you wear a collar lol, but foremost to get a view on the coasts that gives a completely other impression than with car driving on land. Especially when the ship starts at promenade you think first you enter Vancouver Island or similar and will end at California with beach. You don't drive the 101 lol But the different impressions of the 101 you will get from coast sides.
The E grid is off and on during the Monsoon season ( we are in the Desert Southwest) -

we're having a humdinger of a storm right now so we close it down out of an abundance of caution.

Be back up soon :)

I packed today a biiiiig BDSM tool&furniture box. There are old (some even with poseball, but still good) and new things you will like. If you are Starter, then you get here with this box all you can begin with. Of course, not RLV clothes and collar and cuffs. This you get in the Fetish Factory shop and on Torture ship separated. But I would say all other essentials as kind of standard, one want to have in OS and would look after like silly to get each item. Here you get it in a biiiig box. These are all collected for black BDSM. We work on similar for ABDL and white BDSM that works perfect with scripts and animations in OS. So there will be three starter biig boxes in time.
(All with copy and transfer, of course. Sharing is caring is our philosophy)

wer bei den Temperaturen eine Abkühlung braucht kommt gerne gleich zu uns .. die Ocean-Party geht um 20.00 Uhr los .. wir freuen uns auf EUCH!!

Brucha: Das ist soooooooooo lieb !!! Ganz,ganz lieben Dank!!! Knuddels 2 days ago
Another episode of Journey of Tiers just published. Trey Magnifique is looking for help at his Magik Shoppe maybe you can give him a hand?

The Box
Agaruccia 16 hours ago
CherylFurse 3 days ago
Daddy and I have seen yesterday "free guy" and it was so funny. We identified even some people in OS as characters there. lol
CherylFurse 3 days ago
I'm Jill Valentine and you all are NPCs. lol "Most people behave like NPCs" (quote of Elon Musk) OS is just nostalgic version of SL and is a game without high score resiults. Sure
KrisTina 3 days ago
ThundergodThor 3 days ago
It's because everybody knows that Glo is the Cat's Meow!
KrisTina 3 days ago
and it's you and your own mind that's inside said box?
KrisTina 3 days ago
Plot twist, you are the cat itself?
Ellen 3 days ago
Schrödinger's cat ?
CyberGlo CyberStar 3 days ago
I looked inside the box.... there was no cat. so i put the lid on the box. then i heard a noise and looking up, a cat had opened the box i was in, and was peering down at me.... :O
Symphony 4 days ago
"...development for virtual environments and the Metaverse at large."
Symphony 4 days ago
referring to opensim as game is good for referencing a definition as part of the metaverse, VW, VR, game, VWorld dev tool? Its a long list, game makes sense to a majority I speak with including academic circles. What do you call this virtual reality tool?
Han_Held 4 days ago
aww the post I was responding too vanished
CherylFurse 4 days ago
haha ¡ʎɐD s,looℲ lᴉɹd∀ ʎddɐH
Han_Held 4 days ago
Old news...
Ellen 4 days ago
Am I winning this game? My score is always zero...
BartholomewSelleger 4 days ago
Just kidding by the way!!! before someone goes ballistic.
BartholomewSelleger 4 days ago
@KrisTina - A great big giant lollipop from Linden labs! Why? Because it sucks.
KrisTina 4 days ago
OS is a game? Whats the end Boss? lol
OpenSimUser 4 days ago
Hate to tell you this but i was NOT being sarcastic, so please, feel free to bend over, and remove you head from your Ars before its to late.
OpenSimUser 4 days ago
Didnt know this was a game
CherylFurse 5 days ago
Someone told me that OSW has soo many cookies. Especially from google and all big tech companys. I looked now and wow. Yes. My Browser is full with cookies from this website. I should use Tor for this website. Some is using Tor? How does it work?
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New Comments

Misty_Falls 39 minutes ago
Agreed ... Money is EVIL.
Dyvall 8 hours ago
A great event, lovingly prepared and executed in detail. a nice experience which was really fun :) Thanks
Tommy White 12 hours ago
Der OpenAir DanceFloor ist riesig und für über 100 Avatare ausgelegt
SheaButter 12 hours ago
I have a western themed region too. We have used this guy there also. He is called Mr Butter over here. lol
Soul-Grid 13 hours ago
Ich freue mich sehr auf Tommys Party nur bitte ich darum endlich mal mit den Sticheleien aufzuhören .
MarcWatcher 14 hours ago
Tommy macht daraus eine Megaparty also kommt am Donnerstag
KarinBecker 14 hours ago
jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mega iss immer gut ..................klein haben wir genug...........freu mich schon drauf
TailorNova 14 hours ago
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss dat wird ne MEGA Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ick freu mir schon
OpenSimUser 14 hours ago
Get over the SSL issue, most dont have or use them for Dreamgrid.


Desperado County
Very fun place to explore and the owner is very kind. Had a wonderful chat with him and can't wait to go back and explore more. So big it will take time to see it all. So many hidden little places too...
MisBehave 1 hour ago
Dyvalls Shopping Fun
This region is my new favourite place in OS. It is so quaintly, thoughtfully and artistically created. Every item is chosen with care and perfectly placed. The buildings are works of art. The charm...
JFlame 7 hours ago
Eternal Ice
Thank you for the freebies.
Debra Ann Congi 17 hours ago
Arkham City
Arkham is an amazing modern sim with super friendly and helpful people on it. If you have not been yet, then you're missing out!
Jordan 17 hours ago
Victorian Christmas
Beautifully designed. Loved it. Best Christmas sim I have ever seen. Truly a work of art.
Debra Ann Congi 17 hours ago
Dyvalls Shopping Fun
A real vision. Exceptionally beautiful sim design and high quality goods. Very good concept of showing WIP articles. For sure a sim to visit more often and discover gems every time you go as there is ...
Gioiasautereau 22 hours ago
An old favorite of mine! I enjoy wandering around and and seeing the sights :)
Han_Held yesterday
Carpe Diem
Semper fi... use as such a name is putting a complete and total disgrace upon the Marines by claiming to be "always faithful", as that's what Semper Fi means, and is the motto of the U.S. Marines. ...
ChopperGausman yesterday
Mainland IV
AVitron is managed by 3 elderly morons with no skills,no sense of marketing,frozen in the past.They only offer a dream,false illusions,their little brains can't have fresh ideas.Young minds will neve...
Semper fi 2 days ago